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5 Great Gateway Board Games for New Players

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  1. Ok, my first really different board game was Terraforming Mars. On a scale of 0-10, from someone who has played plenty of board games, how complex is Terraforming Mars? (Wondering if I’ve barely scratched the surface or if I’ve gone decently far right off the bat.)

  2. Went to a board games night at uni and played splendour for the first time, my strategy was simple, in almost all cases go for the 3 singles rather than the double as it's 50% more chips and generally speaking that will be more helpful than just tunneling a single path or whatever. I ended up winning. Then I played Catan and it was also my first time, and I built a few misplaced roads early on, and like 5 minutes later I realised I had no chance of winning, so I was just stuck there for another 20 minutes waiting for the inevitable end. Hence I do not like Catan. And all of you should care

  3. I think colt express is also a really great game for beginners and experienced players

  4. Probably slightly too complicated to be a gateway game, but if you like TtR but want something a bit more complex, check out Airlines: Europe from the same designer.

  5. Dixit sounds like Balderdash but with pictures. cool! 🙂

  6. By the way, the co-designer of Codenames Duet is subscribed to your channel. I love your content!

  7. My games that meet this standard are Saboteur and Camel Up.

  8. As an experienced board game player its really hard to judge which games are "easy" for new players. Some games look really easy to me but are really hard for new players, Typically these are decision based games where the rules themselves are quite simple but the strategy for victory is up to the player; things like ticket to ride, pandemic, etc.

  9. These games will "pump you up, ya". Shout out for Century Golem (original version), over C. Spice Road or Splendor. Codenames and Dixit are fun with clever people. Otherwise, they do seem boring.

  10. Ticket to Ride was always hard for me to enjoy because it feels like my turn has little to no bearing on the turns of others. Feels like playing a game side-by-side, rather than playing together.

  11. Spot It (also known as Dooble) is a huge winner among my non-gamer friends

  12. Its pronounced:

    Shpeel des (like desu) yahres (like yaris the car)

    You are mixing German and French pronunciation and this simply will not do

  13. i spent the longest game of splendor (almost two hours!) trying to teach it to my grandmother. i can’t even tell you how many times we had to explain that cards are permanent resources.

  14. board games are cool and all until you need friends

  15. I also was looking for games that meet the "mom" test.

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