Adam's Top 10 Board Games Of All Time | Collection Starter -

Adam’s Top 10 Board Games Of All Time | Collection Starter

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It’s the last list of the year, and we’re closing out with a big one! Adam runs down his 10 favourite board games OF ALL TIME

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10. Betrayal At House On The Hill – US: // UK:

9. Deception – Murder In Hong Kong – US: // UK:

8. Unmatched – US: // UK:

7. Inis – US: // UK:

6. Chinatown – US: // UK:

5. Crokinole. – US: // UK:

4. Blood On The Clocktower – Can be played online using Discord and this link:

3. Whitehall Mystery – US: // UK:

2. Mansions of Madness – US: // UK:

1. Cosmic Encounter – US: // UK:

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  1. Adam, you need to try Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Hearing you talk about creating memories and experiences through tabletop along with your love of horror within the hobby, I think you would adore this game.

    It has completely replaced Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness for my choice of Lovecraftian game. You pick a character and build a deck for that character specifically to bolster their strengths and help their weaknesses. They are YOUR character.

    Then you start playing through a narrative/choice-driven campaign. You'll come to forks in the road where you need to decide how to handle a situation and the outcomes will effect you for games to come! And depending on how well you do in a given scenario, you earn experience points to spend on upgrading your character and their deck. Want to replace your lame handgun with a big shotgun? Is that spell just not doing it for you? Maybe you want a beefier ally? UPGRADE THEM ALL!

    I was initially turned off by the idea of it being a "card game" instead of a board game. I was wrong. The fact that it uses cards makes it better because with every scenario everything is different! The location, enemies, story, objectives, scenario-based rewards, etc. Doing it in card form makes this possible and means the game can go in an infinite amount of directions. It is amazing.

    Anyways, try it. It's fantastic.

  2. Love Adam, Love Betrayal, Love that Adam Loves Betrayal! Like the number one on his list, whenever my friends get together there is always a vote for House on the Hill.

  3. 3 suggestions from my group to yours concept dixit and tsuro

  4. If you like games about talking, you should try Inhuman Conditions. It's a game for 2 players that is basically the "are you secretly a robot" test from Blade Runner turned into a game. It's short and it's role playing and it's 100% talking until either the interviewer decides to mark the person a robot or a human, or if the interviewee got the violent robot role, it could end if they perform their tasks and strangle the interviewer (in the game, not IRL).

  5. Dear Santa Plumps, we’ve been ever so good this year. Can we have board game club series’ for cosmic encounter and mansions of madness, please and thank you.

  6. I'm Canadian and trust me your saying Crokinole completely wrong haha! (Crow-ka-no)

  7. Why did it take me until now to find out Adam formerly of What Culture has a board game channel?! Hot damn.

  8. Do you ever get the old school novelty games like Nightmare or fireball island?

  9. I have several personal games I would add to the list but you got Cosmic Encounters at #1, so I'll forgive you for all of those wrong choices. 😃
    It would take a while to come up with a full top 10, but here's some you should consider. I'd put a couple D&D themed games in. Lords of Waterdeep is a perfect worker placement game. Tyrants of the Underdark fills my need for a Risk style game without all of the die rolling. Using a deck builder to place troops is sheer genius in my eyes. Then there is the end all be all of space conquest games, Twilight Imperium. It's one of those that may only be played once a year, but it's planned months in advance, marked on the calendar and anticipated like Christmas. On the lighter side of space empire building is card game Jump Drive. It takes about 15 minutes for a game and it takes one game to learn the rules and one game to learn tactics, so anyone can be a pro in 30 minutes. It's also a part of the Roll/Race for the Galaxy games so its a good way to introduce many of the mechanics of the other games.

  10. Jeez all I ever want to do is play board games! Not enough time…

  11. I want to like Cosmic Encounter but it just never seems to work for me. I have the Avalon Hill edition from 2000 and I don't think it showcases the best the game has to offer. Whenever I've taken it out to play with people who haven't played it before (or who haven't played it much), it always feels like we're just going through the motions. Luck feels like it plays a bigger role than decision-making and there frequently seems to be one player who wins easily without anyone else being able to mount much effective opposition.

