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5 Standout Board Games from 2020

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I review five board games from 2020 that did something different and deserve some attention.
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1. Pan Am –
2. Santa Monica –
3. The Search for Planet X –
4. Thrive –
5. Remember Our Trip –

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  1. "You will lose all of your pegging progress"…

  2. Great video as usual. On first thought re Pan Am is to modify rules(get rid of cards) to mitigate luck swings.

  3. Santa monica is a wouderful boardgame i am looking forward to buy such a great game

  4. As someone who lives in Santa Monica…I wish it still looked like this

  5. I love " Awkward Guests" for deduction, have you tried that?

  6. Please, review Abstratus. It's an award winning brazilian board game that happens to be really awesome. I promise you it will enter your top favorite board games list.

  7. I always appreciate when you recommend alternatives, as you did with "Sleuth" in your "Planet X" review. Any recommended alternatives for "Pan Am" or "Santa Monica"? As always, keep up the great work!

  8. I love this list and it's fresh look at releases.
    And I am ALWAYS here for your wit and word play.

  9. I'm usually up on the new games news, but totally missed thrive and it sounds right up my alley! Thanks a ton for highlighting these less-mentioned games!!

  10. Finally, someone who reviews games that my family will actually play … and I'll be able to explain to them. Great reviews!

  11. nice to have this fresh viiew for fresh BG approaches… too bad we could not play in 2020 and for perhaps the first part of 2021…
    But still EVERY BG is still based on one or more iterations of the capitalistic system and it keeps our minds conditioned in it and closed for any other option or innovative system…
    But hey it would not sell.. it's the saddest part of it at the same time…

  12. OMG! I playtested Thrive two years ago, but I couldn't find it on BGG because I thought it was called Lotus! Thank you for reviewing it!

  13. Hey Jon! Have you heard of a boardgame reviewer named Tabletop Tolson? You two need to have a wig-off.

  14. Best review of 2020 I have seen so far. Thank you!

  15. The production value and delivery for your recent content is excellent. Your hard work is paying off!

  16. very special video, thank you!

  17. I'm still waiting for Pan am to come to europe. If it even will

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