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Azul – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on December 1st, 2017.


  1. the way you described the pieces made me crave candy… no, cant explain why

  2. I really don't get SU&SD's poking fun at abstract games. I mean like I understand that they're doing it, but I don't get the examples they use. Like here, Hexes of Hyperspace with its talk of turns divided into 20 nanorounds, that sounds more like Starfleet Battles, a Star Trek wargame in which each round is divided into 32 "impulses", than any abstract game I've ever heard of. And I just am wondering if SU&SD could actually give some examples of abstract games, and why they get the impression they seem to have from them, because both times they've poked fun at abstract games has just seemed… I don't know, like someone mocking the concept of abstract games while never having played them?

    I mean I know it's a joke, it's just meant to be silly. But if you're gonna imply that a genre is over-complex and too abstract to the point where nothing makes sense I feel like it should be fair rather than just throwing the genre under a bus. I dunno, that's how I feel at least.

  3. I've played this once at a public board game event. It was pretty interesting, actually. Plus just somehow very satisfying due to the elegant design and high quality pieces.

  4. I initially passed on this game when it came out, but played it at a FLGS the other day and it was an instant purchase.

  5. I really like abstracts, but I seem to be missing whatever is making people go crazy for this one. 🤔

  6. That mid-review turn around… hahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Easily one of my favorite review, especially if you have seen previous SUSD reviews. One of the greatest mid-review turn arounds ever, the puberty voice, the candle shadows, the "hole-ness," my table is on fire so I will continue with the review while I try to blow out the fire. OMG, greatest review ever!!!!

  8. I really like this review, as it tells you everything you must know about the game to come to a decision to buy (or not to buy). I also like its abundance of alliterations.

  9. I was not prepared for this game to be as great as it was. The rules fit on a single triple folded sheet, the scoring takes exactly one round to understand, and the possibilities open up before you just after you finish each game. It plays very different, though not necessarily worse, with each player count. I will absolutely be buying this, much to my wallet's dismay.

  10. Probably most entertaining review on YouTube! Better than movies 😀 Well done OMG

  11. Take-away: "Cono Sur was either named by someone who doesn't speak Spanish, or by cheeky fucker I'd love to have a beer with."

  12. That was the best mid-review turnaround EVER! 🤣

  13. The first game of this we bumbled through and I wondered why there were even that many spaces on the bottom of the board. The second game… the second game there was lots of swearing as everyone figured out how to be as cruel as possible.

  14. We really like this game. It fits the fun and hard-to-fill cool down (or warm up) niche by being neither too long nor too rules intensive. It's as fun and light as you want it to be (see comments about "hate drafting") and as Paul said, is a really gorgeous, tactile game.

  15. YouTube ad was timed to begin right as Paul tossed the game up in the air for his "mid-game turnaround." Sneaky YouTube.

  16. Board games are lile rock you start out simple and humble the you move to more and more harder gamds until you cant get harder wait that sound wrong

  17. Azul proved to be surprisingly simple and yet really strategic for my family. Easy and simple for kids to pick up, yet deep enough to keep adults involved also.

  18. A friend of mine brought Azul for our social evening. I rolled my eyes thinking this is gone be one of those family games for 20 mins. We literally didn't touche any other game that day. The balance and depth with this one are on point.

  19. I love games with a narrative, but I would recommend this game to everyone. It's got the same feel as dominoes or poker, where after just a few games it becomes a great background activity while you chat.

  20. This game was absolutely prototyped using Starbursts

  21. Those open flames next to a bunch of cardboard made me incredibly anxious the entire time.

    (Agree though. Azul is marvelously elegant and fun.)

  22. It sounds like an awesome mechanic that could really use being part of an actual game!

  23. This is one of the few games that my wife enjoys. Don't hurt that she usually beats me in it.

  24. Is Hexes of Hyperspace going to win the game of the nanosecond award?

  25. I was laughing so hard at that mid review turnaround! 😂

  26. On this episode, Paul discovers why candle holders exist!

  27. Wow, I came for an explanation of how to play the game and ended up laughing my ass off and subscribing. What a great video review!!! 👍

  28. I came here because of an assignment (yea i know right?) went away laughing hard. tnx!

  29. Was this video by any chance directed by David Lynch?

  30. It’s hilarious that Hobby gamers think of Abstract games the way that ordinary people think of Hobby games.

  31. That skit about 'abstract games' is basically me every time I've tried to play Azul over the last 3 years of owning the game.

  32. Ohhh shittttt that radical mid-review turnaround gave me some gnarly whiplash yo!

  33. The ability to stretch a review of Azul to over 15 min. is the only impressive thing about this video.

  34. Man, check out those time lapse candle shifts. A beautiful video for a beautiful game.

  35. We always grab a bag of Starburst before we play because once we start we get that Starburst craving. Game is awesome but make sure you got Starburst.

  36. Youtube says this video is about sixteen minutes long but it lasted nearly twenty because I spent three minutes laughing at 0:49

  37. I enjoyed the review, but I just don't get it. This game is highly reviewed and highly rated on boardgamegeek. Paul seems to love it. I have a coworker who highly recommended it to me. Yet this game looks like the single most boring game I've ever seen. I tend to have at least a little bit of interest in most games I watch reviews for, but I am totally bouncing off of this one. Granted, I have a strong preference for games that generate a narrative or invite role playing, which means an abstract game is probably not for me generally. But even given that, this seems like a nothing game to me… But, if I ever see it somewhere, maybe I'll give it a play just to see if it can hook me.

  38. Hands down the best review on Shut Up & Sit Down, and quite possibly the whole Internet

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