  12. love the buffalo sauce stain on the beer mug token. i wish we were friends haha i love board games, but i redact my previous comment about being a consultant haha you all are out of my league. but i’ll dream!!!

  13. cheers… mansions of madness!!! intro me to figures and i love them

  14. Gotta throw a shout out to Takenoko. It's fun, cute, deeper than it seems, and just a grand ole time.

  15. Love your hilarious commentary! Love your channel!!

  16. My boyfriend wants to jump ship to your group. 5 years of relationship and he hasn't been able to get me to play cosmic encounters.

  17. With all the expansions of Cosmic Encounter, you should also mention that you have a grand total of 196 different aliens to play as. That's a LOT to choose from with a LOT of replayability.

  18. A game I was really surprised about was tanto cuore.
    It got a really solid teambuilding system, just a shame all the cards are sexualized anime girls

  19. Unexpected Map Men in your video. How come??!?!

  20. Blood on the Clocktower looks very ugly. Terrible.

  21. Man, a lot of these look awesome. Have some new games to try out

  22. I've owned Cosmic Encounter for about a decade and have still never gotten to play it.

  23. Never played CE or BHOtH and so many new ones to me on this list. Very solid 10.

  24. I just bought a copy of Cosmic Encounter and can't wait to get it to the table, thanks for the list!

  25. I haven’t bought unmatched for the same reason Adam hasn’t bought MTG. My shelves will break

  26. My list in no order:

    Oz Fluxx
    Dungeon Quest
    Escape the Curse of the Temple
    1 Night Werewolf
    Zombie Dice

    Other than Risk, most older board games are kind of… boring. At least to me. I have Crib on there as that's what my grandfather and I used to play all the time, and checkers is just an easy game to play.

  27. i remember a late 1960s game ( possibly 1968) called war lord. games wrkshop in early 1980 brought out there version (with a cropped board ) it was a game of area control and neuclear distruction. having a curious attack / defense system in guessing opponents dice pips, to defeat invading armies. once a war head was detonated the knock on effect on other adjacent warheads was devistating ………………..liked alot

  28. Never thought I’d hear an Englishman appreciate Celtic culture.

  29. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  30. Think I might try a few of these, I'll have to check out my local!

  31. Let's face it you could make Crockinole yourself 😂

  32. lol my favortie board game is about baloney not even lying

  33. You're right for not doing Magic. The collectible games are way too focused on tournaments and competitive events. I for one want to return to glorious board gaming, something about friends getting together, not swarming the only 12 year old at the tourney for quick wins so you can get the free Wolverine figure.

  34. Hey Adam, could you do a video on mini painting. I have such a hard time painting so small so tips from someone who just started and remembers what’s it’s like to be new to mini painting would be nice!

  35. Just added cosmic encounters to my wishlist! Thanks!

  36. I love this channel! Very funny, surgical dissection of the games, great delivery. A fab blend of information and entertainment.

  37. I would recommend games that also have a good solo player experience because its sometime difficult to find enough people to play with or want to learn a new game.

  38. In the most distant reaches of the world, magic still exists, embodied by spirits of the land, of the sky, and of every natural thing. Here is the newly found board game, "Lagim Card Game" – a collectible card game based on the Philippines's folklore and mythology. Know more about the battle mechanics

  39. Coming from a group that love disruption.. I loved play legend of Amalur. It asked us all to play ina veeery different way… Also, Uno. With our 425 house rules to be even more dickish to one another. But the best? STARQUEST. Played it SO MUCH as a child with Heroquest… And while i ve found games that i liked more than heroquest in the dungeoncrawling world… Never found something as simple and alluring as starquest

  40. Adam, you get me. Hahaha
    It's so much fun to betray and make your friends angry lying to their faces.

    Probably will buy all in this list

  41. A lot of these games sound awesome. Picking ten games that are my favorites would be difficult, but Legendary Encounters: Alien and the Warcraft Board game are definitely up there

  42. “Not sure if it’s clear by now but I love talking.”

    Trust me, we know. And we love your voice

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