Call to Adventure Review - with Tom Vasel -

Call to Adventure Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at a rune rolling Fantasy game! Call to Adventure!

00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – Game overview
08:53 – Final thoughts

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  1. Am I wrong or in the rules though the icons you need to success in a challenge are below the difficulty level wether you choose a path or the other. The icons on the right are the rewards and not the symbol you can use. So Tom has been playing with a self-inflicted malus? Other videos I watched seems to confirm this too.

  2. This is rapidly ascending my list of favorite games. I am hoping even more people discover it after this review – thanks Tom!

  3. Looking forward the the Name of the Wind and Stormlight expansions for this!

    (The Name of the Wind expansion will be shuffle-in, but they announced that the Stormlight expansion will be stand-alone.)

  4. I am so curious for that one and wished for the judgement to be excellent. I would have purchased it immediately. Now I am not sure..

  5. I also really enjoy playing the game and absolutely can't wait for the expansions.

  6. I like the mechanic of rolling runes instead of dice.

  7. Played this game last week. We had so much fun making our stories that we just figured out who won by points as an afterthought.

  8. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. Haven't stopped playing it since I got my kickstarter copy.

  9. This is easily in my top 3 of 2-player games. My wife and I picked it up on a whim and played it constantly for several days.

    The mechanics are simple enough to learn and exploit with good strategy, but the luck of the runes gives it the "what could happen?!" vibe. And if your table likes to dig in on the story-telling element, at the end of the game everyone goes around the table and tells their hero's story based on the cards they picked up. The event descriptions are light enough that you can easily personalize it to your tastes.

    Overall a fantastic game, one that I highly recommend not only for gameplay but also for stellar components.

    Also, we added a house-rule that basically lets a player get one extra turn at the end of the game for each card they're missing from their story. Otherwise it can sometimes feel like you get doubly punished because you failed a SINGLE CHECK earlier in the game.

  10. Definitely the most disappointing game of 2019 for me so far. I got over the art quite quickly and it is just a bunch of half baked mechanisms that are poorly tested. Really hoping the KS expansions help save it.

  11. This game looks AMAZING! I can actually play it with my younger kids (though some scary looking cards might stay in the box)

  12. TL;DR: Excellent game for those who both love or hate competitive games as well as amateur authors and story tellers. And a great solo experience too.

    A great lighter alternative to Roll Player and whilst not as good mechanically, sets up and plays a lot faster and provides a fantastic way of facilitating the creation of story of a hero and how they became one.
    Enjoyed it a lot solo but wish I had someone to tell my story to! 😆

    If you love CREATING HEROES or looking for inspiration for a protagonist for an RPG or novel definitely check this out!

    As for competitive play, the UNIQUE thing I can see is that this as a 'friendly game' where regardless of the outcome at the end, all players should enjoy telling a short life story of their heroes more than feeling like 'winners' or 'losers'. So it should work well for groups with members who hate competitive games playing WITH ultra-competitive players

    I like the components too.
    The Runes are plastic but feel and sound almost like they are made of clay giving them an ancient feel (I actually WANT them to become worn and dirty)

    Oh, and yeah, the art is gorgeous too. 😊

  13. I'll stick to Roll Player as it expands to different games and soon you'll be able to take a character created there for an adventure. This is very gorgeous but is too basic for my liking. Maybe they will update it somehow to make it more interesting when they release Call to Adventure: Stormlight

  14. Tom,

    You made 1 mistake in your explanation. You reveal both your Origin (1st card) and Motivation (2nd Card), but conceal your Destiny (3rd Card). Your Destiny card is only revealed when you score at the end of the game.

  15. I kickstarted this, and have enjoyed playing it. The only thing to remind people of, is that the rule-book is terrible. They released a revised one on Board Game Geek.

  16. "Someday, I will be great and marvelous."

    You already are, Tom.

  17. I compare this game to 7 Wonders in that you're crafting your own tableau with some interaction with others, but whereas 7 Wonders left me without… ahem… wonder, I felt a great sense of immersion with Call to Adventure. Maybe it's the fantasy theme that I like better than the antiquity theme, perhaps it's just more of a personal journey than building an empire that grabs me, I dunno. All I know is that I'll pick up CtA any day whereas I'll unlikely play 7W ever again.

  18. A fun game to play I am glad I purchased it

  19. I’m a bit disappointed with all this narrative and interesting ideas, all they could think of a winning condition besides rack up points, that will surely break the narrative while playing and would make the endgame feel empty.

    It’s quite a big turnoff for me.

  20. The thing I enjoy most about this game is telling your story at the end of the game. It's so fun to come up with your character and talk about your journey.

  21. I was looking for this review 48 hours ago, and now you release it!

  22. I didn't actually have as great a time with this game. The one thing that I felt is that you don't actually have as much choice of your adventure/character as the game makes you think you do. When I played this, and it was multiple times, I found that I had to EITHER tell a great story OR win the game. Sometimes, I just had to take a card because it was there…not because I wanted my character to have it. Sometimes, I had to take a card because it filled out my runes better rather than "fit" my story. The game does not distinguish between triumph points and the tragedy points at the end of the game…which is great. That way you could chose to go dark or light and it wouldn't matter. Except, and this is my final complaint, it punishes you if you go completely dark and rewards you more for going completely light. If you are at a disadvantage by choosing to go dark (or tragic) then it really isn't building your own adventure…unless you want to lose. Otherwise I completely agree with Tom and can be a fun, easy game with AMAZING art work. But, it is not a "build your own adventure"…unless you want to lose. If you want to win, you will be paying more attention to the rune collection, symbols, and not going dark than anything else.

  23. I recommend this game for people who are getting into role-playing games but aren't 100% comfortable getting into character or crafting stories. This game helped me so much with connecting plots and thinking "how would my character think, what would they do?"

    It has helped me leaps and bounds, I can't even express it enough.

  24. Seems like a bit heavier version of Splendor. Build engine, take cards from three levels. Kind of.

  25. Yes the art is part of the adventure. I'm new to gaming and a visual artist. So I will buy it for that reason alone.

  26. This vs Res Arcana?
    I know they're different , but looking for opinions on which to get (first) 🙂

  27. Sounds like a Role Player game but only in concept. That said, which do you guys like more? This or RolePlayer?

  28. They need to make a Star Wars version of this.

  29. Third card, destiny, is played face down at setup, no?

  30. Professor Dungeon Master brought me here. Excellent review. Definitely getting this game.

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