10 Classic Board Games That Suck (And 10 to Replace Them) - boardgamerblues.com

10 Classic Board Games That Suck (And 10 to Replace Them)

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  1. Did you try axis and allies? The winner is the one that crack stress the least

  2. Nice list and I agree on most of it. The one where I don't agree is Catan. Yes, Bohnanza is a nice little game, but to me it felt NOTHING like Catan. Then again, the draw of catan for me was always the building, gathering ressources, improving the chance to get ressources, etc. and not the trading. For a better game that scratches that itch (though it has no trading at all), Valeria: Card Kingdoms would be a great choice!
    It is also an evolution of the basic principle behind Machi Koro, but in a different direction than the excellent Space Base you mentioned.

  3. You totally miss the point on candy land, it's a social tool for introducing young children to the idea and format of a board game. And there have gotta be better games for *that*.

  4. Catan is a great intro board game but anyone with experience playing more advanced games can basically steamroll the other players unless they get insanely unlucky. A great game to own but definitely not my go-to

  5. Idk if risk is a ton of luck but the predominant strategy of overstacking one territory and blitzkrieging your opponent's territory back and forth endlessly does get a bit old

  6. I really like Mysterium as another kind of replacement for clue. Its still the same you have to guess your person, location and weapon- but in a quirky co-op way, where a designated person gives out clues (e.g. a card resembling a meadow) that you have to tie to one of your options available.

  7. Kemet is also a great replacement for risk. A little convoluted. Don't know bloodrage but it's Egyptian risk with monsters and small army battles with different play styles

  8. A good replacement for Risk is Risk 2210 AD
    Most aspects remain the same. But the introduction of special units, the ability to buy powers in a deck with energy and a 5 turn timer makes it a lot more dynamic, less luck based and a lot shorter.

  9. If you like Risk my suggestion would be Small World. There's a lot less random chance involved, and a lot more variety as you mix and match fantasy races and powers. The base mechanics of the game are simple to understand, and there's a turn limit so the game never gets too long.

  10. I bought my first every board/card game recently (Unstable Unicorns) and it's a lot of fun. This video is really helpful to get an insight to some other options out there.

  11. As a alternative to Scrabble, I also highly recommend the game Up Words, basically it does all the things that you like about your replacement game ie, rewarding you for having more interesting and longer words

  12. Very strong list, great video. I'd also recommend "Cry Havoc" as a replacement for "Risk" and "The Pursuit of Happiness" as a replacement for "The Game of Life"

  13. Agricola might scratch the “Catan itch” if you enjoy accumulating resources to build stuff. Really advanced, though.

  14. I'm so glad you put Catan on this list, I can also respect it as a "gateway" board game, but my god does it feel so fuckin snowbally.

  15. Great video, great voice for this sort of content, but god awful background music please for the love of God just drop that music

  16. so say anything is basically the analog version of the jackbox game quiplash?

  17. Seriously, replace Clue with Awkward Guests. Best "Clue like" game there is, imho.

  18. Seriously, replace Clue with Awkward Guests. Best "Clue like" game there is, imho.

  19. I don't think I've played a board game since high school but this was such a relaxing video to watch

  20. I started playing Catan because my go to board game is risk, but it is very difficult to get people willing to do multiple long sessions. My all time favorite board game is Stratego though

  21. A more advanced version of monopoly but it’s a digital board game. Fortune Street is a great step up from monopoly

  22. Did u just recommend a replacement for candy land that is race track Betting?!

  23. Play Mousr Trap. Best game ever. As far as I remember

  24. Catan is kinda ass but man when I first got it it was so cool

  25. For me Catan was my replacement for Monopoly.

  26. monopoly was created as a critique of capitalism so it's supposed to be frustrating and luck-based but people are dense as bricks so now we have minion monopoly

  27. "Candy Land is not a game. You are just flipping cards and seeing what happens. Instead of playing Candy Land you should play…RUSSIAN ROULETTE.

