Bargain Quest - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Bargain Quest – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Knowing how long it takes to set up War of the Ring, that first bit really hurt me in my soul. I can only imagine that part of Quinns' reaction to that was method acting, because even just for a sight gag watching all that work get deleted has got to sting lol.

  2. Why don't you think Boss Monster is worth my money? I already bought it but I would like to hear your thoughts on it

  3. Has anyone been able to find a copy of this game anywhere? I've been trying, with no luck. I can't find it anywhere~

    Why don't they just publish this game? It's obviously very popular, and doesn't look particularly expensive. The Kickstarter just seems unnecessary and kind of manipulative.

  4. Really cool and interesting game, I loved the mix of dice, poker chips and edible snacks. Can’t wait for the expansion

    Bargain quest looked cool to I guess 🤷‍♂️

  5. after seeing this video when it came out, I immediately ran to get a copy to find that the first batch of printing was sold out – I then signed up for their mailing list, backed their kickstarter for the second batch of printing, and I finally received my copy of the game today! Can't wait to crack into it tomorrow

  6. I was overwhelmingly underwhelmed by this. As was my co-players.This is the new kickstarted version, but it looks very similar to what was shown here. What are we missing?

  7. The Garbage Troll card looks like Totoro hit a rough patch in life……

  8. Bought this via the kickstarter. So far shocked this get such a nice review. The games seems almost 100% luck based when I played it with my mates. The optimal strategy being, buy no upgrades and pray for good cards.

  9. Diversity is Taco bell on monday and China Wok on thursday

  10. This is out at retail in the UK this week – so no more horrible shipping costs!

  11. "A tissue?!?" Seriously watered it down, haven't you? ;D

  12. I actually really like boss monster. It's a great game.

  13. Thanks for comparing it to other games. I find that is one of the most helpful aspects in your reviews.

  14. So I think there won't be a BOSS MONSTER review 😛

  15. What was that other game they compared it to?

  16. Funny that you mention Boss Monster bc I bought it, wow, about 3 years ago and the expansion. And within two games of playing, my roommate and I found a way to break the game lol. It was fun tho, haven't played it since, but it was fun while it lasted lol

  17. Game's fun. But its literally the cheapest cards I've ever played a game with. Really bottom of the barrel stuff.

  18. That rubbish hero you talked about named HUBRIS, mix up the letters you get RUBISH

  19. That rubbish hero you talked about named HUBRIS, mix up the letters you get RUBISH

  20. I’m a 40yo man… I don’t know why I laugh at these grown men sliding under the table!!!🤣🤣🤣

  21. Don't worry, Matt, you're still my favorite of the gang <3

  22. Bought everything except sunk cost and solo play.
    Played with 2.
    And I couldn't get the fun of it. 😅

  23. love how the warhammer looks like a scrappy version of ghal maraz (the warhammer out of, well… warhammer^^)

  24. Every time you dump pieces onto the floor it gives me anxiety

  25. I have never disagreed so heavily with you guys. Long ago, this review got me so hyped, and I went all-in on the KS for the Black Market expansion, getting the core and everything they put out. I was so excited for it to arrive! Hoo boy….I have NEVER had a game flop so hard with my gaming group. We unanimously hated Bargain Quest. It was like a wet blanket thrown over the gaming table. There was just too much randomness, it felt like nothing we did actually mattered when those last-minute arbitrary +/- cards come out before battle. With the random drafting of goods, we never felt like we had any real control over the game, just kind of did what little we could with whatever happened to land in our laps. We tried three times, with and without expansions, and decided we never wanted to play it again.

  26. You will always have the memory of the money they left behind….

  27. This was my first board game that I bought because of board gaming reviews. As someone new to the world, I wanted to try something simple and fun. Having just played two matches of this game with two other board game noobs, I have some thoughts:

    1. Easy to learn, easy to calculate, with a surprising amount of scheming against opponents. The math is fun to do and easy enough that anyone can handle it. HOOOOOWEVER

    2. This game is hopelessly unbalanced. Whoever gets an early lead is going to keep that lead the whole game, because some employees will give such major bonuses to the heroes. +1 may not seem like a lot, but when you factor it into all the crap you're selling them, it is likely to be the deciding factor between killing a monster or dying himself. You could house-rule those employees out of the deck, but it is still very hard for someone in the back to keep up, unless they are hoarding money like they're Scrooge McDuck. When you're behind, you have less money to spend and fewer options to grab.

    3. There is an extraordinary amount of luck to this game, and that makes the strategy a lot less inconsequential than it seems at first. The adventure cards wound up ruining my sister when she got negative bonuses in literally every round of the last game, but the problem is a bit deeper than that. The luck applies to the cards you're drafting (if you wind up with four bad cards at the start, I pity you) and to the employees you can hire. There are the gamebreaking employees, but also others that give one-time bonuses that can be very handy… granted they flip over and you can actually use hire them, instead of getting stuck in the deck. If you wind up with two of the numerous employees who aren't much use, you're stuck upgrading. Which brings me to point 4:

    4. Display upgrades are extremely useful, allowing you to get first or second choice of hero. Stock upgrades are pretty much useless unless you have a card that you DESPERATELY want to display, but they only work well in tandem with a good display anyway.

    5. The monsters have abilities that are meant to balance the game by hurting the leader, but the effect tends to be pretty laughable. You just take the hit and move on.

    I did quite enjoy this game, but it was ultimately a light amusement. We all liked it, we'll probably play it once or twice more… but I don't see this game being something that everybody wants to gather around and have a good time with. It does have a fun theme and goofy art, and there is more strategy involved than I expected. But it's still pretty fluffy, looking back on the experience.

    I'd rate it 2.5/5? I mean, it's better than most of the old board games I have. I'm still enjoying the reviews and looking forward to buying more of these games. Crokinole, Whitehall Mystery, Arctic Scavengers, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Arboretum – They all look like they'd be pretty good. And then there are games with higher player counts like Avalon, but I don't have a large group to play with atm.

  28. Did our rogue forget his invisibility cloak or did it never exist to begin with?

  29. Cones of Dunshire? I'm the fricken Maverick.

  30. Ring around the rosie is literally about the black death soo…

  31. Design Challenge//

    Make an abstract game out of dice, poker chips, and triangles like 6:32

  32. now available in the uk

    bought it
    love it

    bought the expansions

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