Arkwright - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Arkwright – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Quinns and Paul reunited. It's beautiful. :')

  2. I watched this video because I love the SU&SD guys but OMG this looks like dull dullness lol. Which even I get is sad, because if you slapped a fantasy paint job on it or a nature based one – maybe it'd be an easier sell.


  3. I really don't know, this looks amazing but I could also just bring people to my job and explain it to them?

  4. Idealized “Free Market” Capitalism: The Game. It needs a mechanic where I can donate to politicians to get public services cut that I can then monopolize for a profit!

  5. Correction for the record: Peanuts are not nuts. They are members of the pea family. So now you know! I suspect facts of this kind may be used as the basis for a game more interesting than Arkwright!

  6. I picked it up at a con in Australia earlier this year for $30. That's in our lowly Pacific Pesos, which is like 20 US dollars. The box was all beat to hell (hence the price) but the contents were in perfect condition. I figure for that price, it was worth a punt. But my god… that rulebook… I adore heavy Euros but this thing is next level. One day… one day….

  7. What were you drinking? It looks like the strongest tea ever brewed or the worst looking soup ever concocted.

  8. What film poster is it that has the 2 main characters lying
    down in opposite directions with their heads together?
    I'm sure I've seen one.

  9. At 8 minutes, Quinns throws to an empty chair. It's not off-camera when there's a mirror behind you.. 😉

  10. This is one of my favorites of the last few years. It gets a bad rep for being too much (it is longer, it is meatier, but I think it's just right, and my goodness it's good)

  11. This is the heaviest economic game you guys have ever reviewed. Wish I could play it more often.

  12. Love your plush cream carpets, Quinns! Man, I’ve seen too many of your videos…

  13. harder, better, faster, stronger. i see what u did there

  14. Peanuts are not "true" nuts, much the same way a tomato is not a vegitable.

  15. The game is very satisfying, anyone that is whining about it’s appearance hasn’t played it

  16. On some level it doesn't surprise me that Arkwright's rulebooks are so hefty. Karl Marx wrote the same books before and those damn things are doorstops. Abridging his economic texts down to something readable in a single day without sacrificing its integrity is a masterwork of editing on the part of Arkwright's designers.

  17. Him struggling under the weight of cutlery is the best thing.

  18. I will take your copy of Arkwright

  19. This game would demand gallons of water to play. By far the driest, most boring game ever…

  20. I would've loved the copy of Arkwright…. I still do, but have no money

  21. My husband and I enjoy economics…but yikes. I’m not sure if you are just pranking us with how “good” it is.

    That instruction book is scary!

  22. Guys you need do a game . So we see the true anger of frinds

  23. I didn't see any reason to learn Spinning Jenny. Waterframe all the way.

  24. I like how ugly this game is… deliciously bland lol

  25. "The first game I ever played with a calculater at my side" You say it like that's a bad thing Quinns.

  26. 5:01 That scene with Quinn's hand in the slot and Paul buttoning up his shirt in disdain… my life is complete.

  27. I have had this game for around 3 years now. Still have only opened the box and peeked inside 🙂

  28. I love SU&SD but idk why they keep bashing capitalism when it's the whole reason we have board games of any decent quality

  29. Gonna be honest, this game has everything that I do NOT want in my game. Bad rulebook, boring theme (for me), ugly looking boards, heavy math…and STILL I want to try it out. I don’t know what it is, but is still feels like it would be fun.

  30. His face change when quins eats the man after saying it's manslaughter. Nice.

  31. Is there any reason to get this if you own Brass Birmingham?

  32. 3£ a decade?!
    I hope the guard is worth this insane price!!!

  33. Great vid, had me laughing so much. I have since gone and bought a copy!

  34. Here in 2020 and I freaked out when. They weren't 6ft apart to avoid spreading the Corona virus

  35. sounds intriguing, but susd is terrible at actually explaining or even reviewing the thing.

  36. This is the game that Monopoly should've been. Also, this needs a "socialism" expansion where workers pay taxes for social support.

  37. How brown is your tea?! That piece Paul popped in there must have been very porous…

  38. 60 dollars. Meanwhile, Container is currently 200 dollars for no reason.

  39. I'm a little disappointed that there's no way to buy stock in someone else's company, a la Offworld Trading Company. (Which is another solid choice for games where you get to be a capitalist, but with Mars instead of England and robots instead of the proletariat.)

  40. Of course, after googling it: coconuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts are NOT true nuts.. who knew. Hilarious as always

  41. In the shirt factory do you randomly lose 75% of the people working there from the game and then it's more expensive to run the factory for the rest of the game?

  42. Thank you, genuinely, for casually acknowledging the evil of Jeff Bezos and his capitalist ilk.

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