Brass: Birmingham - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Brass: Birmingham – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Everytime matt sings the belfast song, I need to put on Raglan Road

  2. It's ok. Definitely has no repeated enjoyment level for me. A pure strat game for gamers. Nothing memorable happens, no laughs, and no general escalation of excitement or tone

  3. I've heard raves about this game from multiple quarters but gosh… that board is drab. Thematically appropriate yes but… I'm just not sure I want to be staring at a mass of brown and grey for hours.

  4. I enjoy your reviews and I am usually 100 percent on board. However, I think its a bit odd that you talk about original brass (now Brass Lancashire) with negativity but really they are almost the same game. Lancashire is just as good and maybe even better in my book. Plus its easier to teach. To me the beer adds a needless complexity. I also enjoy the press-your-luck of the market better in Lancashire as well. Perhaps you should revisit the updated Lancashire and see if your opinion changes.
    Love you guys!

  5. Birmingham is out of production, so the price is very expensive, but they release a new one, call it: Lancashire, is it still this good, or better? Because is a new version, so…

  6. Can’t wait for the sequel, Iron: Birmingham, Alabama

  7. I would argue differently regarding the map aesthetics. I would RATHER have a board with two different maps for 4p than one being in night and other side day. That is kinda dumb. Rather give your players 2 unique maps………………..

  8. £60 and rising….. Boardgamers are being fleeced these past few years, especially with kickstarter games

  9. Did you guys review Brass Lancashire? Do you have a preference?

  10. LOL…oh my god, that ending. Cleary cut short right before Quinns burst out laughing! Well done, and on the review as well. I'm going to check this one out. I like the artists, a duo from Quebec that go by the code name Mr.Cuddington.

  11. Not gonna lie, I watched this to understand how to pronounce the names of the locations

  12. I think I might have a different version of boyfetch…. Some man named Gary keeps coming around and hes got to be at least in his late 30s, plus, Im not sure why but he keeps winking when he says he's here to clean my chimney

  13. -Dad so how children are made?
    -Girls are made when mom and dad love eachother
    -how about boys?

  14. Have y'all reviewed the dice game " Left, Center, Right " ? An easy game for three or more players. The more the better especially if you're playing with dollar bills instead of chips. One of the only games I know that can be played for money but is still appropriate for children and entire families.

  15. Taking loans in this game is almost necessary, which may be new for some players.

  16. Two people sat in a room!!!!!!! I had to check the date to stop quell my industrial sized outrage building further.

    Edit if you are reading this in 2029 you are probably wondering what the heck I a twittering about, well I hope you are.

  17. Seahorses don't carry business cards, good to know.

  18. I often hear you guys talk diversity in games and hand out critique when there is lack of gender or racial diversity. Let me ask you; Howcome there are just white males in the 30s in the Shut Up & Sit Down crew?
    You guys don't feel it's a bit hypocritical?

    Anyway, love the show, you guys are awesome.


  19. The first board game rewiev video I watched 3 times! Excellent work! Beautiful game. Nothing else to be said.

  20. Join the Brass: Birmingham channel in Discord if you're looking to connect with other Brass players

  21. I like how nonchalantly you made the main gag of the video human trafficking

  22. The frustration and desperation looking for some action you can take sounds just like Through the Ages. Maybe the third edition will fix that broken trash.

  23. My boyfriend keeps talking about the sequel/next game from this to coming out and how excited he is. Could anyone tell me what it's called?

  24. I know this is an old comment but I think they need to play scythe again it is my favorite game so I am biased but I think it’s great and that they might have shot them selves in the foot by fight unnecessarily

  25. I’m from Worcestershire so it’s great to see my humble patch of earth getting wide-spread exposure

  26. Is this a really good 2 player game or really need more?

  27. So the name of the game is Brass, and it has brass coloured cubes in it, but it's… iron? I'm confused.

  28. i've watched this review more times then I've actually played the game. what is wrong with me?

  29. This is the best youtube channel about board games. Period! Not a channel, but a Show!!! Always with humour and emotions.

  30. I have to go watch Quinn fall in a cannal

  31. Brass is certainly not cheap…not anymore

  32. 13:00 right now, for me, brass is 60 euro's. 30 dollars cheaper than a feast for odin would be 25 euro's. 20 dollars cheaper than lowlands would be 50 euro's. 5 dollars cheaper than a great western trail would be 35 dollars. Right now it's too expensive for what it does for me.

  33. That's not the kind of service I'd expect from an app called "Boyfetch"

  34. M- Men are more naturally inclined to sending children up chimneys… Are we the bad guys?
    Q- without hesitation Yes.

  35. Great content guys, super effective sense of humor. Cheers 🙂

  36. “Beer is beautiful and complicated because it doesn’t work like coal or iron”
    “Beer is unusual, fascinating, and funny”
    I love board games

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