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Bunny Kingdom Review – In The Pocket of Big Rabbit

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Omg ! I almost died when I saw that carrot ! I thought it was his actual finger at first ! 😂

  2. Can you please review Cryptid in the next one? I hear it is a masterpiece with the Companion App but not so sure about the mechanics.

  3. The problem with these take-that games is when one person wants to play casually and the other competitively.

  4. SUSD in 2016: "Faïf"
    SUSD in 2020: "Feef"
    The comment section: relief

  5. I got the base game after seeing this review! 😍

  6. My husband bought this game for us to play, because he thought I might like it. I freakin' LOVE it! We played it 3 times yesterday (the 1st two times, we were playing it wrong). We already have the expansion, and I told hubby we have to play it today. He happened to be watching your review this morning, and I was watching along with him. You 3 are BRILLIANT!!!! Now I have subscribed to your channel, and I can't wait to read your reviews of my other favorite board games. Keep doing what you're doing, it is a public service to all of us quarantined during CV-19!!!

  7. kinda messy review but always like the videos thnx

  8. God I love that mid-review turn around jingle xD

  9. You can see the veins popping out of Quinn’s head

  10. I still don’t understand how you can absolutely LOVE quacks of queddlingberg, (or however it’s spelt) a game all about bumbling around and not knowing what other people are doing and having a laugh when someone accidentally blows themselves up, but you have a deep seated HATRED for takenoko, a game about bumbling around not knowing what other people are doing and having a laugh when someone accidentally ruins someone else’s plans.

  11. I appreciate your review very much and I love you folks and your work. I do have one critique though. I get that Quinns and Tom have strong feelings about the game and that Tom doesn't like it. But why? What are the actual criticisms? Does he not like it just because it can get really mean? What are the specific reasons?

  12. Why does the other guy say the word fief, like five, or something like that?

  13. I love this recurring bit about Tom being an abused employee. It's a bit right? There is no pending International Court of Human Rights case going on here?

  14. This is a PERFECT review of the game. After having played the game 3 times now, including the expansion, it’s a love/hate relationship.

  15. "THIS IS almost INTERESTING"

    Can relate to that argument when I try to discuss things I enjoy with my friends.

  16. middddd revieeewwwww turrrrnarooound~ ♪♫

  17. I liked Bunny Kingdom…kinda…the Management and calculating were a little bit high compared to the complexitity of the game. Especially the final scoring with the Bonus cards.

  18. That offer bunny barrons bounties beyond… compare? No, no.


    So close!

  19. hmmm… lots of calculations you say? a time table you say? fitting for a world famous mathematician… the same one who created Magic the Gathering…

  20. Always good to watch after a long day of work 😊

  21. I mean it makes sense, Richard Garfield is a mathematician after all; so naturally his games are going to be influenced by that

  22. Quinns will randomly stab Tom with a carrot in a video later this year, I know it

  23. I almost spit my drink out when you cut to the Street Fighter knife fight outside 😂

  24. I wasn't even interested in this game, but I watched the full video just because I knew there was going to be some crazy entertaining skit. I was not disappointed.

  25. I just adore you guys. All the carrot marks on Tom made me laugh so hard, I couldn't appropriately explain why I was tickled to others at work in any way that made sense.

  26. I think this was one of my fav reviews 😂😂

  27. This is my favorite review and I think I've watched 80% of the catalogue. Gg mates

  28. Enjoyed Tom trying and failing to look nearly as intense as Quinns there at the end

  29. Assassination by carrot was not something I expected from a board game review… but it’s a welcome addition… UNLIKE BUNNY KINGDOM IN THE SKY!!! GET HIM! EAT BETA-CAROTENE YOU RODENT!!!!

  30. Tom trying to look angry but continuing to smile w puppy-dog eyes is the best part of the video

  31. Truly this is Watership up and sit down for our generation

  32. My wife and I picked up this game around Christmas after seeing this video and oh my word. It is awesome. The two player version makes the game more cutthroat than a full Monopoly game. We typically love cooperative games and story ones like Call to Adventure the most so it was a surprise to enjoy this as much as we did. I feel like the simplicity helps mitigate it somewhat. We just got my dad to play it too with us and he loved (and crushed us) it. Definitely a keeper. The art style is just lovely throughout too. Expansion is on the list to get!

  33. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't expect the depth that this video was gonna go when I wanted to know how to play a bored game I just bought

  34. I have come back to this video multiple times just to watch the watership up and sit down skit, it is my favorite thing and I laugh every time

  35. Board game advocacy through saying "You can have it if you like." is brilliant.

    I usually try to find a way to gift them a new copy if people like one of my games, but if they keep my old copy I get to make room for more games!

  36. Did it take any else a sec to realize what was wrong with his pointing finger xs

  37. Setelah nonton ini, saya memutuskan untuk tidak membelinya 👍

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