Brewstew - Board Games Prt. 2 -

Brewstew – Board Games Prt. 2

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The sequel that nobody asked for

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  1. Are you can compete with Alex Clark animator

  2. 3:45 wait what? How is that a life lesson, that's gonna teach a child that theft is okay.

  3. I love brewstew I can't stop laughing on every videos but I laughed so hard on little brother

  4. Operation was so funny when u made that alarm sound

  5. This is a great video from Brewstew and these are a couple good and some terrible board games like Chutes and Ladders,Pictionary,Operation and Apples and apples

  6. You ever thought about doing a blog or face cam

  7. That Jumanji Review 🤣😂 I read it and it said that "I just got the game and before even opening it I can already see that it's Cheap, the cards it comes with are even Thin", it said more but that was the FUNNY part. 🤣😂

  8. your the best i put your fids in my back round just to liste to your stories

  9. Has anyone ever noticed he starts each video with alright

  10. I agree that monopoly is the best game because i beat everyone with over 4000 cash in monopoly

  11. He finally posted again my favorite YouTube

  12. I can't play Roblox because it is not working

  13. Not the people. Apples to apples indeed sucks ass.

  14. Man he also says "Alright" at the beginning on his videos, its funny

  15. Love the continuity of Michael's paint roller. 10/10

  16. omg this is my new favorite channel I saw the pokemon 1 and i was addicted

  17. Helen Keller as Senseless is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen 😂

  18. Do a video on uno or I’ll get Michael’s drunk step dad!!!

  19. Apples to apples is just shitty cards against humanity change my mind

  20. Brewster your not right it says the game is nothing like the one in the movie I know how to read spainsh

  21. You forgot to rate the ouiji board game you played at the sleepover😂

  22. 0:31 it's two bears high-fiveing. For anyone who gets the reference.

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