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10 Best Family Board Games | Collection Starter

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Looking for games to play with your kids? This ought to keep the little monsters quiet.

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0:00 #Intro
0:54 #10. Qwirkle
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1:39 #9. Labyrinth
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2:32 #8. Click Clack Lumberjack
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3:26 #7. Hey, That’s My Fish!
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4:29 #6. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
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5:29 #5. Forbidden Island
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6:33 #4. Mental Blocks
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7:36 #3. The Hare & the Tortoise
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9:02 #2. King Of Tokyo
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10:25 #1. Stuffed Fables
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  1. Adam would die for Lumpy..

    Now that brings a sad, but joyful, tear to my heart.

    If you know then you know.

  2. Forbidden desert is better! The sun beats down!

  3. Another great video. Thank you! I love that Adam continues to flip off the game pieces in a "Best Family Board Game" video. Hilarious!
    I'd add Camel Up!, but The Tortoise and the Hare may be comparable.

  4. See also Don’t break the Ice as an additional recommendation for a game in the same vein as click clack lumberjack.

  5. A friend of mine has a couple of lil'uns and they're getting about the age to start playing games! I sent him this as soon as I finished watching!

  6. Thanks for this video. I have two kids just reaching the age where we don't have to play Candy land every time. I've heard of some of these games, but had never seen them in play. And., a few I never heard of…..love that Lumber Jacks one! A couple of games out of .y collection that were easy enough to teach my seven year old and were fun for her are Cockroach Poker and Seikatsu. Can't tell you how proud and then unnerved I was when she creamed me at bluffing! We may try Jixia Academy next.

  7. That is the most loved copy of Qwirkle I've ever seen.

  8. So I'm going to collect all of these (in NZ wish me luck) When my two babies come to stay I can't wait thank you for helping out for the upcoming winter holidays

  9. My wife and I are presently going through a renewed interest in board games and keen to see our 4 and 6 year old girls have some fun too.

    Defn some stuff here we'll be checkingout!!

    We've discovered a few gems in recent weeks.
    – Rainbow Unicorns. Super cute and easy to learn. Great for 4-8yo
    – Ramen Fury. Build and slurp three bowls of ramen before your competition. Super game and great for 6+ yo
    – Fairy Season. Beautifully illustrated card game. Great for 6+ yo
    – 5 minute dungeon. Super fun and cooperative game. Goes for…. 5 minutes. Great for 6+ yo
    And last on our list
    – Zombie Kids. Super easy to learn cooperative game. Great for 6+ yo
    Kids games don't have to mean mind-numbing for adults.

  10. We play in no ranked order: Clue, 13 Dead End Drive, Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns, Pictopia, Jenga, Animal upon Animal, and CAH Family Edition
    I want to bolster family game night with like… all 10 of these suggestions, and espeially Stuffed Fables


  12. I loved labyrinth as a child, and as 30 years old man I still play it with my parents and wife.

  13. This became Adam dunking on kids for 12 minutes and I’m here for it

  14. My sister's kids love playing boardgames with me. Their current favourite is Catan, yet just started and enjoying Flashpoint with them

  15. I really really like that there are a number on here you don’t see that often on similar lists. Great round up!

  16. My eight year old and I play board games for years. Smallworld, takenoko, king of Tokyo/New York, the Island… He's the best, I'm very lucky.

  17. During Chinese New Year our family board game is Mahjong…and I have lost so much money to my both of my cousins who are around 8 to 10 years old…

  18. did you make this list just to dunk on kids? be honest

  19. Mental Blocks reminds me a lot of La Boca, though that is played in pairs specifically

    Other family games I'd add would be:
    Camel Up
    Rhino Hero (which I know you've mentioned before)
    Paperback (if they are interested in word games)
    Downforce (for kids about 10 and up)
    Stop Thief
    Small Detectives (pretty much an express version of Cluedo)

  20. My kids love Rush'n'bash. Mario Kart and Wacky Races hybrid as a board game.. yes please

  21. Suggestion for a future Collection Starter: best licensed games (Hogwarts Battle, Villainous, etc.)

  22. Agreed, Stuffed Fables is amazing. Our whole family enjoys that one. Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters is also a solid co-op game that both kids and parents can enjoy.

