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10 games to start a board game collection with

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  1. I would add
    1. Concept
    2 Ticket to Ride Europe
    3. Sheriff of Nottingham
    4. Dixit

  2. i want to get into board gaming, and i’ve been looking around for games i could get. the best one i’ve got already is the plague inc board game, which i like a lot. the other board games i have are things like monopoly and cluedo. after looking around, i found a popular one called Catan, which doesn’t look over complicated. but i don’t mind over complicatedness, and another more complex one called Scythe has a solo mode. this video has some good suggestions and i might look into some more later. has anyone else got any ideas of good board games?
    also it’s kind of funny, because i decided to look into this because i’ll be bored from the coronavirus quarantine and then i go and pull out plague inc

  3. I would suggest Forbidden Desert instead of Forbidden Island. It has more depth but is still easy to teach/play.

  4. Very good list, we have similar taste in games.

  5. Any list of games which does not include or have considered" Powergrid " is flawed

  6. A fine job my matey. I am a huge board gamer & a friend recently asked me what would be some fun but more simple games to start with building a collection. Oddly, I really wasn't sure where to start or what to recommend exactly. Several of these I have played/owned and familiar with so I look forward to offering this page for him to watch & offer my services as a gaming friend to play them 🙂

  7. A little bit old games liste for a newbie….

  8. Stone age was my gateway game to heavier games and now I'm stuck

  9. My ten games, in no particular Order:

    Tiny Epic Galaxies
    Legends of Andor
    Machi Koro
    Roll for Adventure
    Blood Bowl

  10. Thanks, this is helpful! For deckbuilders, I'd also recommend the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle game. It's pretty simple, and I've seen a lot of families get into it!

  11. Started with gloomhaven since it was the easiest to get into. Still haven't learned to play monopoly seemed to boring

  12. Small World is a lot of fun; I like to think of it as "Civilization but faster." There are some great games here, and the rest I haven't played yet, so I'll have to try them out. I think about my own collection and wonder "If I had to recommend any of them to new players or collectors, which ones?" and most of what I got is either for advanced players or out of print.

  13. i feel two cities is bad, not the worst, but i feel there is no strategy to it, that its just random.

  14. Small World was literally my first boardgame and since we first played it, I've come up with 52 own races for it, currently working on number 53.
    And I must add that whenever there are people over, willing to play, we often start the session by playing Small World. Due to its accessibility and fantastically done combinations of racial and special powers, it has proved to be a delight for any fantasy-lover or a fan of area control games. Also there are a lot of expansions up to date, introducing new terrain to play on or extra races and special powers that add tons of colour and variety to the experience, thus the replayability marker reaches surprising heights also due to the game handling well different player counts.
    All in all I cannot recommend it enough. Nowadays, as being a longtime fan of area-control games, I've assambled a boardgame collection of which I'm rather proud and having that said, I'm super happy to have gotten all that started with lovely Small World.
    Should anyone feel like asking me for an opinion on any area-control game, do come in contact and leave a comment!
    May the Force be with You!

  15. I enjoyed this list and especially the way that it addresses game mechanics developing across games…
    I also am impressed by the good-natured discussion taking place in the comments section, a rarity!

  16. This is a great video, I don't think any of the choices are obvious and it's given me a lot of great recommendations. Thank you!

  17. Great list – all of which I'm familiar with, although have yet to play Raiders of North Sea. Given I like your other choices, I must check that out.

    I was struck though that your list didn't include any dexterity games. Of flicking related dexterity games, I'd definately go for Four Elements by Physical Gaming as my first choice there (much cheaper than Crocinole! and quicker set up than Catacombs). There's also lots of great balancing related dexterity games which include Meeple Circus, Tokyo Highway, Men at Work, Rhino Hero.

    No Push-your-luck games in your list either. A classic of these is Can't Stop, though I find that a bit too abstract. I'm totally biased (as I'm the designer!) but think you should check out Rockpool (published by Gibsons).

    I love Rockpool's combination of push-your-luck with set collection, shouting out to empty the rockpool with tthe risk of making the wrong call, player agency in affecting when the game ends by the tide coming in, a win condition that involves the most kids and dogs paddling in the rockpool at the end, and the possibility that the game itself wins rather than any of the players if the sea collects most of the different shell types. I think its a really original theme too involving kids collecting shells and clearing up rubbish on a beach before waves wash them away. I like the art too, including cute dogs on each team. Although its targeted at children, the gameplay has hidden depth so experienced adult gamers seem to love it as well. [many apologies: I hadn't meant this comment to turn into an advert! But if you've not tried Rockpool yet you should certainly check it out for a future top 10 list].

  18. I think Pandemic was the first game I bought that wasn't monopoly(this was way back when I thought Monopoly was the pinnacle). I enjoyed it and thought it was an ingenious design. Then, Axis and Allies caught my eye. Bought it and still have it 9 or so years later. Then the ad for Ikusa caught my eye. Looked up board game stores near me and got it. While I was in the store, so many other games called out to me. I now have around… 85 games in my collection.

