Concordia - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Concordia – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on January 21, 2016.


  1. Oh hello little bonsai, thank you for distracting me from my most hated literary device

  2. love this review.
    disagree about the forum tiles though. but that might just be because i have a huge affection for special powers so, if nothing else, i love that you get to start with one permanent forum tile to give every player one thing that they can do that other people can't, even though they're relatively minor abilities.

  3. Is there a bagpipe playing in the background around the 8 minute mark? Was driving me crazy wondering where that sound was coming from.

  4. I've watched this video well over a dozen times over the years. And yet for some reason, no matter how many times I watch it, the rules and explanation of how the game actually plays always just washes over me and never, ever is retained. I have no idea why.

  5. "Do you know what that means?"
    "It means watching Netflix and hanging out."
    * tired sigh off camera *

  6. I did it. I finally did it. I finally bought a copy of Concordia, so excited to add this to my collection…now I just gotta get some friends to play

  7. If Johnny Depp does stop, you look like a perfect Jack Sparrow.

  8. everyone makes fun of the blank stare woman on the original box but can we talk about how the original art for Salsa was WAY worse and focused on freaking slavery?

  9. Sounds like a Monty Haul type of resource mechanic.

  10. So you need to buy the base game before buying the Salt expansion?

  11. Venus + Creta/aegyptus + salsa + balerica.

    The forum tiles are good if you deal them out as special player powers at the start of the game only.

  12. Had this on my wishlist for year thanks to this video, finally purchased and had our first game tonight! Went well am looking forward to playing more than two players, I reckon it'll be a hoot Cheers!

  13. Me and my husband are having a fight. Are you Australian or British? Also, I have to go out and buy this game now.

  14. The people who taught me the game gave every player two weats at game start and one of every other resource.

  15. WIth the face you pulled at 6:30 you should have actually said "not to worry my droog"

  16. The Tribune’s ability should be to annoy Ceaser

  17. OK, having the Concordia box puke up resources upon success suddenly made the game seem more interesting.

  18. I got this game a little while ago after a long time of writing it off as just another bland euro. Got to play it today, finally. This game is seriously amazing! One might think SU&SD might me overselling this but no! The game is just that good… You never run out of options while still always running out of everything… So long story short: Thank you so much for recommending this!

  19. It's been four years and I'm still waiting for the Lunchtime Egg single to drop =(

  20. Hello, I have come recently across your channel and I am binge-watching it, it's fantastic. One remark though, it would be interesting in your reviews to give the average duration of the game, it's also an important factor when you choose to buy or not. And usually the figures on BBG are like the gaz consumption of a car on the manufacturer documentation : highly inaccurate and most of the time underestimated. Thanks again for your channel!

  21. I have no idea how many times I've rewatched this review, and I own the game already. A classic

  22. I am obsessed with Catan… but as a collector, I want some other options that are just as competitive and racing-to-win first (without actually being a race — shout out to flamme rouge). Also as easy to learn/ teach. (I know ticket to ride and Splendor are up there too). Is this, concordia, recommended for that category? Also, what else is there?

  23. I got this game based on this review, thanks! It was hella fun.

  24. Thanks, now I ordered the game. We will see were it will lead me. I despised games for a long time. Then I played a lot of rounds Settlers of Catan with friends. I realized that the game is very imperfect and too slow for my taste (sometimes waiting 20 minutes for my turn with a bunch of slightly stoned people playing) but it still caught my interest. I did some 'research' online and Concordia was one of the games that came up. The idea of a game with relatively simple rules but complex strategy really appeals to me! I also like the idea of 'hidden' scoring as it feels like it would add some excitement. Finally I really like your videos a lot! You remind me of 'Peepshow' in an extremely positive way. So funny!! <3

  25. Sounds like one to get only he says it’s over quickly yet BGG site says it takes 100mins to play, which is it? Also is it a good game for 2 people or just can be played with 2? I was looking for something to be played with my partner that will take an hour or 2??

