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A War of Whispers – Game of Thrones in an Hour? (SU&SD Review)

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. There are two major flaws to this game that ruin it for me. The first is that the theme-gameplay interaction is sorely lacking. You're supposedly playing different groups of spies with cool names, but all the factions play exactly the same. You're drawing country-based cards instead of faction based cards to mess with people and it ends up feeling really bland. The second thing is due to how much the boardstate, strategy, and your knowledge of others' priorities, it's really hard to decide what you're going to do ahead of time. This lead to us taking almost 10 minute turns at certain points where everyone else waits in boredom.

  2. Really wish this game wasn't $100. However second it becomes available for like, 30 bucks cheaper or if i can find a used copy, I'm buying it because it looks soooo cool.

  3. The hand raven is very interesting considering I'm pretty sure I remember this group having a raven prop already at one point. It came up in a game of Mysterium, I think.

  4. I've never heard of this game and this video that randomly popped up in my feed was so well crafted that I not only am buying the game I'm subscribing!

  5. Finally! A board game that reflects the actual geometry of an earth-like world…flat!

  6. htf can an army be undefended in a castle

    good review tho

  7. "The eastern army is completely undefended… in their CASTLE. "
    ………….. u W0T?!

  8. Wish I could find the game to buy someplace.

  9. This ending was more satisfying than the actual HBO series.

  10. The guy who plays the Raven looks like Joffrey!

  11. They just released a Kickstarter for the second printing of the game and they seem to address many issues you and other reviewers pointed out in the game!

  12. re-watched this since it is back on KS. Thanks for the awesome review. I MUST back the game now. Your super positive review of this game has me very excited about it… but then again… one of you did sort of bash Scythe. …. hmmm

  13. Ah, what a beautiful raven! Reminds how majestic this bird really is

  14. I think this is my favorite susd review, primarily thanks to the musicd and the theatrical way they both speak

  15. Thought Tom had a giant bong on the table for just a sec

  16. The Cult of the Rat?!


  17. Hey guys can you do a rules and game review for Deus lo vult??


  19. Where the heck can I get a copy of this? I'm in Canada and I'm having a hell of a time finding anything.

  20. So…Dune but everybody plays as the bene gesserit?

  21. 15:54 "Can't think of a satisfying way to put an ending to all of this really."
    I was so certain Tom was gonna rush in and shove him off the chair again.
    Ah well, perhaps next time…

  22. the emotional scarring is why you play the game of thrones board game

  23. Actually ,Battle for Rokugan is the one who fullfill to put GoT the board game in a 1 Hour (and better) experience.

  24. 0:58 No shit the pieces on the board aren't what they represent. You just described every board game that ever existed.
    "But sir, your money in Monopoly … isn't really money.

  25. So I bought this game about 8 months ago and last night was the 1st time that we sat down and played. We were fumbling around with the rules for a bit, but it really is a cool game. Yes, it is pretty obvious who players are routing for for the max points but as stated before, the 2nd-3rd-etc is not so clear. I feel the delux addition is a little flawed. We do not get the colored wooden block (which are awesome!) We get these flimys plastic banners things, that looks like a flag planted in poop. They break very easiliy. Over all, a wonderful game.

  26. I can't find this game anywhere!!! I'm in Canada… and i guess its out of print? HELP!

  27. Bought the game. I have to warn you all the rulebook is awful and you cannot play the game without house ruling it because of game breaking loopholes allowing infinite actions and such. The art is good but the game production is miserable for that price point. I have rerwitten all the rules as best as i could, went to etsy to buy components to make the game state legible, but with the official rules and material only, this game is defective. A shame, it could have been a good game.

  28. i was 2 minutes into the video and i am already looking for the best possible price

  29. Like the other game the counters are shit which puts me off

  30. No the shorter version of Game of Thrones the board game is Battle for Rokugan. This one doesn't even have the hiden orders mechanism

  31. Its super convenient for the video that Matt has that pet raven.

  32. I absolutely love watching those guys as their reviews are always a mastery when acting, script and editing is taken in consideration, but they are also inevitably overhyping games that are often shallow and extremely underdeveloped. That is the problem with this one, unfortunately. The reviews shows the game as a brilliant mixture of strategy, bluff and backstabbing but in fact it is a 50 minute ordeal of making insignificant moves on a blurry board and making multiplications with changing variables… any decision making is lost somewhere in that back and forth charade constructed to give you the guise of control and that really sucks.

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