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3 Board Games You Shouldn’t Overlook

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I recommend three hidden gem board games which you might have overlooked.
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  1. Thankfully you only covered 3 games! However, your comments on Farm Shop left me wanting for a 3rd die expansion for Catan… I'd go back to using dice for that!

  2. Bought Fairy Tale Inn and like it, I don't even mind the Jack tile as it proves useful for winning rooms if played at the right time and is often free as noone else wants it. A really well balanced game. My main criticism is it's a bit overpriced. Good to see you again 👍

  3. Egg-sess goes to waste. Clever, Jon, very clever.

  4. Hard disagree on My Farm Shop being better than Space Base. I would only rather play My Farm Shop if I was playing with children or beginner gamers.

    It’s great that you’re finally recommending Fantasy Realms, it only took 3 years and a Kennerspiel nomination to get you to look past its non-existant theme you hate. Out of all themed you could hate, I don’t understand hating Fantasy, it’s so generic and ubiquitous that you have to go out of your way avoiding tons of great games just because of a theme.

    The new and fantastic expansion for Fantasy Realms also has much better artwork but that makes it almost clash with the bad artwork of the base game.

  5. There has to be one miniature game you like.

  6. I always love your more obscure recommendations! Bought a lot of games off your videos, thank you!

  7. I am waiting for My Farm Shop to deliver on this side of the pond.

  8. Yay another video! Keep being you, doing what you love, and being such a light to others! 💕

  9. Unfortunately from where I'm sitting, in the war of gameplay vs art, art (with it's allies, OTT bling and minis), is definitely winning the commercial battle. Gameplay is weak, unbalanced and at best vanilla. The worrying thing is that the masses seem to like it that way.

  10. Fences against Kickstarter and Miniatures 😀 i kinda get that, I do like Minis, however their usability vs shelf space ratio is pretty Bad, so I‘m very selective about games with minis.

    Fantasy can be a really nice theme imho, I used to love it and nowadays I prefer other themes but a little fantasy here and there is fine.

    I wasn‘t overly impressed with Fantasy Realms, I‘ve played it 3 times and for me personally it doesn‘t live up to the hype but it‘s fun nontheless.

    Nice Studio Setup! Much better than that in front of a kallax look from most channels. A few points of (hopefully constructive) criticism: the edge of your table is not perfectly horizontal but slightly crooked, might look cleaner straight. We all love that smooth creamy background, but due to the nature of physics and how lenses work, bokeh isn’t just in the front, but also in the back and when you showed my inn tales, the game components where out of focus, so maybe close the aperture a little for those; )

    Awesome content as always!

  11. Are there any other fantasy games that you do like? My wife loves fantasy worlds so I'm hoping we can find a good one but most of the commonly recommended fantasy games are from genres we don't tend to enjoy–skirmish, dungeon crawl, dueling etc.

  12. oh my god i thought D-Day MONOPOLY WAS A JOKE!

  13. Fantasy Realms has sadly been impossible to buy due to it selling out almost immediately when in stock for what feels like forever, sadly the alternate "version" 'Red Rising' lost all of the charm and elegance of the original, so there's not even an alternative out there. Fairy Tale Inn looks super interesting and unique though!

  14. I've loved Fantasy Realms for years, but just bought a copy of the new printing last week. Already want to order the expansion, too. Great game.

  15. Once again great video. And absolutely three games I have overlooked, but now i will look at them head on 🙂

  16. Finally just found Fantasy Realms available again in the U.S. and got it. Already played it half a dozen times. Wonderful.

  17. I can get My farm shop at a deal price of just 20e. The reviews are very good,,one of Rhado's favorites of this year…The graphs are good to me as I play with my family….but it is not a bit repeatitive?

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