Citadels - Boardgames 4K Review - Still Worth It? -

Citadels – Boardgames 4K Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at the role selection card game Citadels designed by Bruno Fadutti and published by Fantasy Flight Games.

NB: Were told Citadels was first published in French in 2000. This review refers to the 2010 Fantasy Flight small box version. Cheers 👍🏻


  1. Really liking your channel and all your own trademark gimmicks. Love your vivid background colors when showing only you talking. I maybe would next increase the quality of the "b-roll", maybe film footage in that same room, or just show the components same time you are talking. Really liking this Jason Statham of Boardgames youtuber!

  2. The newer Zman edition has infinitely better production value. Acrylic gold tokens, a nice plastic crown sculpt for the first player marker, new roles, and beautiful art that puts the original to shame. Highly recommended.

  3. cidatelle first edition was in 2000 (n France). so its a venerable 20 years old game.. not 10. yold. I don t know about your edition but in french ones there is 4 cards to help players with the roles of the different characters. People usually grab quickly which one does what to whom. I agree it can e a bit long, but many people prefer playing it as a two players game; same rules (i guess the draft procedure is in the rulebook for 2 players) but each turn , each player picks two characters, which let you having great combos. Plus it makes the game faster. Definitively a classic

  4. Nice game, I had to sell it due to the troubles caused here!

  5. This seems like a legit game, a modern classic but I see it being sold often used. I wonder what people hang up with it is. Zee Garcia of the dice tower has it as one of his top 20 I think, yet Tom Vasel and the others seemed like they didn’t even know much about it. Weird

  6. Great game; my group loves it. Excellent review. BG4K is my favorite channel!

  7. We are playing this game for donkey's years as well… probably around 16 now and it's still going well.

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