  23. Omg i ALWAYS moved as much as i wanted without using "in a straight line" rule in Hey that is my fish!
    and was still a good game.. i now really want to play the correct version

  24. So, for the most part, I would agree with this list. However, there are some alternatives that could have been better. I love Hogwarts Battle, but my kid thinks that it is too scary. There exists Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures, which is a more kid-friendly version of the game and still keeps many of the elements we like from Hogwarts Battle. Also, I'd recommend Forbidden Island's older brother Forbidden Desert. It's less punishing than Forbidden Island (on average), and we tend to like it even without the kids. (Also, Forbidden Sky for when they get older. It has you complete a circuit that has the little rocketship countdown and blast off…very satisfying when/if you win.) Lastly, I agree that Stuffed Fables is a great game, as well. It is similar to another board game, Mice and Mystics, which also has a similar storytelling aspect (and you play as mice akin to Redwall). A good alternative (although I will agree, Stuffed Fables is the better game for kids).

  25. I just watched this video yesterday. Today we were out at a flea market/vintage shop and I found a used copy of the tin-boxed, Anniversary edition of Labyrinth. I snagged it, of course! 👍 Thanks for the recommendation (and all the great gaming videos!)!

  26. Why do I get the feeling the next first rule of Board Game Club will be, “Children are awful”?

  27. I saw Stuffed Fables at my local game store, my fiancee and I were both interested, but eventually balked as we looked at other things. As I have a 9 year old girl who's birthday is coming up, I think this might be a good purchase to get her more involved with our board gaming

  28. When I was a kid, a guy came from USA (I'm peruvian) named Pit, it was amazing, we had a bell and cereals, that's what I remember, also K'nex but Idk if that counts as a board game.

  29. Hi. I played Monopoly earlier and I really don't get it because seemingly I'm a tiny dog who repeatedly wins beauty contests, on his birthday demands £10 from everybody he sees, but then bankrupts himself to stay in a hotel when he owns four houses on the next street.

    It makes no sense to me. Seeing as though you're a board game channel, I was wondering if someone would please explain it. Thanks.

  30. I'm not a big fan of complex strategy games but I have friends who are. We found King of Tokyo and it is a fantastic game. My friends love it because of the strategy and I love it because it's not complicated.

  31. Can any recommend games similar to "the hare and the tortoise"?.. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  32. I bought Quirkle and Stuffed Fables after watching this. Good decision

  33. As a teacher, Adam, your intro was hilarious and the fact that you just dunked on kids for 12 minutes is great! Lol'd

  34. I am in my mid 30s and I bloody love King of Tokyo and I bloody would love to play stuffed fables. I gotta get me some kids asap!

  35. the problem with king of toyko is that the best tatic is just to got for vp on the dice rolls

  36. Hi, there's this new card game called LAGIM. It is a Filipino folklore-inspired game composed of villain deck, lagim cards, lakas cards, and hiwaga cards. Launching soon in kickstarter.

  37. "CHILDREN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" My reaction to them in a nutshell.

  38. You forgot the most family-friendly game of all: Blood on the Clocktower. Fun for the kids.

  39. This video is so much better than the one I watched previously. And not one of the same games is featured.


  41. My younger cousins that visit every month want to play games that I play with my friends but are a bit too complicated for them. So I got a game that they love and cant stop playing. 13 dead end drive. Amazingly simple and very addicting to want to play again after you win

  42. I wish I had children so I could play Stuffed Fables with them.

  43. My Little Scythe! One of our absolute favorites! It's also the first game in our top 10 video. 🙂

  44. Amazing vids!! 💚 Keep up the good work! Why don’t you use Promosm?!? Lot’s of channels are using it to promote their videos!

  45. My top 5 games which I play with my kids (6 years old and 4 years old) are : Flamme Rouge, Fireball Island, Outfoxed, Ghost Fightin Treasure Hunters! and Horrified 🙂

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