Ankh: Gods of Egypt - Unbox and Review -

Ankh: Gods of Egypt – Unbox and Review

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  1. I also bought this, although not all in, just for the miniatures to paint. I have no idea how the game plays but do generally like C'mon games so not worried. I can always use some of the minis for Reign In Hell. Might even do a Space Hulk, marines against Egyptian Gods mash up?! I am not a fan of GW simply because they are so expensive and I love painting but building, not so much.

  2. First thought: are these good C'tan model alternatives for Necrons?

  3. That Tit-a-potamus had me laughing my ass off- not what I was expecting to see! Really nice minis, though- and the cloth looks like cloth- no sharp angles, really beautiful stuff.

  4. What was upnwith the music change for the bunny model?

  5. Only Death - just another body for the pile says:

    Hmm, looks like I can restore my WHFB Khemri army without breaking the bank after all.

  6. The endless search for a good thousand sons demon prince may have finally ended.

  7. Would be interesting to see horus painted up next to a lord of change.

  8. art looks like something by adrian smith, reads front of box

  9. Ugandan Big Chungus Keanu Ebic Sussus Amogus Ligma says:

    Hail the sperm lord!

  10. GW is the Apple of wargaming – you can get stuff that's not quite as shiny for substantially less all over the shop. Cool looking game btw!

  11. This was very interesting as I've never heard of this game before and I love an Egyptian theme! I also agree with your points about the pre-assembled minis. While I do enjoy building miniatures, it can definitely become a drag (particularly with the complexity of GW's new sprues), and there is something very liberating about getting a box with the minis pre-assembled so you can just get on with gaming and painting!

  12. Gotta love CMON, minis come a little bent at most. But their quality is unmatched in terms of single cast minis. It's almost unfair for the other miniature board game companies I feel. Looks great though, hope you have a blast painting it, and maybe playing it!

  13. You talk a lot about GW using predatory “FOMO” marketing tactics, yet all of these Kickstarter game preorders are 100% based on that. Tons of miniatures you won’t be able to get in the retail release in a $200-$750+ package if you want all of the exclusive “Kickstarter Exclusive” minis.

    Then if you miss your only chance to preorder the exclusive stuff via Kickstarter, you get to pay out the ass on eBay for the “EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER EDITION!” and “KICKSTARTER ONLY EXPANSION!”

    If you’re going to make videos on Game Workshop’s “FOMO marketing”, you should at least talk about big companies like CMON using Kickstarter as a preorder FOMO hype machine. Kickstarter was originally intended to be for little guys and new developers, not huge game publishers to scare/force consumers into several hundred dollar preorder exclusive bundles.

  14. Sad I missed the KS for this, will pick it up in retail when it hits!

  15. Somehow it makes me sad that you just striü off the game for the figures. But enjoy your game however you like and I look forward on a review of the gameplay not the figures ^^

  16. Bunny girls and snake tits…
    I might be putting down some dosh on this.
    The gods look like they'd be a joy to paint.

  17. Love the models and might just buy it, but kinda pissed that I missed out on the kickstarter exclusive minis, especially Sobek

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