Board Game Reviews Ep #163: THE LOOP -

Board Game Reviews Ep #163: THE LOOP

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  1. Days since someone described a board game as "it's a blast to play": 0

  2. Great review! Glad you enjoyed The LOOP!

  3. Hi, I'ts glad too see you again, Mr Sungwon.

  4. Let me know if you want to play Twilight Imperium! I can help you find a group on TTS if interested! (It costs 150+100 for the relevant expansions)

  5. I love these little reviews. Looks like a fun game! I should convince my friend who worked on one to send you his.

  6. I can’t wait to see what horror related board games you will do videos for in October

  7. your last video is so funny . ave a grreat day i sub !

  8. You should review Summoner Wars 2nd Edition!

  9. Monk like board games, mabye Monke will buy this one 🤔

  10. I don't know how you do it board games are so fucked up hard I mean good for you that understand them

  11. as soon as this video was posted my popcorn was done

  12. Could you please review the Escape the Dark Castle expansion packs please?

  13. I completely agree with the point about the tower, my group thought it was fine until we got combo'd by it 😅. And you listed the same fix that we employ. The best part about board games is you can house rule stuff to make it more fun, and such a small change is barely noticeable from an outside perspective but just greatly improves the feel of the game

  14. Thought this was a fallout 76 video from thumbnail…. looks a lot like the latest season scoreboard.

  15. Have you reviewed “Angry Joe Show” Street Fighter Capcom board game yet? 🤔
    Because it looks really fun.

  16. Sees hexagon in a board game


    Edit: It's a septagon. :/

  17. ur vids always show up in my recomandations pls stop doing it bro.

  18. Only og fans remember him and watch him now

  19. Y doesn’t he make vines and memes anymore

  20. I was thinking it was Dr. "FOE" but no, it was was Dr. "FAUX". I always forget that's the proper way to pronounce it and not "fu-ox".

  21. Review the doom boardgame please 😀

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