  28. The only game you need is Tentacle Bento.

  29. Clue has totally been replaced by Awkward Guests for me.

  30. If you still want to play Risk but keep the games shorter, many (all?) of the newer variants specifically limit the length of the game. I haven't tried all of them, but Risk 2210 A.D. limits the game to 5 rounds, and each round the players bid energy to determine turn order.

  31. I have designed a couple of expansions to "classic" games to make them play like modern games while still using all of the original pieces plus my expansion components, usually cards.

    Is this the sort of thing anybody here would play?

    My market isn't necessarily hobby gamers, but families who own the classics, but I'd love to hear any feedback, as long as the feedback doesn't involve copyright information. That won't be a problem here.

  32. Had to pause when you said that you don't really like Catan. Thank you so much for saying that. I've watched so many videos, and streamers talk about how much they like Catan and from the day I bought it I never liked it. I can understand why some people would like it but I just can't and I always felt like there was kind of something wrong with me for not liking it because I never heard anyone else say that they didn't like Catan.

  33. I think i played a tokaido styled board game in one of the mii games on the Wii u. It slapped

  34. One improvement to Sorry you can make is this: Instead of just flipping cards, everyone gets a hand of 3 cards, drawing 1 and playing 1 on their turn (or more with the right cards). It allows some strategy and interesting play.

  35. This is a great video it's crazy how many people I know who say they don't like board games but what they really mean is they don't like monopoly, and I wish they would just see the light. Maybe I should show them this video.

  36. Great video! My favorite aspect of Catan was building settlements on a map that would generate resources over time. Therefore, the game that eventually replaced Catan for me was Concordia, and it’s still my number one game today! I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already, particularly with the Salsa and Venus expansions. Another game I definitely recommend is High Rise. It has the vibe of a designer board game version of Monopoly, but with a time track instead of dice rolling. For some reason it hasn’t been getting very much attention, even within the board game community, but I’ve been having a ton of fun with it and imo it’s absolutely worth a look.

  37. Disclaimer: nothing against tabletop games. They're great and well designed. I just can't stand them anymore. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I used to play card games and board games as often as I could, but my first round of Settlers of Catan was such a bad experience for me that I still avoid tabletop games like the plague nearly a decade later. It wasn't a bad group either, as they taught me the rules and went a bit easy while I got the hang of it. The resource management and negotiation was just exhausting for me. I tried The Search for Planet X, The Resistance, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and a probably a dozen or so more and I just get the same sense of vague dread as I did playing Catan. That bled into my enjoyment of Magic the Gathering, D&D, and card set games.

    I want to play them. They look like a lot of fun and I can enjoy watching people play. Within 30 minutes though I am climbing the walls in my head for a polite excuse to stop playing. If anyone has overcome this before, I'd love to know how you did it.

  38. Yes! Sonar is a blast! We played it 2v2 and it still seemed to work pretty well. Played real-time and turn based, both were fun

  39. I own tokaido, and didn’t make the connection to game of life, but I can see how it’s similar and it’s a really good game with really interesting cards

  40. I love this video and it gave me some great Christmas ideas.
    But one thing: It's called CAMEL CUP!
    German board games have this weird obsession with alliterations or rhymes. So it has to be Camel Cup.

  41. awesome concept! gives me ideas for Christmas presents too, thanks a bunch!

  42. I recommend Lords of Vegas or Acquire (oldie but goodie) as replacements for Monopoly

  43. In defense of candyland. It was never meant to be a game. It was meant to cheer up kids with polio in post WW2 America. A time where everybody was all too happy to grab for a game aimed at children (many of whom no longer had parents) that was so simple that anybody could play it. Which is why it exploded in popularity. At which point it just became a staple. 100% agree, it's not a game you "play". it's a gateway game that teaches reeeeallly young kids how to take turns and move pieces. In that regard it's a smashing success.

  44. If you want a card game to replace scrabble, I'd recommend quiddler. It's a similar concept as the other games you mentioned, but it plays and scores like continental!

  45. If you believe risk is mostly luck based, then you'll never get better at it

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