Board Game Reviews Ep #155: TETRIS -

Board Game Reviews Ep #155: TETRIS

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  1. The year is 2050. Before the Tetris servers fell. We've reverted back to board game Tetris.

  2. Whether or not component quality is a huge factor for you, you're right. Component functionality is essential no matter what. If the thing that your game is centered around has even a 10% failure to even function rate, that is unacceptable

  3. You can't even do T-spins? Why would anyone play this?

  4. You can’t even execute a DT Cannon on this thing. Not even a PCO. Why? Why does this exist??? I get that they’re trying to revive the game, but a board game is not the way to go! If a version came out where you could separate each part of the tetromino, that would make it way more enjoyable, but that would never happen. The concept is alright, but like ProZD says in the video, the way it was executed is very poor.

  5. I too bought the Tetris game and noticed that theTetris towers all had bubbles. I made a choice to pull off part of the plastic so that I could flatten the bubbles, but the tower was totally destroyed. I wrote Buffalo Games and they did replace ALL of the towers and, yes, the manufacturers actually took more than 10 seconds to put each plastic sheet on each tower (NO BUBBLES). My suggestion to them was: Why are you putting plastic sheets on a plastic tower? All you needed to do was put a label for every bonus tetrimino square. Even better, the Tetris game never really needed to be a tower. Even Gamers have immaginations . Why didn't you just make everything flat?

  6. glad that it isnt literally that one tetris game where the map is literally On the ground and you havr to slide the parts

  7. Too many added rules. I would rather just either play the way it was designed decades ago or just add one twist. But throwing in a black square and circle doohickeys, it's not tetris anymore.

  8. It feels weird. Maybe cause it's not 10 wide.

  9. this might be the most cursed version of tetris i've seen

  10. TET-TRI-MO

    How hard is it to pronounce lol

  11. "to trim a no"

    Dude, it's pronounced "tetra-meen-oh"

  12. I've never heard the word tetrimino so many time in a video.

  13. As the review for this went on, my enthusiasm for a Tetris board game dropped like a T block in a square-shaped hole.

  14. You can clearly hear the pain in his voice from owning a board game version of tetris. WHERE ARE THE TSPINS????

  15. One time i got a chance to play this in a place where you could rent board like you can rent books. I played it with someone and it wasnt too bad. It was certainly MUCH better than the one that existed in the 90 where it was all out of cardboard and top down. It certainly would make for a nice prop piece to have on a desk or something though, and playing around with it like its a toy to just fiddle around wih and place random pieces is neat

  16. I'm waiting for the expansion that introduces kicktables

  17. This seems impossible to play drunk 0/10

  18. I honestly was expecting worse, idk I might play this

  19. I have the Starz Spartacus board game.. 😀

  20. How does this differ from Knizia's FITS?

  21. 8 columns, cant remove completed lines, minos, extra points system, no t-spins, yea, id rather save my money, thanks

  22. This may be an unoriginal comment, but 2 can play at that game. 3 could play at that game too, as well as 4.

  23. Eh… Why are monominoes simply called "minoes"?

  24. This is so complicated it seems like a joke

  25. The fact there's a Tetris board game is one thing
    But the fact there's M U L T I P L E is another

  26. This will probably ended up as one of my work desk decorations


  28. I can play my favourite game without spamming on my control and my hands can feel free

  29. Saw this at Meijer for $20 looked at the back and was hesitant. Glad I saw your video. You definitely addressed the questions I did have. Will not be purchasing this game. It would probably have pissed off the recipient more than anything with how confined the pieces get. You saved us from a Christmas fiasco. 😁👍🏻

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