Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread - First Impressions Review - The Best RPG Game I've Played Yet -

Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread – First Impressions Review – The Best RPG Game I’ve Played Yet

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Arydia The Paths We Dare Tread was a game I wanted to convince myself not to get. It’s not cheap. It’s another campaign game. And it’s story heavy which I’m fine with…but not what I look for. And yet here I am after having played it and wow. This game is something special in the way it creates the world. In the way you interact with it. Even the combat manages to feel different from what else is out there.

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:10 – Game Overview
0:08:30 – What I Liked
0:14:35 – What I Didn’t Like
0:19:30 – Final Thoughts

Scoring System
5 – My favorite games. I’m disappointed when anyone I play games with doesn’t like it, because it means I might play it less often.
4 – A great game. Almost always going in my collection.
3 – A solid game. Enjoyed it and can recommend it, but may or may not stay in my collection.
2 – I’m either not the target audience for the gameplay, or too many issues with it.
1 – An arguably bad game.

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  1. Of course you loved it! Ugh I'm trying to find reasons not to drop $190 on this game but I can't. Everyone loves it. The FOMO builds…

  2. Based on gameplay videos and the draft rules, Arydia looks amazing. I really like the adventuring and the tactical combat. I am glad the roleplaying acting stuff is optional because I am not at all into tabletop role playing games.

  3. Hi Alex! Any word on when your trading app/site might be working again? Thanks!

  4. As fun as this game looks, it just seems too big for the way my wife and I play games. I am trying to hold off buying games I don't think will realistically get played. Maybe I'll pick it up secondhand when my kids get older and we have more free time.

  5. Wow this is a first for me. You've convinced me not to buy. The game looks amazing, having a complex and engaging story driven campaign without requiring a GM, but it also very much sounds like it scratches the same itch as a good TTRPG campaign. Someone let me know if I am completely off the mark here.

  6. So glad I backed this…can't get delivered soon enough. Great video! Bonus: I can sell it, for likely close to what I paid for it, after finishing the campaign (I'm not one to play the same campaign multiple times).

  7. Man, I backed out of BRW rebirth to back this one. With a review like this now I'm sure I won't regret it ! Thanks Alex!

  8. I was shocked. Giving it a 5? Really? Wow! 😂

  9. I am convinced that this game will be really good, maybe even great, and has wonderful components as well. I won't back it though because my wallet doesn't allow me, especially for yet another epic campaign game. There are quite a few already waiting on my shelves to be played and I didn't have the time yet 🙁

  10. Man I don't know about this one. I've been waffling on this since its launch. Playing these big RPG campaign type games solo is best done on a console/pc imo (more convenient and less setup and/or teardown, not to mention table space needed for alot of these big campaign games). I'm super close to backing this anyways because everyone seems to love it. Although the whole idea of earning coins to escape exile is kinda weird lol. Thanks for the video!

  11. Interesting. I didn't think you would enjoy it as much as you did Alex, and it's interesting seeing the game challenge your own preconceptions about what you like and what you love in a game.

  12. Arydia looks like Gloomhaven with more enjoyable combat. Combat in Gloomhaven is very thinky with the card play, and that is what some people enjoy but not everyone. Gloomhaven also has city and travel events where someone would read the card and you would decide what to do. How do you think Arydia compares to Gloomhaven?

  13. It's amazing your enthusiastic talking about Arydia, so solid and consistent. Great contribute to know better the potential of the game. A high level review like usual. You give the answers to my doubts. Thanks!!

  14. Already insta-backed, but after this video I'm even MORE hyped! Thanks for the awesome review. Your videos are awesome!

  15. This looks like the experience I wanted (but didn't get) from Folklore. As a vet RPGer I'm excited for this game.

  16. This game looks great. As an RPGer and a Xia fan, I was day 1 backer. The emergent story building is fantastic.

  17. The full game has 3 overworld maps in it, one being the basin. Originally, Cody wanted to include 9 😮 😀

  18. I backed from day 1. This game looks like the next level in gaming. I can't wait.

  19. Looks like a great campaign! But, I always wait for retail and the staying power of big games like this before I buy them. I have destroyed my FOMO after getting old.

