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Bunny Kingdom Review – In The Pocket of Big Rabbit

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. The game is really fun and interesting when you start to play it since it appears to offer a lot of choices and different strategies that are appealing to experience with.
    However, once you figured out all the cards and their possibilities you realize that the game has quite some poor balancing, wich then cancels out most of the choices you are offered simply to their lack of impact and that is a deficit that even the expansion does not balance out, instead it even amplifies this gap.
    Ive played about 30 rounds of this game by now and from my experience with board games these are the issues I have with this game:

    Some strategies are significantly stronger then others because their correlating parchement cards are not equally strong to balance this out. This is especially frustrating regarding that at the end of each round you will get leftover cards, wich you HAVE to play and in most cases cannot be made useful at all. To top this off, the strongest strategies can only work for a single player, because parchment cards are unique and due to the natural course of the game, room for other strong strategies regarding all rescources is naturally taken away at the same time.

    Examples: Having the parchment card that gives you 3 points for each rabbit on the edge is not only one of the most point rewarding cards in the game by itself, it also on top of that gives you the highest value for turns with non optimal card choices AND forced card choices, since 36 of 100 tile cards, so more then 1/3 of all tile cards ARE edge tiles, wich other players are EXREMELY unlikely to play because they DO NOT HAVE the parchment card and also DO NOT KNOW if anybody has it in general. To top that of nobody is going to pick the parchment for 1 point per edge tile if he doesnt have the 3 point parchment already and then the parchment even perfectly synergizes with other strong parchments as well.

    For comparison, having more then one of the same rescource in ones fief doesnt give you any additional points in the multiplier, therefore dedicating your strategie to gather 7 fish is EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT for the entire course of your game and makes you loose an INSANE amount of potential points each single harvest. On top of that, to fulfill this parchment you are more like to make stupid split placements as well. One would assume that a parchment dedicated to this already weak strat would be able to make up for this deficit but in fact having ALL THREE of the fish parchments, wich is extremely unlikely to get together, will only give you 41 points IN TOTAL. The card doesnt even synergize with the barbarian king either (wich the edge tile parchments do as well).
    Having just 10 edge tiles ALREADY gives you the same amount of point bonus. Unlike the fish strat, those edge tiles ON TOP can potentially build an efficient fief, synergize with the barbarian king, give you insane value for otherwise weak card choices and not only that, there are also 12 wood tiles at the edge AS WELL, wich synergize with the wood parchments ON TOP OF THAT.
    Im just saying, playing this strat gives you good harvests, doesnt have any down sides, constantly gives you good options with leftover cards and weak turns and easily gives you 80 – above 100 extra points on the parchment reveals since it synergizes so well with all the other parchments you obtain on top.

    All of this is just ONE example of the balance issues in this game. I mean, we could talk about how op provision cards are in a 2 player game aso. I could give you way more examples but you get the point. The game is fun when its new to you but its absolutely dead after few weaks if you play with adults who can think.
    We tried removing certain parchments but doing so only amplifies another strat to come out far on top again unless you remove almost all of them but doing so more and more shifts the game from a strategy game to an rng based game the more parchements you remove (if it is not actually unintentionally a rng heavy game to being with).

    Summed up review: Fun in the first 10 rounds and certainly fun for teens but strongly unbalanced and dead pretty fast if played with adults who like complex strategy games.

  2. Setelah nonton ini, saya memutuskan untuk tidak membelinya 👍

  3. Did it take any else a sec to realize what was wrong with his pointing finger xs

  4. Board game advocacy through saying "You can have it if you like." is brilliant.

    I usually try to find a way to gift them a new copy if people like one of my games, but if they keep my old copy I get to make room for more games!

  5. I have come back to this video multiple times just to watch the watership up and sit down skit, it is my favorite thing and I laugh every time

  6. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't expect the depth that this video was gonna go when I wanted to know how to play a bored game I just bought

  7. My wife and I picked up this game around Christmas after seeing this video and oh my word. It is awesome. The two player version makes the game more cutthroat than a full Monopoly game. We typically love cooperative games and story ones like Call to Adventure the most so it was a surprise to enjoy this as much as we did. I feel like the simplicity helps mitigate it somewhat. We just got my dad to play it too with us and he loved (and crushed us) it. Definitely a keeper. The art style is just lovely throughout too. Expansion is on the list to get!

  8. Truly this is Watership up and sit down for our generation

  9. Tom trying to look angry but continuing to smile w puppy-dog eyes is the best part of the video

  10. Assassination by carrot was not something I expected from a board game review… but it’s a welcome addition… UNLIKE BUNNY KINGDOM IN THE SKY!!! GET HIM! EAT BETA-CAROTENE YOU RODENT!!!!

  11. Enjoyed Tom trying and failing to look nearly as intense as Quinns there at the end

  12. This is my favorite review and I think I've watched 80% of the catalogue. Gg mates

  13. I think this was one of my fav reviews 😂😂

  14. I just adore you guys. All the carrot marks on Tom made me laugh so hard, I couldn't appropriately explain why I was tickled to others at work in any way that made sense.

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