Board Game Reviews Ep #141: TEN -

Board Game Reviews Ep #141: TEN

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  1. I recommend you review Cryptozoic’s ‘Card Wars’
    A game based off of the same board game from Adventure Time
    If you can get it. You’ll probably only find it on online retailers, not their actual website.

  2. Are you gonna review the rainbow six siege board game?

  3. I thought from the thumbnail that it was a Rainbow 6 siege game haha

  4. I'm still sad that Raspy Knifemen was replaced by this guy. He's not bad…but he's no Raspy.

  5. hey bro love you and most of your stuff but MAN i don't give a single fuck about board games yo..
    still gave a like tho

  6. BlessYouTrustGod, Give Your life to Jesus.🙂🙂✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️❗️

  7. In case people are looking for a good push your luck card game, I highly recommend Port Royal. It's small, cheap, looks decent (at least it has artwork instead of just colours and numbers) and is easy to learn. It's so much fun, even with two players.

  8. The ogs only want one thing the cow card game

  9. Fun fact, I whacked my head against a cabinet watching this and almost passed out

  10. review Twilight Imperium oh my GOD DO IT ALREADY

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