10 Classic Board Games That Suck (And 10 to Replace Them) - boardgamerblues.com

10 Classic Board Games That Suck (And 10 to Replace Them)

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  1. To me a better Risk would be Small World

  2. Thanks! I think Search for Planet X will be my wife’s next birthday present!

  3. When people want to play Risk, I suggest Root. You can still pick factions that involve building up armies to control territories, but the variety of factions adds so many different approaches to winning. Battles are dice-based, but the way the game is structured, your tactical use of combat is a much bigger factor than your rolls

  4. Glad to see Catan on the sh*t list. It falls alongside Monopoly with getting RNG-screwed, and it's just not that great a game.

    Risk's biggest problem is in the card turn-in and how huge glob armies can just cut across a map in a single turn. It would benefit a lot from the turn order like Axis & Allies.

  5. Has Risk but NO Stratego?! WTF. Lol. Awesome list. I can't wait to try some of these. I've never heard of Paperback until this video, but it seems like it'd be really fun. Thanks for posting this.

  6. subject to random luck. rolled a 1 im fucked. bad design. Ahh, I see DnD might not have treated you kindly lol

  7. I have a 4-year old and a 5-year old. We strategized Snakes and Ladders a little: on each turn one has the choice of rolling a D-6 or a D-8. This little bit of strategy makes the kids (and adults) think about probabilities. I want to hit the nearby ladder, so I'll roll a D-6. I don't want to hit the nearby snake, so I'll roll a D-8. I'm near the end and I want to roll in exactly, so I'll roll a D-6. Sometimes these basic logics are at odds with each other – especially near the end. It is still a rather simple game. I think we'll give the Camel Up game a shot.

  8. If people want Monopoly but more the ballsy ruthlessness I think business and property management comes with, Lords of Vegas is perfect for it. Its getting property and using what you know to figure out the perfect time to strike. It's to me what Monopoly aspires to.

  9. I think "Scythe" is a great replacement for Catan. It's basically a slightly more complex Catan with war machines.

  10. Guys clue is top tier game night material they just put the wrong dice in the box, use a d20

  11. I waited 21 minutes for your video to start. Stop shamelessly plugging your sponsors!


  12. Catan is like a game for shallow hipsters who managed to accidentally scratch beneath the surface by a hairs width and think it makes them hot shit on a stick when theyre really just a cold turd on a twig.

  13. I literally saved this video for future reference. Thanks!

    Tokaido sounds really fun.

  14. Camel Up is just the IRL version of Arthur's Tower of Cows game

  15. I would also suggest Mystery of the Abbey as a replacement for Clue

  16. try king of tokyo. very simple game yet very fun.

  17. My replacement for scrabble is bananagrams

  18. Recommend a game that scratches the map building/ world creation itch of Catan.

  19. I’m surprised that I hadn’t played any of the recommended games. I’d heard of some of them but not played any. I have lots of fond memories of Catan and definitely still enjoy playing it. But I do prefer games with more strategy and less random chance like Goa, Tzol kin, Agricola and Power grid. Catan (along with Ticket to Ride) is a nice beginner game though and still fun to play.

  20. I love Bloodrage, it's my groups Togo board game, it's effing awesome!

  21. I'm a little surprised you didn't mention Machi Koro and Space Base as replacements for catan, since they use the same 'someone rolls your number, you get stuff' mechanic. But I get it, you were going more for game feel than matching mechanics. Another good replacement for Cluedo (clue in the US) is 13 Clues, it's on BGA. It has very similar deductive reasoning but without any movement required. Hurts my brain though.

  22. As a risk replacement, I suggest Cosmic Encounter

  23. For a monopoly replacement I go for Ticket to Ride.
    You still get to play as a capitalist
    You still get to put little pieces of plastic on the board


    There’s no elimination

  24. "I dont like cards against humanity"

  25. Munchkin is has the exact same problem as Candyland, and why I will never play it.

  26. Tokaido is beautiful and charming. Its not super great though.

  27. Captain Sonar is an absolute trip. If you aren't close to the people on your ship team when you start, you will make friends or enemies for life. So don't get into lightly lol. And definitely do not play that game if you want something easygoing. It is high stress but will bond tf out of your team haha.

  28. I used to love candyland as a small child but I could never get anybody to play it with me. Looking back on it, especially after watching this? It's because it was a crappy game. 😐

  29. Roll for move seems like a completely out of place mechanics in Clue until you meet people who are unable to make decision where to move if they do not roll… EDIT: I see how you replace Catan for Bohnanza with all the play over the table, the only problem is Catan is objectively better than Bohnanza 🙂

  30. I have great memories of Risk as a child too. But I don't remember finishing many games.

  31. A good risk replacement is shogun, it's pretty dam close but starting with only 3 generals who are the only one who can move a big army is great, there is such tension when someone with the most territory goes down to their last general, the strategy changes, a game of cat and mouse and betrayals. The fact you lose when you lose your last general means the game finishes with a bang rather than a whimper.

  32. If you make this type of video again, I would suggest leaving up the title of the recommended game on screen. If your description convinces the viewer, then they can just jot down the name while continuing to watch the video instead of hitting pause and having to scroll back.

    I'm definitely going to check out Blood Rage. Thanks!

  33. Played Risk recently for the first time in over a decade. I was 4th out of 4 to move. The other players happily started attacking. By the time it was my turn I had already lost half my countries. I claimed South America though, which I needed for my win condition. But by the time my second turn came round, pink had already taken over most of the board and started building up a ton of units. Blue complained that the rest of us didn't stop her but proceeded to use all his units to kill us off in some attempt to run away from pink. Pink simply ate up his breadcrumb trail and we had nothing left in the area to fight against her. Pink won in her 4th turn. Good stuff. Never again. 🙂

  34. Sleuth is another great alternative for Clue

  35. This was a great list. I would also recommend Small World for those that like Risk

  36. I would suggest Awkward Guests over Planet X. Similar theme to Clue and really good system

  37. Alternative to Capt Sonar is the little brother, Sonar! 2-4 players, similar experience but purely turn-based.

  38. i was hoping you would say monopoly. like what are you going to do? hang on to cash for a rainy day?

  39. What I got from this. ProZD hates rolling dice.

  40. Considering Catan is a Monopoly replacement, Machi Koro and Space Base suggestions apply to that game too!

  41. …. then… then why did you call this video 10 classic board games that SUCK if you don't think any of these are bad games?

    Sorry bruh but if you cant even make it through your intro without letting us all know you lied to get us to watch your shit, I ain't gonna. Life's too short.


  42. The pictures shown when you talked about "Alchemists" were actually of the game "Alchemist". Two pretty different games, and "Alchemists" is better IMO. Still quite complex, but solid game.

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