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878 Vikings & Viking Age expansion – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. i love the use of king of dragon pass music btw

  2. I've played this game two times now, and I'm really worried that this game does not work as a team game. This is for no other reason than playing only the Red (berserker) vikings does not seem very fun. It was more enjoyable at 2 players than 4.

  3. Quinns always says he loves expansions but I can't think of a single review where he reccomends the expansion

  4. I actually like three or four. With three, we did two as the Brits and the Vikings together. We found if the Berserkers didn't go first in a turn, then they didn't have a lot to do. Remember that if there is a battle with a Berserker, the first one has to be red (berserker). Also, with no flees, the reds don't get many pieces. Finally, we only play with the churches and forts expansion. That one seems to be necessary. Overall we really like this game. Good review.

  5. Woody Allen Love And Death: "I'm suggesting active fleeing"

  6. I watched your play through with the CA guys. It looked pretty fun.

  7. I want to play on the side of wikings and take over England.

  8. Don't you get a new leader every round?…its not every turn that you get a new leader…

  9. 16:20 "Brexit Vibe" the new smooth jazz album from some British jazz musician you've never heard of and I couldn't be bothered to look up

  10. Fun fact about berserkers. They wore that bear skin as warning to their own troops. Berserkers would be drugged up before a battle and not know friend from foe, thus the bear skin shows their friends to stand as far away as possible.

  11. Your channel is on point…your prancing game needs work.

  12. Whenever he mentions “invasion of Canada” Americans fall asleep refusing to accept that they had their asses handed to them

  13. what wrong with Red is Dane Vikings. Yellow is Swede Vikings >D

  14. Game seems to work just like Fortress America.

  15. 4:27 – That "King of Dragon Pass" music is engraved into my brain…

  16. Every time you guys break expensive boardgames or expansions my soul dies a little more

  17. Nick Cave voice I can hear the Quinnses prancing…

  18. I bought random cool looking dice from a thrift shop years ago and now I finally know where they came form.

  19. King of Dragon Pass music! That music as you pranced down the street was from King of Dragon Pass!!! I love that game 😊

  20. 4:27 – the music is from the game DRAGON PASS , and the track is SEA SEASON. You can check it out on youtube yourself! Hooray, I remembered it! 😀

    I have got to have won something with this knowledge OR there is a very real risk I have wasted my life.


    Please you guys!

  21. Game looks great, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is it out of production?

  22. The first game reminds me of COIN series

  23. Looks like a great game. Wish it was still available

  24. Am I the only one who thing that Ubisoft played 878 Vikings and then got the idea for Assassins Creed: Valhalla?

  25. I actually picked this up after watching this review (at least 3 times), although I didn't get the expansions as they do sound mixed. I really like how this looks and the team idea just has so much potential fun.

  26. "When every I mention invasion of Canada people tend to fall asleep" so did the American troops

  27. Beserker comes from the swedish verb bärsäkargång
    'to go berserk'
    'to go "into a rage-fuled rampage"'

  28. Rexona that shit laughed me up so hard this is why i watch your videos

  29. The crabby session specially sail because trapezoid bilaterally flower amidst a strange offence. fretful, mammoth ankle

  30. would be cool to just modify the rules for the expansions im not sure

  31. 14:45 “But! For every church you burn, you’re giving the English a Fyrd card, which they can deploy to any battle they want.”

    Well if that isn’t the most boardgame-y thing said this year.

  32. 878 Vikings original or 878 Vikings 2nd edition? Is there any differences?

  33. I hate it when they bring out a 80~90% finished game, and you've to add the 'expansion' to get the full 1.0 game.

  34. I'm now imagining Vikings doing the conga with their 2 axes.

  35. Ever wonder how the Ber serker got his Ber serker?

  36. I'm now starting to look at Vikings as sea Mongols.

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