Beyond The Sun Review - The Best Tech Tree In Games? -

Beyond The Sun Review – The Best Tech Tree In Games?

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  1. This reviewer is pretty cool, remind me my friends talking about Twiight imperium

  2. This was a great review, Tom, thank you very much. The way you talk about it makes the game sound interesting. However, I really really wish they could have avoided the boring blank cards blanketed in text. Some artwork to give the game some flavour would have really helped draw in us players who enjoy their spreadsheets just fine but want more images and less thousand words when it comes to games.

  3. what's the song in the "Dr. Tom's Board Game School" bit?

  4. I hate this boy and I'm never watching a youtube again.

  5. Best SUSD review I've seen in a while, it reminded me of the older ones I fell in love with in the first place!

  6. Today I learned Tom pronounces "Goblin" like "Gobolin" and now I too will only pronounce it like this

  7. Loved this video! Great pacing, just the right amount of “how to play” detail, and lots of wonderful humor.

  8. Wait a second… Is Tom also involved in the Blaseball madness? There's a kernel of Blaseball roundup in here.

  9. That's sounds like Roll for the Galaxy, but with extra steps 👀
    (Getting the reference? No…? I'll shut up now)

  10. I love the Diddy Kong Racing song at the end. I feel like Tom was a character in that game.

  11. Does anyone know when the next printing will be? I've been looking for this game since January and haven't had any luck locating a copy online or at local stores

  12. Fire that doctor. He replaced my gallbladder with a red clown nose.

  13. The use of Comic Sans is killing me. Please put me out of my misery.

  14. I love this game and really look forward to the Expansion!

  15. Worth watching this all the way to the end, The last few frames made me smile 🙂

  16. does everyone at SUSD pack away nicely into a cardboard box?

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