Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics - REVIEW (Nintendo Switch) -

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

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Is Clubhouse Games worth picking up on Switch, or should you stick to plastic and cardboard for your tabletop gaming fix? Find out in our in-depth review that covers the gameplay selection, online multiplayer, how Bowling and Tanks stacks up to Wii Sports & Wiii Play, and tons more!


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  1. Every single one of the 51 game can be a indi game that cost 5 dollars

  2. the right way to play is abosolute crap i played with controllers and rarely used the touch screen and in most cases eg:air hockey i found it better to use controllers.

  3. For me, I wanted to get Clubhouse Games for small groups, singleplayer, and online. I am going to buy the game now! Thanks!

  4. Ikrrrr, Darts And Bowling should support 3 and 4 Players. Those are two of the best games and they would be super easy to add 3 and 4 Player support for

  5. Why do the game fucking cost like 40 dollars wtf

  6. Looking at how Nintendo makes games and consoles I’m sure there is a reason why they limit certain things after extensive testing. Nintendo always focuses on quality of gameplay, for example the online portion when you can’t quit once you join a game unless you close the game from the home screen all together, it looks like they found if they give the player control you’ll have a lot of short span players quitting the games as soon as it starts and this is to prevent players to join an online game until they are sure they want to play, increasing the overall quality of online gameplay. Always trust Nintendo when it comes to gameplay.

  7. The Ai is really weak in Shogi. Wish they will give some dlc or something for more games like Go.

  8. This is actually what I've been waiting for on the switch. I would really love wii sports though.

  9. Mostly awesome, but I've got some problems:
    Not enough stages for certain games, while some don't offer different stages at all, like Shooting Gallery.
    Normal difficulty can be too easy or too hard depending on the game.
    Every game should be available for multiplayer without the need for a second Switch. I'll just tell my friends to look away during Texas Hold 'em.
    I can't pick my piece colour. I wanna be black in Chess, damnit!
    Tanks should've just been Wii Play Tanks. That's my dad's favorite game of all time. You broke his heart, Nintendo. And so close to Fathers Day.

    Oh and the introduction acting is cringe.

    And War was a waste of a slot. Is it even iconic?

  10. It's honestly not worth it. Doesn't even support two player, which is the whole point of tabletop games, you're supposed to play them with someone else. I'm supposed to have the joy cons out? Well when I take them out and follow the prompts it won't even do anything.

  11. When people look back at this game they're gonna say oh it was made around quarantine time 😒 why isn't Nintendo serious about bringing back old school games people want or fixing the whole mic situation instead of using a third party app.

  12. Maybe they will change the options. Like all the card games should be able to be played with multiple screens to hide cards. And some games would make sense with more than 4 players

  13. Nintendo NEEDS(as in manditory no questions asked) a companion app(iOS/Android/etc…) for this game so all or at least a lot more of the games can be played with up to 4 players. Need to hide certain elements of a game(cards/tiles/dominoes/etc…) from other players? Simple, the companion app would display those elements needed on certain players smartphones while keeping them hidden from other players. BOOM. DONE. PROBLEM SOLVED. It's not rocket science.
    I mean come on Nintendo! All The Jackbox Party Packs and even Clue has a companion app/website that allows this. But you can't? BULLSHIT is what I say!!!

  14. Omg I remember that fun tank game on the Wii
    I've always wanted to beat that game all stages
    So cool it's here

    Online play makes all the difference

  15. honestly the fact that stuff like bowling and other games that should be able to support it, dont have 4-player compatibility is a huge turn off for me, hopefully they have an update that adds that in, until then i think ill pass

  16. ill get it if more players can play, this was suppose to be a party game, might as well just remake the old wii games at this point

  17. I never thought having no friends would pay off someday

  18. Does it work on Nintendo Lite as well?

  19. I play the ds game with my girlfriend sometimes. Most if the games support 4 players or more. It was also online and I remember playing with no issues. Odd how they couldn't figure this time.

  20. I am under 12 but I can still play it cause Clubhouse Games is rated everyone cause I am at North America.
    Clubhouse Games is rated Pegi 12 at Europe 🇪🇺

  21. Just learned that it is also called 51 clubhouse games as it is called 51 Worldwide games in uk

  22. How many games can you play online with 2 players? Local play isnt really ideal considering social distancing and what not.

  23. has this been patched to allow more players?

  24. I definitely like this review. Very clear and concise. As much as this game would be appealing for me, I have some problems with it myself. There is the multiplayer limitations like you said earlier. Also, for a game about classic games, a lot of the classics are just straight up missing. Like bingo, crokinole, scrabble, rps, spades, go fish, battleship, etc. Even the games that are here I have some problems with. Why is toy football this not fun mess instead of foosball? Why is slot cars not available online? Why are there only 3 tracks? Why can't we make our own tracks? Why aren't there different vehicle options? Why is it limited to two players? Why is gomoku in the game but the original go isn't? Who in the hell came up with the rules for war? What's up with the betting system in blackjack and poker? Things like that. Other than that though, this game is very well constructed and well executed for the most part. These are just a few gripes that a few other people and I have that we hope nintendo will fix in the future

  25. On what frame rate does this game run on the switch?

  26. For the darts games best played on the tv like you mentioned, does it matter where your switch is located?

  27. 3:03 @boothjunkie this sounds exactly like your voiceover work lol.

  28. I got this for battle tanks and was let down. The wii one was insane this is just pointless.

  29. Some of these games are just dusting off old Wii play games.

  30. Clubhouse Games DS + Wii Play = This.

    I love this game.

  31. I’m shocked. This is worth getting . We love it .

  32. It’s Wii Play but better and with more things to do!

  33. A lot of these games are pretty fun, even an amount of the non standout ones are fun

  34. Have they updated the game yet so that all games can be played with up to 4 players?

  35. I'd give it 6 out of 10. I'd wish they had games like Jarmo, Senet, Chaturanga and Jungle (Chinese ). Quoridor and the other branch of games associated with it. I'm nitpicky but I do like what it has. I wish you could turn off the background music on some of these games and choose a level settings. Also customize the boards and view angles.

  36. This might be just me but I can’t find the free companion app

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