  19. A really solid list. One game I also recommend is Citadels. It's easy to learn and scales good when you have more people.

  20. Top ten boring games to make you not want to buy any more board games 😂

  21. Imo, my gateway games are catan and code names. They are the first games I usually introduce to someone who just used to shoots and ladders and monopoly. After that I'd say, forbidden island, munchkin, and if you like mafia: Avalon

  22. Incan Gold for party game! Love Smallworld but maybe a bit much for entry players. Also recommend for entry Quadrapolis (basic tile laying) and CVlisations (basic interactive and resource gathering)

  23. We are new to the hobby and have a lot that are on your "alternates" or "not gonna put on MY list" list. Ticket to Ride, Catan, Carcassonne, Splendor, & Pandemic are all on our shelf… and not too many others yet… but it's growing quickly! I'd throw The Quest for El Dorado on a list… it's easy to learn and a lot of fun.

  24. Lol @ spotting Red Dust Rebellion in a year old video

  25. Code names my family can't handle. They get to the point where it becomes a massive argument that goes into on going Marital problems.
    And they refuse to try 7 wonders. I bought it because it's been on my list for years and I actually like it. It reminds me of the building in age of empires which us my favorite part. I'll try the solo rules while we're stuck at home in quarantine.
    I am loving clans of caledonia myself as well.

  26. Why no campaign for north africa??? Loll

  27. Battletech is not there. Your list is incomplete. Battletech is a cult classic.

  28. Out of those mentioned I played "Catan" from honourable mentions (not a fan), and from "standard list" I did play and enjoy "Werewolf", "Smallworld" and "Splendor" and would be happy to play them again. I am not a pro gamer or anything but even though I'm not a good player I am not beginner. One of my favourite games are "Craftsmen" and "Robinson Crusoe" – very good but challenging titles both in terms of grasping the rules and in making in game decisions but still these much more accessible games can be fun for more experienced gamers, at least as a quality breather between heavier games. From my collection I'm looking at the shelf with "big boxes" right now, I would easily recommend "World's Fair 1893" (worker placement), "CVlizations" (resource management) and "Alhambra" (tile matching).

  29. 7 wonders is amazing! There’s a few expansions to make it more interesting!

  30. Great list. For our household Splendor really changed things as it was so simple to learn but always fun and we all could win at it. We have loved Cash N Guns as more a party game since it plays so well with 8. Love Letters has been a favourite as well; the new Marvel version is really good.

  31. Splendor is a great pick. I've played this with multiple people I disliked and we had a blast. Really impressive that a game could do that

  32. I have very many of these. I appreciate the approachable family friendly games that teach different mechanics and problem solving strategies.

    Sushi Go is a little more approachable than 7 Wonders.

    We also like Dixit as an alternative to popular party games. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is also a good party game that encourages discussion in a social deduction mechanic.

    Also Fluxx. Fluxx works anytime anywhere.

  33. I've played quite a few of those and i'm not sure some of them are great starter games. If you're not new to games and just getting some games together then they should be ok but not for relatively inexperienced players maybe?

    Parade, king of tokyo, maybe Tsuro spring to mind as simple to learn, fun games.

  34. I would say my top 10 easy to learn and good to start a collection with games would be: Dominion, Carcassone, Catan, Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Citadels, Survive, Sushi go and my ultimate favorite – Hanabi.

  35. Hi I am kabir please tell me about chess🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. 7 wonders is fast and fun. I play the mobile app version these days to kill time since no one I live with will give it a try.

  37. Welcome to the World of Othello 🙂 definitely a game that will activate your brain

  38. Ten games to start a collection with – Language dependency meter edition!

    1-2 ) 7 Wonders , Azul (4.5/5) : Multilingual gaming perfection

    3-4 ) Forbidden island , Small world (4/5) : Great, print the rules in advance or be patient explaining the rules

    5 ) Between two cities (3.5/5) : Make sure everyone can communicate

    6-7 ) Modern art , the Resistance (3/5) : Make sure everyone can communicate and that there are no political animosities

    8-9 ) Dominion , Raiders of the North sea (1.5/5) : Pick it only if everyone speaks the language

    10 ) Memoir 44 (0.5/5) : Take a deep breath and really think wether this is the right time and place for this one

    Language dependency is measured by 2p for the amount of text, 1p for lack of player interactions and private information, 1p for rulebooks in other languages, 1p for political/national sensitivity and an optional negative 1p for mechanical complexity.

  39. Am I the only one who thinks Catan is boring?

  40. A good selection, only for beginner, I think Dominion, Raiders of the NorthWest and 7 Wonders are a bit complex to start with gaming.If you want to be introduced to Dominion, you better start with Kingdom Dominion, which is a bit easier. I only think the main difficulty about Dominion is that you have to know all cards in advance, otherwise you have to read them on the spot and that can betray your tactics

  41. Australians should be careful when saying "deck builder" 😀 Nice video though

  42. So, what would your "ten games to start a collection be?"

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