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6 Siege: The Board Game – Inspired by Rainbow Six – Should You Back It?

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6 Siege is one of the better skirmish games I’ve played. Heavy amounts of strategy and planning, light on the luck and with mitigation, and with enough content to keep the game fresh forever. It’s a game I enjoyed, I game I recommend, a game that has some of the best miniatures I’ve seen in board games….but should you back it?

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:45 – Game Overview
0:05:05 – Base Game Contents
0:07:45 – Pledge Levels
0:12:30 – Add Ons
0:16:29 – Should You Back It?

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  1. Maybe its just me but is this One of the worst all in values ? Compare the 199 or 269 to what other companies offers at that prices

  2. I am curious if you think 6: S would work as an OP game.

  3. I need to know the sell value for ks exclusive skins. It should be more if it's indeed going to be exclusive. If I can sell the skin for most of shipping that would be nice. I don't own the game. It's a $20 retail game with steam sales. The skins could be a "rebate."

  4. I was planning on going all in, but I’m considering dropping my pledge with the lackluster daily unlocks. The first 3 days of unlocks all seem like they could fall into 1 day. If some of them fall into the expansions, that’s literally zero value for the core back, which would have been a tempting approach too.

  5. I just happen to wonder if it isn't weird for Mythic to launch a new campaign as the pledge managers of HEL, and DARKEST DUNGEON, and SUPER FANT BRAWL 2 are still open. Am I the only backer to worry about this kind of stuff? I mean, how can I even seriously look into a new project if I don't beleive I can ever see it delivered at my door one day…?
    Thanks a lot Alex : I just needed to be convinced to wait for retail…

  6. $98 for a core is a tough sell. The game is cheap. The shipping is nearly 50%.

  7. I'm wondering if the extra sculpts have different rules.

  8. You didn't give your usual IP analysis but it applies in spades here, they could have added a ten pack of guards with ViPs, Scientists , Safes and secrets to steal, terminals to hack, really expand the missions for the cost of the Day x packs and rule cards instead of operator profiles. Sicking to IP has narrowed it alot in scope. A little leeway and more gameplay would have attracted even more attention and backers , likely the digital gamers to, add SG around gameplay and could see this going over 2Million , beats Monster Hunyer and other recent KS Arena style battle games. (Note Special Ops modules are really cool)

  9. In the FAQ they state this version wont be available in Retail so the question is will the retail include more or less. Suspect if in pledge manager they sell alot of 3d decor it may well replace the cardboard.
    The only reason not to just pledge a $1 and not advance fund to the last minute is one alternate sculpt, which wil be available for $12 in PM. Everything else is tied to core or expansions, they have confirmed if you buy those the unlocks come with them. Gameplay e.g. maps would de enough but an alternate pose that adds zero gameplay and little aesthetically no way.

  10. I’m in “Rest of the World” and Trooper pledge’s shipping fee is more than twice the price of the pledge itself🥺

  11. I'm looking at a minimum of 50-80usd shipping (potentially 150usd). I guess I'll pass.

  12. Ah… Remember the days when all KS games shipped for free?

  13. R6 skins are not like CS:GO skins, if you get a skin in R6 you can not sell it, it's locked to that account. You could sell the account, but ya there is no steam market for R6.

  14. Played it on TTS and I love it! Was hyped before, now even more!!! Basegame + Maps + 1 Year it is 😀

  15. I do not play videogames so why should i have this ?

  16. Welp… sucks was hoping this would be an easy decision. Comments in KS did say that the $81 isn't MSRP but just factoring in the free character. Also said that if it makes retail be closer to $100, which highly doubt.. Maybe could throw some at a late pledge of Primal instead

  17. I don't think $81 is the MSRP. In the why back section it says that the Zero miniature costs $12 in the pledge manager so it would be $81 in the P.M. I could be wrong, but I'd guess the MSRP would be a little higher.

  18. Man I was hoping this would be an easy back. However there are no Kickstarter exclusives currently that even sway me at all to not wait for retail. I might change my mind on day 10, so I will just wait and see as things unfold. Also Alex have you thought about throwing out some videos where you just ramble on while painting a mini?

  19. I am from the rest of the world.
    Seems like the rest of the world is not really being considered a target market for this one.

  20. Sure looks lots like Imperial Assault with a modern tactical theme.

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