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5 Best family board games | Tabletop games to play with your family

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See in the end of the year (finally) with this list of games to play with your family this 2020 and beyond! Wheels takes you through a great selection of family tabletop games that’ll stop you resorting to hours of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit

00:00 – Intro
00:47 – Crazy Tower
04:24 – King/Queendomino
07:20 – Camel Up
09:39 – Cobra Paw
11:52 – Valley of the Vikings

1. Crazy Tower –
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2. Kingdomino/Queendomino –
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3. Camel Up –
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4. Cobra Paw –
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5. Valley of the Vikings –
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  1. Looks interesting! I really love board games and how it brings people together. I can't stress this enough. Games can be fun and exciting, but it's the people really make those experience lasting and memorable. Recently, I've bonded with my family over a game of Lagim Card. It's based on Filipino folklore. You can check their facebook page or website for more info.

  2. Hi, there's this new card game called LAGIM. It is a Filipino folklore-inspired game composed of villain deck, lagim cards, lakas cards, and hiwaga cards. Launching soon in kickstarter.

  3. The corollary to this would be the 5 board games guaranteed to start a family fight 🙂

  4. Kinda want a Dicebrakers let’s play of Camele up

  5. In our house we play D&D, Lords of Waterdeep, Quacks of Quedlinburg, the Crew and Pandemic with an 8 and a 10 year old. Yes, I count myself quite lucky.

  6. Wheels, would you like a new sweater for Christmas?

  7. Does… Is this your favourite sweater Wheels?

  8. I really enjoy it when you do lists like this. Hope you guys do more of them.

  9. My list of favourite games for family gatherings are (so far):
    1. Carcassonne
    2. Taluva
    3. Catan
    4. KingDomino

  10. Wheels being a dick about games that people genuinely enjoy is not a way to bring people in to discovering new games

  11. So glad to see King- and Queen- dominion here. they’re booth great and so easy my 5 year old can play quite well without any help.

  12. I am always looking for new games to play on family game night, thanks for this list!

  13. Ooooh, this gives me ideas for christmas presents, thank you! We're all adults in my family (ages 31 to 70), but after giant christmas dinners it's usually hard to think, so games like these are great! And we'll be able to teach them to any kids my sister may decide to have in the future 😀

  14. 1:30 There are only 3 primary colours; blue, red and yellow… 😐

  15. The word meeple is a portmanteau of 'my people' so the camel version (using the same formation) would be 'mamel'.

  16. Crazy tower always got me curious but I think I'll look into the other games as well 😁😁

  17. Battle Sheep is a good game too. My kids love it and it's a fairly simple game to play.

  18. Great video. Going to pick up one of these ready for Christmas family gaming.

  19. Sushi Go has been a huge hit with my family. My 8 year old actually understands it better than my wife.

  20. Tabling an amendment for camel meeples to be called humples.

  21. My Top 5 would be: Pyramid of Pengqueen for families with kids, Pickomino for a family dice game, Little Prince: Make Me A Planet, Crokinole for everyone who wants to play something ‘classy’, and F.I.T.S. for Tetris/puzzle lovers!

  22. Would have been helpful if you set the game on the table next to you while you were talking about it. And Maybe showed the pieces/board/etc right when you first started describing it. Rules explanations with no visual demonstration makes me unfocused and unsure if I really want to try to wrap my head around the whole thing before I even know what it is.

  23. I played cobra paw with the creators, it was really fun

  24. Another great video – perfect for getting ideas for the game-night of a family aged 5, 10, 41, and 42. Many thanks!

  25. I love that you used the word 'legally.' 😄

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