  20. You're usually someone who doesn't like games that require a time investment, nor games that are story heavy. Your praise of it – not despite those things but because of them speaks to how well they are executed. It really seems to capture the feel of an open world RPG game. Thanks for the review.

  21. Thank you for the time taken to 'review' and post this Alex; so glad you got to experience the prototype!
    As a (mostly former) PC/Console/RPG'er, I'm very excited to see what this brings to the table. Added to this my personal excitement based on this being created and published by Far Off Games (creators of XIA), I'm truly interested to discover this first hand and was a very quick and easy back on my part given my experience to date. Looking forward to seeing your shared gameplay experience :-). Keep well, stay safe (try not to over-do your gruff voice! :-P)

  22. Hey Alex, I recently subbed because I dig your reviews, honest critiques of games, and your clear and concise talent for communication. I recently backed ISS Vanguard because of your informative gameplay and review, and have also backed Arydia, well, just because it looks so engaging and creative. Anyways, keep up the good work! Much thanks.

  23. Very nice and comprehensive video. I’ve been holding out on Arydia until today. I backed other open world RPG on KS but the customizability and Arydia having a “save” functionality got me really curious and pushed me on backing it.

    Just like you, I also wonder about the progression of the game’s difficulty. Does it improve as you gain more experience, armor and weapons? If it does, is it enough to make me think twice about being reckless?

    +1 on gameplay content for Arydia!

  24. I'm normally very hesitant towards kickstarters, but the component design on this one shows pure love and attention to detail. I look at upcoming games and they should be embarrassed for how unwieldly their setup time and storage is compared to Arydia.

  25. Can you please move to Australia and read all of the story cards out during our games? 😆 Maybe we'd change our mind about RPGs… !

  26. This was my backed game for August. You made it even more exciting. You doing a play through? Thanks!

  27. This game looks great. I wish I could justify it, but with Frosthaven and ISS Vanguard backed…. I don't have the cpacity to take on another game of this scale lol.

  28. I was trying to avoid this… and then, you rated a 5. I hate you.

  29. @Alex
    How is this any different than Folklore: The Affliction? Have you played Folklore? Which game did you like better and why?

  30. I'm not backing this one myself, but for the tear down/set up, I don't see that as an issue at all, it looks like the player boards remember where everything was, it looks very easy to tear down and set up for a campaign rpg.

  31. I backed this, then decided wasn't for me, and now have flipped again and have to get it. Ughhhh these videos! Lol

  32. Wow, need to take a deeper look at this one! Love the energy and vid Alex, thanks as always!

  33. I am very much looking forward to this one. It is pretty expensive but it looks so good.

  34. wow with one single breath he ecxplained the whole game, respect

  35. Thanks for saving me money Alex. The filing cabinet system in 7th was a deal breaker for me and made me realize any board game that tries to emulate a video game is not for me. Your mentioning of this was very helpful to my decision making!

  36. Good review, Alex. I wish it wasn't quite so expensive to jump into; it will have to wait for a while. Then again, by the time it comes down in price in the secondary market, there will probably be another game out that will take its place. Hope you have a great weekend!

  37. Everytime a game comes out, it's the best one…. How does it compare to Isofarian? I need a sort of cage match…

  38. Mentioned this on Quackalope as well, but was curious about your opinion as well. My main reservation is Learning the game/rules. It feels so big and the rule book is currently like 30 pages for quick start and 90 pages for the main rules. I worry that the game is going to have a big learning curve, be hard to teach, and have a lot of easy-to-miss fiddly rules. What has your experiences been when it comes to this aspect?

  39. I’m concerned about the solo aspect & the importance of role playing. Is it worth it if it will be played solo mostly?

  40. I did not see any KS only content. I am going to wait for retail. Game looks amazing though.

  41. I knew it!.. glad you like it! I’m so excited to get this game!

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