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Call To Adventure Board Game Review – BrotherWise Games

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I review the beautiful story building game, Call To Adventure from Brotherwise Games.

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  1. This game is too easy solo? That is my main concern because i play only solo. Bggs comments focus in game seems too easy

  2. Another great review for a great game. I’ve loved my 2 play experiences with this game and the stories i was able to craft. Amazing 2nd game for game night or one to get people engaged and ready for something heavy. The runes are great, think Uther from the last kingdom. I joked we need some chicken feet to toss around!

  3. I am very intrigued by this game. We love games that play well with 2 players but aren’t overly hostile towards one another. I actually just started reading Brandon Sandersons Mistborn series and have the stormlight archives on my list.

    I guess my main concern with the game is the feeling of accomplishment? Do you feel like a hero or villain who just went and did those events of the story? Or is it strictly writing a detached adventure of more of an abstract character? It just seems so different that while it looks fun I’m not sure if it will be rewarding or engrossing enough?

  4. Those runes reminds me of Runebound, a great Terrinoth game in which you don't make attack or defence rolls with dice, but you throw tokens instead. I thought that's a nice system.

  5. I was thinking of picking up this game–really appreciate your clear review, helps give a good idea of how the game plays. Even thinking about using this game to help my DND group create their backstories, could be a lot of fun to carry over the characters from this game into a full-blown RPG story arc.

  6. Sounds like it'd be great for RPGers who want a bit of inspiration for creating backgrounds for their characters! 🙂

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