Camel Up Review - with Tom and Zee -

Camel Up Review – with Tom and Zee

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia take a look at this betting game that won the Spiel des Jahres

00:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Game overview
05:58 – Final thoughts

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  1. Yeah, this randomness is unquestionable, but still when playing with my family it is the most experienced (in terms of board games) person who wins most frequently.

  2. Okay but is is really Camel Up or is it Camel Cup?  The box makes it look like the latter.

  3. I work at a board game cafe and this is hugely popular here, and a great game for a table that is not gamers at all, but wants something fun and different. Also introduces action selection to non gamers, i will say since we got the game in we have gone through 2 pyramids, they break fairly easily and are not build to last, cheers!

  4. This game gets played alot with my family. It's random yes but there's still a bit of strategy that my 7 years old and my parents can understand.

  5. Clearly, the original intent was for this game to be called Camel Cup.  I wonder if the maker's are letting it be called Camel Up to avoid any copyright issues with the official Camel Cup race that takes place in Australia.

  6. It is indeed a great game for families and casual groups.
    Play length is also just about right, and it does require a slight bit of planning, unless you actually do place bets, you won't win..
    So not a total luckfest, but random enough to make everyone a winner now and then 🙂

  7. Excellent review guys.  I completely agree.  This is a laugh-out-loud kind of game.  It's not a deep strategy game by any means and shouldn't be taken as such.  It's great for families but even as a light game for heavy gamers.  My group recently played Here I Stand – an 8 hour slugfest! – and detoxed with a game of Camel Up.  We had a blast.  I'm yet to play this game and have a person not enjoy themselves, gamer or otherwise.  Very worthy of the Spiel in my opinion.

  8. Wow I wasn't interested in this game at all when I first heard about it but it'd be perfect to get my dad into the hobby. He has this stupid horse race game that just has horses going in a straight line and all you do is roll dice.(2 and 12 have fewer spots to move while 7 has the most). This sounds perfect for him. It's not much more complex but is an actual game

  9. I've said it before: I wish it had the option of having hidden information

  10. Im really glad Z is going to be full time. Its awsome to get both of your opinions because you like different games, but also like some of the same stuff. I just wont look at any reviews of games by Z that are over 45 min lol…

  11. So refreshing to hear some praise for this game. Zee is right when he says it's not for Gamers (with a capital 'G' and a love of strategy), but for a casual throw around of playing the odds it's great. 

    It's not a game that minds you drinking either, or a party atmosphere. We followed up a traditionally colossal 'Game of Thrones' game with two Camel Ups which included one of the players non-gamer partner. After the seriousness, and length, of Game of Thrones this was a refreshingly joyful experience that doesn't out stay its welcome.

  12. Totaly agree with you except on the pyramid, knowing the colour AND the result of the dice together imho helps the "cheering" factor of the game 🙂

  13. The Dice Tower Judgement makes me laugh every time! Great family game!

  14. This is a great game. Very fun, and I think it's partly because the camels move in ways you don't expect so there are full of surprises. You can also spend a bit of time working out the possible options, but without spend much time or effort.

  15. I'm trying to sell this rubbish for 20 plus 4.99 sandy lauded it twice so it's practically new

  16. great review tom and zee. a quick question though, do you both consider this (and yes I agree it should be called camel cup) better than machi koro as a family game. I cannot decide betwen the two? or are they both worth having as they are different to each other? thanks guys. keep up the great work!

  17. Played this game yesterday with 3 others, one who rarely played board games and we all loved it. It's simple, easy to learn and a great family game that supports many players. Yes, there is not much strategy involved but the stacking mechanic makes it so fun, where you can have big upsets and everything changes. For those who wants more mechanics and depth I think the expansion "Camel Up Supercup" is a must.

  18. I wouldn't even bring this out for family or new players. Games like Carcassonne and King of Tokyo are so easy to explain whilst introducing key mechanics to what proper board gaming is about. Camel Up however is practically just a pricey copy of Frustration.

  19. there is strategy in the game and the pyramid is great and keeps in theme with the game

  20. It is red not orange. Maybe it is because of the camera.

  21. You made a few mistakes in your rushed basic rules explanation. For example, you need to mention when a player choses to move a Camel/roll a Die they take a Pyramid Tile. Five Pyramid Tiles, five Dice, and five Camels. Also, slow down. It's not a race (pun intended).

  22. I hope I never become that serious, season gamer where I can't enjoy a family game like Came Up that has nothin but randomness but still find away to find laughter thru all that chaos and realize what tabletop gaming is all about! 🎤

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