Back to the Future: Back in Time Review - with Tom Vasel -

Back to the Future: Back in Time Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a Back to the Future game that fits the moves quite well!!

00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Game overview
10:43 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Good review, but the way you raved against Biff, I feel like there was a missed opportunity here… Thomas F Wilson would have totally telecommuted to argue with you for part of your review.

  2. You didn’t like the Chrononauts retheme?

  3. Ouh! The Delorean is trully awesome! 😀
    It´s nice that they took the effort to produce a cool looking mini for it.

  4. Looks good, so being co-op can it be played solo?

  5. You should have hit Biff with the hammer.

  6. Smashing review, Tom.
    I'm a super fan of BTTF and I was slightly sceptical about the prospect of this game.
    I'm glad to say you have settled the nerves on that beast.
    Thanks again.

  7. Prospero Hall is on a roll with amazing games back to back

  8. Wish I could find people playing this game. Can't find anything about it but for this video and your unboxing.

  9. "He's trying to fix things so he can get back to the present…" **sigh**.. I think you meant to say… BACK TO THE FUTURE!!

  10. I was going to say it has elements of their Horrified game. The dice tower is cool. I don't use dice towers but I'd use this one. Kids would like throwing the dice down it.

  11. Cool game. Wish it had graphics of the movie instead of the cartoony drawings or at least art that looked like the real thing like the video game.

  12. Great review. Placed my pre order after watching this

  13. Can this be played with three players ? Or it 2 OR 4 players thanks

  14. Man, imagine games from the other two movies! Fixing the alternate timeline from the second movie, and speeding up the train from the third movie

  15. So glad to hear there's finally a good Back to the Future game coming. I love The Back to the Future Trilogy but I really hated that card game by IDW. Also really loved the Horrified game so I can't wait for this one.

  16. I can see there being a Part II and III if this does well.

  17. I love the movie, is it better than Horrified? Thanks Tom

  18. We got this over a week ago and play it several times a day. Challenging and lots of fun. We win about 50% of the time.

  19. Each game I've played, the love wheel was so far from the goal. We must be awful lol Originally I thought Biff was just OP.

  20. I really want this game but it seems like it problems with replayability. I feel like once you beat the game thats it, or at least some magic is gone. There are so many cooperative games and they have different missions. But this game has only one! A great mission thou, but maybe after you finish it you tweek some things to make it harder.

  21. Did you Try allready JAWS?. AMAZING. As I love Movies I hope this will came to Spain soon. Between this one and Horrified which one you would choose? Or can they have together???. Thanks.

  22. At last, after all the mediocre attempts to create a "Back to the Future" board/card/dice game, we have a winner!!!

  23. just ordered it. I've already bought so many games recently but jungle cruise and jurassic park danger went out of stock before I decided, so no hesitation this time!

  24. So glad this game is getting so much positive attention. A licensed game on Walmart shelves is pretty much a death sentence.

  25. Prosper Hall, do BATMAN 1966 (tv show)
    Prosper Hall, do James Bond (1960's Connery version)

  26. So this game is the exact same plot as the movie… Why not just watch the movie? There’s no real variation in what will happen in gameplay so there’s no replay value. The plot is the exact same as the movie with no player agency To affect it, Meaning that we are the Just literally playing the film. So I ask again, why not just watch the movie?

  27. Finally got this game yesterday. One play and I've resold it. It is fiddly (all that flipping of tiles) and Biff is overpowered. It's just not fun, so away it went! Merry Christmas, someone! I have better co-ops. 🙂

  28. I have studied all the tabletop versions of the game "Back to the Future": The Card Game, OUTATIME, Dice Through Time, An Adventure Through TimeM, Back in time, Funkoverse Strategy Game, Hill Valley, etc… and they have left a bad taste in my mouth. I would like to create a game from scratch but I can't think of any ideas no matter how much I have researched, I wanted to ask you… Do you know any game with mechanics or game system related to "Back to the Future" McFly against Tannen ? All games are for children, +10 years old, not for adults.

  29. Wish I could go back in time and not played, this game is terrible.

  30. I just purchased and finally played this game solo in preparation to introduce my 12 yr old niece to board games. I think this will be the perfect game to get our family into board gaming, then hopefully we will move on from there.

  31. Clock tower aka dice tower is 2 cardboard pieces, it took me 5 seconds to put together lol

    Other than that 100% agree with this review, its a really fun game, what we did was made a game night out of it with pizza and pepsi "perfect" while playing the first then second movie in the background, made for a fun night

  32. I just picked this up in mint, complete condition at Goodwill for $2.99!

  33. Also you can take the black and white picture and slowly paint it in as you play the theme song from Family Ties! 😀 XD

  34. This game absolutely sucks. I'm returning it and it's the first time I've ever done so. They take the worst part of the game, "managing biff" and make it 90% of the game play.

  35. The movie franchisr is one of the rare I still watch in French to this day, so hopefully they release it in French eventually

  36. We just bought it yesterday. We got our butts kicked. It was fun though.
    We love Alien, Horrified, Pandemic and Forbidden Island. Any other cooperation game suggestions?

    Great review by the way

  37. Biff IS very likely to mess up your game unless you stay on him CONSTANTLY, let me tell you. Also I personally feel the 2 person turn tracker is too short, but my family isn't used to this style of "every turn has multiple phases" game, so. . . shrug

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