  26. I think the magic word for me is: "personal deck of cards".

  27. (Strategy from an addict) After adding all the expansions together and replaying the maps to several other people's exhaustions… I'm desperate for the steam version so that I can feed my Concordia addiction again and again and again. I'm now tracking scores as the game is ongoing so that I make the best moves for each turn. Several strategic points from a person who has clearly abused this game. Key to victory is having more cards than your opponents and still having a nearly equal number of houses built. Make sure to be the one to diplomat someone else's senator card at least once more than they do it. You'll want to keep track. Remember though, don't do it on the first card round otherwise you'll hamper your resource production. I try to diplomat a senator card twice per game. Almost every game I've played the average points per card only varies from 10 to 11. If you're maxed out on efficiency every turn then you'll likely get to the same average. Even if you're aiming for a saturnvs strategy make sure to double up in at least one province for early 'prefecting' strategies. If you're not aiming to build many of a single resource plop it down in a province where someone else is likely to prefect for you. Try not to give them a reason to avoid prefecting a specific province though. If you have two houses with their two they may avoid prefecting it in favor of another province. Don't get the mason card if you're going for a Jupiter strategy because they're at cross purposes. Unless you're buying it to foil someone else. Venvs is a very potent strategy if you can manage to get 7 provinces with double cities, max 14 points per card, you'll want to buy every single Venvs card that you can get your hands on. They're also very versatile. Farmer/Mason work really well together, if gives you the option to speed run out of houses quickly without a great cost to build. Try adding in one colonist card to get out more colonists and get tons of movement. If you're aiming for a Cloth Baron or Wine Baron any salt cities will count towards your Vintner/Weaver cards. You don't have to be the first person to go out to win but it helps. It's a 14 point spread from you to the person who was racing you to go out with the Concordia card being worth 7. When you're aiming to go out and have say 5 houses left. Don't get 4 and then scare your opponents into preparing for their final turn. You'll want to do two and get three on the next turn. This way they'll look at your houses left and feel more secure, maybe running into a 4 or 5 turn cycle where they won't be ready to get out there last 4 houses on you. Getting a second diplomat card is almost essential, because the first one will be so valuable, so that you can steal someone else's card if you don't get to buy it in time with the senator. And I try to always max out the number of cards played before tribuning, so that I can get the most sestertii and avoid having to prefect the cash and waste a turn, I only do that if it's 10 or above and it likely never gets that high. Using a colonist for cash is also a waste of a turn. Though there are times that it's good to tribune a few times early to process your high value diplomat/senator/prefect/architect cards. Magistering a Vintner or Weaver if you're a wine/cloth baron is a powerful tool and sets you up to make a huge Mercator turn. Make sure to get a least one Minerva card so that you're not missing out on that bonus because salt cities will also fall into that if you have the Salsa expansion. There's a ton more nuance to the strategy but those are the main themes. Mercury cards max out at 10, Mars cards max out at 12, Venvs at 14, Jupiter at 15 (theoretically if you were to only buy bricks with the Mercator). If you're going to try to get as many Jvpiter cards as you can, make sure to be the person to grab the consul card, it'll allow you to buy more consul cards and corner that market. You can 'snipe' the highest position cards for yourself without moving the board and making the other cheaper. Be wary of over using consul, a senator card is still the most powerful card in the game, taking 1 turn to buy 2 cards. It should only be used to control your strategy. Satvrn can be as high as 12 depending on the board you're playing. Always adapt your strategy to which board you're playing. Vesta is not a strategy only a bonus; spending resources/sestertius will always pay out more than keeping them till the end. This game can be super frustrating when people steal your strategy or block you buy buying something just as you were planning to do so; so don't lock yourself down to one thing until you've gotten a Minerva card and can focus on it. Say if you go for the farmer/mason you'll have to forget about buying cloth/wine/salt cities because they'll be too cost prohibitive. One thing to remember is that some of the best cards cost wine or tool's and not to leave yourself without that ability. If you have the forvm cards from the expansions you'll notice that several of them are very OP and other seemingly useless. So you'll want to pay special attention to those to manage when you tribune. The best green (single use) forum card is obviously Returnus; which allows you to return the senator card to your hand without tribuning. The best blue (permanent) forvm cards are the extra movement point cards or even the extra warehouse space. Some of them are very strategy specific. If you're a wine baron and get to sell wine for 8 sestertius you're laughing. Most of the green single use forvm cards aren't as good as the permanent ones, but they can be very powerful when used correctly. I recently had a very destructive end game turn where no one suspected I was near to going out with a full store house and no bricks. But I got the green card allowing me to build houses without bricks and built in four cities and ended the game when no one was ready for it. I held on to that card long enough people forgot I had it. I could rant for hours about this game. Each turn brings about a new strategy and set of events. I love the beginning of each game and all the possibilities on the board. Some games we don't order the resource tiles and just mix and match, the randomness of which resources go where create different choke points and clusters that wouldn't happen with the resources spread they've created with the lettering system. The other expansion rule that allows for custom starts is taking the value of your start goods and turning them into sestertius so that you may decide what resources to start with and make a custom start.

  28. The britannia germania board is really good, I wouldn't pass it up. Probably one of the better board expansions.

    I currently have all the maps accept the salsa one. Can't find that expansion anywhere and am waiting for a reprint

  29. How many eggs did you guys murder without any hesitation in all your reviews 😀

  30. 14:00 best summation of the Roman empire…should be the second sentence on wikipedia, after the mentioning of the dates.

  31. How does it feel knowing that your mug is now basically a political statement

  32. the search interest for "what does netflix and chill mean" spiked when this video was released

  33. "Headless England" in reference to Britain with part of Scotland chopped off still frustrates/irritates me to this day. x.x

  34. This inspired me to try concordia out and i now totally understand

  35. You guys joke about how tall Quinns is. I had no idea how giant the man was until I received my own copy of Concordia!

  36. I have watched and rewatched this so many times (despite already owning every Concordia expansion there is), and I still love it – but it always amazes me how Quinn’s just glosses over the Forum tiles, saying ‘it’s a lot of reading isn’t it? Not very elegant, don’t bother.’ They aren’t even punched out in his copy… is he giving this recommendation based on not even trying it?

    The reality is that Forum tiles are easy to play with, elegantly implemented, and really really fun. They give you amazing one off bonuses and asymmetric player powers whenever you play Tribune. This not only feels really rewarding, but it also makes the timing of the Tribune play even more interesting. None of the tiles are complicated at all, and only one new tile comes out at a time so there’s barely any admin overhead either.

    If you haven’t tried playing with forum tiles yet, do it! Don’t believe Quinn’s on this one… They are great!

  37. "Competing Roman dynasties in a time of peace."

    So……..the polar opposite of Conquest of the Empire?

    No catapult barrages?

    No crippling inflation?

    No ransoming captured generals?

    Cries in Legionary

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