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12 Obscure board games reviewed

3 Minute Board Games
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Far Away:


  1. I'm the creator of Flipology! Thank you for such a wonderful review! It's been really hard to get the word out! A lot of folks don't want to spend time on smaller games.

    If anyone currently has a copy, a review on Board Game Geek would be super helpful to get the word out!

  2. i liked the video with you in it, it is nice to see expressions on peoples faces.

  3. A fun topic. Nice job. Will help me go through the sale bin.

  4. Great format. Thanks for this. I appreciate this more than reviewing all the “hits” 🙂

  5. Richard Launius also designed Batman the Animated Series: Gotham Under Seige.

    Seems everyone’s overlooking it these days.

  6. Hoard does look cool. Would like to see more about it’s gameplay.

  7. “Bees!” was funny, but too loud during the description.

    Looks good too!

  8. This is a great format! In an answer to your questions….1) yes, 2) no changes needed, 3) yes and 4) yes. 😁

  9. Today I learned what a Quokka is. Also, I will be buying Flipology.

  10. Enjoyed this, and would love to see more of these types of vids, and really pleased that I hadn't heard of or seen most of them before. Thank you.

  11. 15:40 Far Away is a great game. There was 342 backers and only 92 registered games on BGG, So odd. I love the open world experience.

  12. OK I think it is such a good idea so yes to your question, it should be done on games that you think don't warrant your 3 mins video and keep going great

  13. Hope you do this more often. I can imaging there are much more rare games for you to find.

  14. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  15. I really enjoyed this video. I know it's obscure games but I really liked it. Definitely would watch this again if only because it's games I've never heard of which is pretty unique.

  16. It is nice to see your face. I gotta admit that I pictured you like the soldier guy from your reviews 🙂
    And yes, I would like to see more videos like this!

  17. I really liked the video. The format was fine, i am not sure if I need to see you though. Its nothing against you I just prefer to only hear voice in general. And the voice sounded better on the other videos and I like your voice.

    A stupid question, but cant you get that company or the designer to release that #1 game to public? Even like together with you?

  18. Where is the NZ sheep farming game that lets you save your sheep from pulpy kidney disease?

  19. Love the format, and great idea bundling less popular stuff together.

  20. I’ve got a mint, new-in-shrink copy complete with the Washer Drain Pump promo, looking to trade for a copy of Discworld Anhk-Morpork. (Kidding) Thanks for another great video!

  21. Yes please do this quarterly or bi-annually great idea you do such a good job finally put the face with the voice.

  22. Loved this!!! Plus it was an excellent use of the word "omnibus" which is also an excellent podcast.

  23. Can't quite work out if I should be proud or not that I have three of the games reviewed here…It's like, "Hey, I have that one…and that one…oh, and that one too – perhaps I shouldn't impulse buy quite so much."

  24. I like this format. I'd really dig seeing this anytime you have a pile of games you don't think will make it to normal videos. I'm definitely going to be getting Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! because of this.

  25. I liked hearing about NZ games, would love to support local more. If you have time I wouldn't mind seeing a list of NZ games.

  26. Perfect description of Far Away. I picked it up exactly for the reasons you described. It is rules heavy so that’s been the biggest stumbling block but since it’s just two player getting a like minded buddy to get on board wasn’t hard. Great content!

  27. Fantastic stuff! Please do keep doing these types of videos, and also I like seeing you on screen! Cheers 🙂

  28. I was confused when this video started because I was like "who's this guy they have on instead of the normal host", not realizing that that's just you, and you do not in fact look like your avatar.

  29. I have a just listed a brand new copy of the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare boardgame listed on trademe for a $ 1 reserve if any one is interested.

  30. This a great video. And that last one? That’s fantastic. I’ll probably never put my hands on it, but the anecdote is amazing.

  31. Time stamps for each game in the description would be helpful.

  32. Sensor Ghosts is pretty fun indeed. Quite thinky. Gonna get myself Assembly some day as well. I just got Sensor Ghosts first because that's what I heard of first and really liked how it looked and the general gameplay.

  33. Planet of the Apes in a bargain bin? I don't see it below €50 around here.

  34. This review should have mentioned if they can be played solo or not.

  35. I've been trying to buy flick of faith for over a year now, but I doubt it will ever be released in the US. That's why it's so obscure.

  36. I loved the format and hearing about games that I never would have seen otherwise! Thanks for the fun video!

  37. I bought bloc by bloc, based on your video. Don't shy away from throwing the spotlight on good games that aren't too popular!

  38. Fantastic list what an awesome idea reviewing these. Some interesting stuff actually! Great reviews👍👍

  39. Loved this format, keep it up. I really want a copy of Flipology and F&P Healthcare! I hope this draws attention to these kinds of obscure games so they become more available across the globe, especially here in Europe.

  40. Your mum sounds really lovely ❤️

  41. Cheese stake Jimmy's is an Age of Empires reference. It's a cheat code in that game.

  42. A whole bunch of games on here, but im also interested in feedback on the format as this is all new. I still need way more practice in front of the camera as well, and the audio wasn't as good as id want in places, so we need a fix for that. Any other feedback appreciated.

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