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I got a couple of railroads if you’re interested

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  1. I like the Uno part where he doesn't get a turn

  2. you and me will kill each other in monopoly lol I also have a few tricks hahaha

  3. "Its me the DEVIL you can trust me"
    Just cracks me up

  4. i would like those railroads, brewstew

  5. i made the mistake of drinking water while watching this

  6. Uno is the game I always get scammed with a bunch of 5 girls

  7. Yahtzee is fine if your drunk or playing a game held game

  8. Imagine losing to well fair ten across the ass

  9. I liked when you said I’ll take 12 houses on the reds

  10. When you play monopoly and you scam somone you unleashed your inner evill

  11. I remembered playing trouble with my speech therapy.

  12. I played monopoly with my mom and she stoped playing with me because I was a hustler

  13. This is the kind of video that you check the comments
    You know for sure people have opinions right?

  14. *in crow voice*: "Screw you! Screw you and the horse you rode in on!"

  15. Too much f*cking cursing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. follow Jesus Christ everyone he is the only way

  17. Two draw twos and a go f yourself 😂😂😂

  18. I love to use that uno reverse card man it gud

  19. i feel like he should be making his own aduld swim bumps/smalls

  20. though nobody asked a food that started with R is Ravioli

  21. Monopoly was the best, especially when we played for a solid 30 hours just back and forth on properties.

  22. I played yahtzee with my grandma alot and she died in 2018

  23. When it comes to uno you become a dirty little b@sterd that’s me all right

  24. "Climb a mountain and adopt a puppy" I get the reference to one of your other videos

  25. If brewstew made a Real game of life, I’d literally pay any amount.

  26. “Yahtzee blows ass”

  27. Hello sir my son brang this video to me and I noticed you say bad words this is not appropriate if you keep swearing 🤬 I will sue you for child abuse kids watch your videos

  28. That nastalgia hit me like a fucking train then that train backing up and hitting me again

  29. Also if you want another game like Monopoly get Settlers of Catan and the decide if the expansions are worth it.

  30. Me and my friends stade up all night for one game and when ever I omost got close to bankrupt they gave me money and there was a diet sreet

  31. I remember picking up a custom made game of Real Life in portland years ago. It had squares about getting addicted to drugs, unplanned pregnancy, and getting robbed. And always a chance of just dying to various things.

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