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3 HOT New Board Games I Played This Month | Spicy, Master Word, Brew Reviews!

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Top 3 Board Games I Played This Month
Episode: July 2021

This month I played three awesome yet very diverse games. Follow me in this little casual board game vlog to discover what the games are about and what my thoughts were.


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Spicy, Master Word & Brew
For information on these 3 awesome games please follow these links to their associated BGG Board Game Geek Pages.


Spicy is a bluffing card game for 2-6 players. The cards are played face down, so you can cheat when you announce your card. Players can tell the truth, half truth or the complete truth and try to get away with bluffing and winning a challenge. The player who gains two trophies or the most number of golden cards by winning challenges the most wins the game.

Master Word

Master Word is a co-operative word-based deduction game where players have to work together to write concepts on cards to funnel in on a mystery word. Master Word is much like the game Master mind where players are given checks based on the number of clues they got correct but are not told which ones. It is very similar to the game 20 Questions.


In Brew, players venture into the enchanted forest and use dice to forage for ingredients to brew potions and use the dice to tame and gain control over forest cards. Players can use element dice to gain bonus actions and effects. It is a beautiful game of dice placement, engine building and dice synergy.

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  1. Danny: SpicyMe: Is it hot?Me:…My Mind: It's a video

  2. Welcome to a monthly video series of top 3 board game series! Please let me know what you think. This style of videoing is a bit more vlog like and casual in nature. I am hoping to release a hot 3 video game video each month.

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