Beyond The Sun Review - The Best Tech Tree In Games? -

Beyond The Sun Review – The Best Tech Tree In Games?

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  1. Production of People? What’s going on here?…

  2. My god the opening 1min 32secs are a master class in SUSD humor

  3. Can't find a generic white lab coat, but has a scrubs, stethoscope, latex gloves, a large tube of lubricant on hand.

    Welcome to Tom's Body Doctor game night, stat!

  4. I tried this game on BGA and loved it! The planets map, mentioned in passing in the video, is such a beautifully elegant piece of design! The whole game is beautifully elegant!

  5. Barely payed attention, not particularly interested in the game.. still enjoyed the video.

  6. I love you're announcing an expansion to a base game we can't even buy!!! :):):)

  7. Is it a Caveat Cupboard? Looked like he was sat in some kind of Worrisome Wardrobe and then stepped out of a Botheration Box. I'm so confused.

  8. We don't have to understand Ginger Spice in order to still appreciate her.

  9. Watching Tom's reviews is like watching the SUSD of old, but with his own twist and character – love them!

  10. Hey, members of the shut up and sit down team. You guys absolutely have to get a copy of Moonrakers by IV games to play. Its incredible and would make for top tier content!

  11. I love how all the lads have their own distinct video style

  12. I liked the game, but even on BGA, the boards are so bland, it's REALLY easy to overlook action spaces. They could use an outline, or background or even something besides dull gray. Also, the dull colors make it easy to overlook some of the actions on the action spaces, once again, BGA saved my butt because even with perfect information, it was hard to tell what the action space did for the person that discovered the tech and the person that just uses the tech. Once there's a little text or background color to distinguish text on cards, I think I would pick it up.

  13. I never thought I'd hear "BTS" in a board game review. Now I've seen everything. Entertaining as always 🙂

  14. Its weird you bring up the location/readability problem with Kemet's tech tree, because the game comes with a solution: while the tech tiles are relegated to one side of the play area out of necessity, the game comes with a small reference guide allowing the players who aren't close to the tiles to see what they are and what they do. In addition, the iconography of the game is pretty simple and consistent, and there's only a few tiles with icons that aren't found elsewhere in the game. For any ambiguities, said reference guide clears it up in plain English. In addition: the classical one-at-a-time turn structure gives attentive players plenty of time to read up on what the techs do in preparation for their turn.

    As someone who owns the game, and has played it with multiple groups of people multiple times each, I can tell you that most people learn the iconography pretty easily after the first game, and before you've played a half-dozen games, you'll probably have memorized at least the first two rows of the tech tree. The fact that Tom can't remember what they are is a Tom problem.

    Furthermore, you say "[Kemet's tech tree is…] not exactly the focus and difficult to parse and navigate." Not the focus? Really? Because Kemet's Tech tree MAKES the game into the experience that it is. The Tech Tree turns Kemet from a completely symmetrical wargame in the beginning, to a very asymmetrical fight by the end, because players will have spec'd their faction based on their tech choices. I don't know about you, but I'd say that the tech tree in Kemet is shares just as much focus as the big board, since every choice you make on the tech tree affects the board in one way or another. It may take up less physical space, but it's just as important to the conflict of the game. The tech tree is the cause to the board's effect.

    Difficult to parse? Maybe. Its hard to know how much difference one shield, one strength, or one damage will make. Or if one extra prayer point per prayer action is worth it. But that's also called depth, and the analysis of how much difference each tech can make creates a learning curve, something many players relish in. But I'm happy to let this one slide.

    Difficult to Navigate? What do you mean by that? If you're talking about the icons being difficult to read, see my first paragraph. Difficult to understand how they're structured? It couldn't be simpler for the level of complexity on offer: the techs are color-coded, the level of the tech is equal to its cost, and players can only purchase a tech if they control a pyramid equal to, or greater than its cost. Furthermore, there are 4 techs of each level in each color, making for a symmetrical layout most players would find pleasing. I don't think the game could make the techs any easier to Navigate.

    TL;DR I don't know if Tom knows what he's talking about. Best case scenario: he pulled up a bad example. Worse case scenario: he's a better entertainer than a critic. Unless someone else scripted this. Regardless, you need someone who has actually played the games you're referencing more than a few times to look over your script. Otherwise, people might start doubting your capabilities as critics.

  15. Dude! Haha I mean this as a compliment, and nothing against any other review (because I like them all) but that might be the best review I've watched since the Crokinole review (my 1st experience with SUASD)! Bravo! Bravo! Jolly good show!

  16. Diddy Kong Racing 64 music while he's presenting the expansion! Great memories!

  17. Had this game sitting on my shelf for a few months. This review helped get it to the table! We all had a blast! Loved how the tech tree evolving shaped the gameplay. One player pushed military so all the sudden planet hopping became the obvious choice!

  18. Why this channel dont have 1 million subs ?

  19. I really appreciate this video. I've been a bit critical of Tom since I felt he was always doing an impression of Quinns but in this instance I felt he had his own personality. More of this please.

  20. Beyond the Sun is really good. I like the area control part the most.

  21. I've watched 1:17 of the video and I already feel this could be my favourite video of all time.

  22. Nope!…a noble attempt to make a super dry game sound interesting but definitely not for me… 😐

  23. Excellent review, you've gotten really good at this!

  24. does everyone at SUSD pack away nicely into a cardboard box?

  25. Worth watching this all the way to the end, The last few frames made me smile 🙂

  26. I love this game and really look forward to the Expansion!

  27. The use of Comic Sans is killing me. Please put me out of my misery.

  28. Fire that doctor. He replaced my gallbladder with a red clown nose.

  29. Does anyone know when the next printing will be? I've been looking for this game since January and haven't had any luck locating a copy online or at local stores

  30. I love the Diddy Kong Racing song at the end. I feel like Tom was a character in that game.

  31. That's sounds like Roll for the Galaxy, but with extra steps 👀
    (Getting the reference? No…? I'll shut up now)

  32. Wait a second… Is Tom also involved in the Blaseball madness? There's a kernel of Blaseball roundup in here.

  33. Loved this video! Great pacing, just the right amount of “how to play” detail, and lots of wonderful humor.

  34. Today I learned Tom pronounces "Goblin" like "Gobolin" and now I too will only pronounce it like this

  35. Best SUSD review I've seen in a while, it reminded me of the older ones I fell in love with in the first place!

  36. I hate this boy and I'm never watching a youtube again.

  37. what's the song in the "Dr. Tom's Board Game School" bit?

  38. This was a great review, Tom, thank you very much. The way you talk about it makes the game sound interesting. However, I really really wish they could have avoided the boring blank cards blanketed in text. Some artwork to give the game some flavour would have really helped draw in us players who enjoy their spreadsheets just fine but want more images and less thousand words when it comes to games.

  39. This reviewer is pretty cool, remind me my friends talking about Twiight imperium

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