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Azul Review with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Spencer and Lara take a look at the beautiful tile laying game, Azul!

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  1. Thank you, we have been playing for a while and you described the game pretty well. Yes, the scoring made us scratch our heads a bit. Yep, let your wife talk more and what is "AP?"

  2. Tile component wise, Codinca have similarities. And… Codinca is one of Sam's top 100 interestingly enough. Both have very neat components though.

  3. If you take from the discarpile do you have to take all the tiles of one color too?

  4. I really like how you organise those reviews and talkthroughs. It is a pleasure to watch the videos.

    Thank you for the effort.

  5. Excellent review…again! Really want this game and have since first seen.
    When is it out in retail stores?

  6. I really enjoy you both and your reviews. Keep more coming.
    Someone in our LGS went to PAX and got copy of Sakura Arms. Would love to see you demo that.

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