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A board game that remembers every time you play | Oath review

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The latest board game from Root creator Cole Wehrle is an ambitious strategy epic about the rise and fall of empires. If that wasn’t enough, Oath remembers what you do, who wins and how they win every time you play, evolving its fantasy world as the result of the players’ actions. It’s like a legacy game that you can play forever.

Is it all as impressive as it sounds? Watch our board game review of Oath to find out!

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile will be released this August, and is available for pre-order directly from Leder Games:
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  1. Great video! Definitely going to consider this the next time I get into the store.

  2. Excellent review Mr. Jarvis! Also, I don't know whether you've procured a new mic, learned to better balance audio or what, but the audio quality is muuuuch nicer than some of your other reviews – a positive, since you have a nice voice and I'm always interested to hear your reviews 😀

  3. Player downtime is my biggest gripe with Root too. I love the game and all but even with four players it feels way too long waiting to get back to your turn. But I am now really interested in this one- I'll have to check it out on TTS or watch the playthrough. Solo play is interesting as well.

  4. I'm glad you liked it!

    I really enjoy the game myself, though I've found that the biggest barrier to teaching it is down to how unusual it is. Normally, experienced boardgame players can quickly pick up on concepts similar to what they've seen before, but the weirder parts of Oath mean that almost every first game, regardless of experience, is a learning game with slow turns. Fortunately, once players grok it, things move a lot quicker!

    I fully agree with how strong the emergent narrative is as well. I've had a game where I had overwhelming military control, inherited from a victory from a prior game, and the most powerful cards were tucked away in a fortress. This lasted for a few turns until an Exile snuck in and played the card that allows them to take ownership – stealing my fort and my battle cards located there. In a single move I went from the military powerhouse to the weakest faction, forcing me to ally with another Exile in a desperate attempt to reclaim my lost lands. It was a shocking turn of events that was wonderfully dramatic!

  5. YouTube: Here's 5 comments.
    >But uh. You know there's only 2 comments, right YouTube? Right?

  6. Great piece Matt! Got my copy a while ago but just finding the right time to introduce it to the group. I expect we need a full day set aside for this just in case it gets a bit out of hand but those are increasingly hard to find. The depth of it is quite intimidating, would you recommend going through the big book of rules before taking it to others to go through the walkthrough?

  7. It sounds very fun, but awfully hard to have the time for.

  8. I would love to see another DB play-through now that at least one of you has a firm grasp on the rules. This game looks fascinating! I've pre-ordered a copy after listening to you talk about it for the past few months, any game that makes an experienced board gamer this passionate, I have to try!

  9. Great review, Matt! Sounds like a very intriguing game.

  10. This game still needs development. Some things are just broken. Wehrle will probably find some sophistry to justify these issues but I don't think a serious developer would have let this go out. I feel a little bit scammed.

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