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6: Siege The Board Game Detailed Review!

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I went from “sure why not” to “can we play again daddy?” which was weird on several levels, but really I just wanted to have more fun.

Let me clarify: there are games that are fun, and by fun I mean arcade style talking loud standing up at the table level fun, and then there are highly strategic games. The former is normally some party game where you often have naughty cards that make you giggle and the other is some drab chess like experience.

6: Siege The Board Game by Mythic Games somehow captures the strategy of those drab games and made them actually stand-up-at-the-table-and-shout level of fun.

IDK how they managed that exactly, but feel free to check out the KS page for yourself and see if you can figure it out.


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Intro 0:00
Game overview 1:26
Table presence 5:46
Changing battlefield 7:17
Otis 11:00
Upper floor abstraction 12:53
Miniatures matching art 17:49
Fast paced 19:56
Making mistakes 22:53
High skill ceiling 25:31
Theme/IP 28:07
Operators *feel* different 29:09
Defenders feel same 32:05
Setup length with gameplay 34:08
Picking loadouts 39:10
Game length 40:33
Line of sight sticks 42:34
Line of sight checks 44:19
Mission variety 45:57
Victory points 49:04
See through terrain 50:23
Randomness 52:16
Summary 55:44
Pro/Con list 1:01:00

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    ***Updates: Rules have been clarified, you take the tokens you score for victory points so you can easily keep track. That's one con down! 🙂

  2. Shawn Kays [How to Disappear in Games] says:

    Thank goodness this game is good. Love the video game.

  3. You really need to do a resume pros/cons of all the skirmish games that exist as kickstarters/late pledges and have tried.

  4. This game had piqued my interest so I was really happy when I saw you were covering it. Thanks for the good unbiased review 👍

  5. I hate you so much for hooking me on another Mythic game. Their KS campaigns are terrible and the delivery is usually shoddy. But I WANT this

  6. Very nice and thorough review (wouldn't expect anything else from the King). It has piqued my interest. But I can't find a launch date, any guess?

  7. Hi! Thanks for the detail review! Your videos helped me at least two times now to pick the game that its right for me!(The Monster hunter video and the Withcher video)Thank you again for the hard work you do and for awes replaying to my comments! Just wanted to tell you that and help with the algorithm a little :D.

  8. This looks amazing, great review! I play this game for my college's esports team so I can't wait to get it (all in kickstart of course) and play with the boys.

  9. I was already planning on backing this, but after this review and all the others I've seen, I feel like this one will be another solid purchase. thanks as always for your hard work on the videos.

  10. Omg dude wasn’t overly keen on this but now it’s a must have. You are too good at your job.

  11. Great review once again, thank you. This looks like something I would love to get, but it has become impossible for me to justify backing Mythic's games just because of shipping costs. Backed SFB part 2 for $50 and was charged $80 for shipping (to South Africa). Don't even want to mention my other fully backed Mythic games shipping costs because people will think I was mad to have payed it. Truly Sad 🙁

  12. Hi, I was waiting for your review. I poured more than 1000 hours into R6 the video games and now you convinced me to invest in the board game :). I wait for the kickstarter from now on ! Do you think that the rules, components, .. the whole game will be polished enough … given Mythic is the editor …?

  13. What are some of your favourite skirmish board games? How does this compare to SFB?

  14. I'm so excited for this Kickstarter. I'm nervous about the all-in cost, but I already know I'm likely going all-in. Hopefully we can get all/many of the ops and maps, but something I loved about the video game is you can just keep replaying the same map and same objectives over and over and over and it'll be different every time, not just as you learn the skills, but also as you see more combinations of ops against each other and how they interact or change the map.

    Another reviewer had a laser to check sight and I'm hoping that's what comes in the base game. I think I'd hold the ruler in the air and measure from above. Moving everything is just too much work. But yeah, like you said, you only need to really check it if it gets challenged. I don't think it'll be a big deal either way.

  15. Let's see the campaign… I'm still not convinced looks repetitive after fee matches.

  16. Looks too fiddly, lots of little pieces and upkeep…and much like the VG, wish it had any sort of solo mode. Nice components and presence for sure…expected from them. Curious how the rule book will be, as Batman showed no improvements.
    While out of print, for tactical skirmish Tannhauser fills this niche for me, and surpasses it.

  17. Hmmm, no microtransactions? Are we sure that they have paid for the IP? Or maybe they will introduce microAddOns? Smoke grenade. 5€ add-on with 2 cards and tokens. 7€ upgraded to plastic… And so on and so forth.
    Thank you man. Nice review, I am not really interested. I like to have time to plan for actions. I would love more of a "kitchen rush" real time than this kind of game. I love Mythic Games and I am sure this campaing will explode but I might not play this one.

  18. Sounds like they should include a laser line pointer as a SG instead of those sticks 😬

  19. This. Looks. Excellent.

    Everything about it really appeals to me. Any chance for a play through?

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