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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Review – Starlit Citadel Reviews Season 1

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Starlit Citadel Reviews A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, with Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell. In a Game of Thrones, players take on the role of one of the Great Houses fighting for dominance of the lands of Westeros. It can be played with 3 to 6 players, and lasts 2 to 3 hours.

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Kevin MacLeod

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Rob Hunt – Phasefirefilms


  1. It’s great seeing these games reviewed by intelligent, attractive women. Not some fat ass nerd who looks like he hasn’t gone outside in a decade. This definitely breaks the stereotype!

  2. +1 to subscription +5 to intellect -7 to free will well done!

  3. Wow. Great overview. Congrats for being so succinct.

  4. Can someone tell me the difference between a regular raid order and a "special" raid order? I'm also confused about the consolidate power difference.

  5. while I still believe that the Starlit Citadel review series was flawed, I am sorry that they kind of collapsed for whatever reason. It's a shame that it seemed to come down to Dollars and cents and lack of support.. .. Either from the community surrounding them, or from the place where they work. We really needed their voice before, and need it even more now. I don't see many other female Duos reviewing board games. Again, some of these reviews lacked instruction or personality, however I bought at least three or four games back in 2015 because of their videos. Still… I can also understand why they (maybe) wanted to voluntarily walk away. These take a long time to film I am sure, cost money, and so often it seems that the comment section is filled with men reminding them they are "hot chicks" and hitting on them. That must suck to not be taken seriously as content creators and only be viewed by some as "hot females".

  6. Am i the only one who likes it but don't really understands it?

  7. they have a card game And risk&monopoly version plus battles of westros games. poplar books make 5+ games about And a tv series

  8. How do you decide the turn order on the first turn?

  9. This review was the main reason why I ordered this game from Starlit Citadel instead of Amazon. Support local business yo.

  10. I just picked this up, haven't cracked it open yet but i was browsing my local Fantasy Game store and was picking up Lords of Waterdeep a D&D book and some replacement dice.  Well, while the owners were looking in the back for my book, I decided to wander and see what was around.  There are literally hundreds, thousands of different games out there and it can be pretty daunting to pick one or even known of one.  I knew there was a card game for Game of Thrones but I was nicely surprised to see a huge strategy board game about it!  It was a must buy for me and I can't wait to lead the glory of House Tyrell >:D  I love ya Starks and Lannisters, but Tyrell is my House ;D.

  11. my dream is too play a game with these two ladies.Games of thrones,it wud be an honor

  12. Great review! Also really handy. My friends and I played our first game last night and this video really eased everyone into the basic running of the game. Only thing I''d argue is the game length. It took us a lot longer than 2-3 hours! lol

  13. Great review ladies!  I played the first edition of this game a couple of times, but without the expansions.  During these sessions, the Wildings never attacked.  I won the last game as the Lannisters, oddly enough by not directly attacking anyone, but by acquiring territory, wealth & influence.  The rest of the players were too busy beating-up on each other to bother me.  

  14. I played this game a couple of weeks ago with 3 players and found it to be a very fun game and interestingly for me at least, I found the game much simpler to play than the video tutorial that Fantasy Flight produce.

  15. That said, this game (like any other) obviously isn't for everyone, and it's entirely reasonable for you to be disappointed by it, or think it's a poor fit for your group. I'm still a big fan, and enjoy many of the elements that bother you, but that doesn't mean my opinion trumps yours.


  16. I think this is a case where group dynamics make a big difference. In my view, you need alliances to stop one player from steamrolling everyone early, and a group that's played more than once will hopefully see that. The power tokens are hard to balance on purpose — you can't afford to spend them all in bidding, so you have to decide where you want them to go and read your opponents and guess what they'll bid on. You shouldn't run out entirely after a single round.

  17. I feel it coasts more on the theme being GOT and all for selling well. Unfortunately none of my favourite Lannister characters made any difference overall, not even the great dwarf himself! 🙂 The "0" card in particular, how do you expect to win a battle using a 0?

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