Company of Heroes Board Game Review -

Company of Heroes Board Game Review

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  1. I love the game. I think it’s an incredibly fun game system and the updated rule books and FAQ on their site are really helpful to get up and running.

  2. I love how those cool little infantry trays have a spot so you could hold dice & cubes which makes this game way less cluttered than others.

  3. It’s a great game. The determinism and randomness combined actually generates results that feel more realistic imho. It’s only fully deterministic when you have no resistance or cover. So an infantry squad in the open will be damaged by mg fire for example. It makes you consider the manoeuvring of your units and use of cover much more.

  4. As a huge fan of the game, I never knew this existed!

  5. Marco: "The Grognards are always grumpy". Grumpy is what grognard means.

  6. This feels like someone trying to make Memoir ‘44 but more complex in every way. Love those plastic unit holders.

  7. Played my first game this weekend. Fun an innovative, worst rule book eve written.

  8. I play the Company of Heroes 2 quite a bit on PC and I'm really looking forward to this.
    Not sure if I'm correct with what you showed, but it seems normal infantry can damage tanks…is that true? In the PC game you need some sort of anti-tank weapon, especially for medium to heavy tanks.

  9. I am hugely surprised you hadn't heard about it, it is the best known and successful WW2 RTS in the history of computers.

  10. Wow the game looks great, reminds me of the WWII miniature wargame Flames of War that I use to play, but with much lower upkeep. I just don't have time to build, and store terrain or play on a 4' by 6' game board with a tape measure anymore. Man, it would be too cool if they made a game like this for Napoleonic's. Would have loved painting up those miniatures especially the tanks, oh well maybe I can pick up the next version that comes out. Great review as always, really enjoy your channel, and BGG reviews.

  11. I wasn't interested in the game, thought it would be a shallow affair, but deterministic combat? Finally!

  12. was a big fan of the videogame , its was a innovative take on the rts genera

  13. You can't get it right know for less than about 150 US dollars if you can find it. Looks like they might be back at kick-starter again though. It is an interesting game. Reminds me a bit of Panzer Leader. Old games don't die, they end up back on kick-starter these days.

  14. I'm one of those over-50 "grumpy" grognards, and I really enjoy this game! So there's hope yet. Or perhaps I'm not so grumpy after all.

  15. Here I am wondering if it is playable with my 1/56 terrain and soldiers (28mm) and stuff I have for Bolt Action.
    I am ready to set up a 4×6 table if needed :)))

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