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Container – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Just saw this and I'd love to play this game… now its $300….

  2. I'm year 1 of my own personal 5 year journey waiting for a Container reprint. Maybe the next one won't cost $100

  3. Out of my regular playing group of 5, I think Container might be one of the only games we all universally agree is amazing. It is overpriced and it does have bad components but damn, the emergent gameplay is just so good. Definitely one of my favourite games of all time.

  4. Is it me or is this game impossible to find to buy, any ideas? I might just make my own copy

  5. this price is ridiculous, but still more worth it than Foodchain magnate, most overpriced game ever.

  6. This game could look dope with the artwork in the style of BRASS Birmingham.

  7. I bought Gloomhaven for $90, which sets a standard of quality that I can't image this game can even come close to matching.

  8. The fact that this is only $20 less expensive than twilight imperium is a crime against humanity

  9. I recommend finding the old edition if you can, or just print and playing it

  10. Not only I loose my bum but also other players own it too? Well it's a bummer

  11. Why is it always "hard earned cash"? It could be crazy money – there's crazy amounts of that around…

  12. table top simulator exists for games like these

  13. lots of pillow shading and textured surfaces really dont make a good aesthetic

  14. I didn't realise how boring I actually am until I saw this and it never occurred to me that it looked so dull.

  15. This game just screams German design.

  16. I had the older version and, had I realized how much I would miss it, I wouldn't have given it up. At least the person who has my old copy has it available for play at our local game store. Even they point out to new players to keep an eye on the economy.

  17. Wow, this game was apparently designed by a sadistic Maersk economist. Economics is just mindboggling to me. It really doesn't matter that the numbers are like $3 😅

  18. This sounds awesome, like a neoliberal capitalism simulator

  19. Matt sounded so genuine when he was talking about the power strip

  20. Two years later I have finally found a sealed Container copy from 2007. Got it for $35 and couldn't be happier!

  21. From their blog

    ''I’ve got to admit, since publishing our review I’ve played Container twice, and both times it wasn’t as fun as I was expecting.''

    I think they make reviews based on excitement alone and probably after one time play.
    Makes you sad and makes you wander.

    I simply LOVE the game. It is a live organism each time depending on the players.

  22. I was sold until they announced the price. I checked amazon and it's now 200 dollars. 🙁
    They must be the insulin producers of board games.

  23. I can buy Western Empires for $120 dollars, but Container will currently cost me 200 dollars. Yeah…makes (no) sense.

  24. Just looked at it on Amazon. Priced at $240!!!!!!!

  25. just noticed Matt has a heavy cardboard shirt! Nice!

  26. Just looked it up on amazon, 1 left for $350

  27. I can only try to imagine the frustration you must have felt when it was actually re-released after five long years, years you were waiting to finally review and quite possibly even recommend it, just for the price to be raised ridiculously high in a flat out ironic play on the games theme. I feel you, Quins 🙁

  28. I can't help but notice that these two so-called 'professionals' neglected a major part of this review… no link to that power cable!

  29. I have to say: the price is irrelevant to the quality, with any purchase. Trying to justify the price, after deciding that it's a good game, is pointless. Either it's worth it to you, or not. From an economist's point of view, it's irrational to spend a lot of time wondering why the thing is $100. Maybe there's a shortage of some material, or maybe they just feel like charging double the normal price, for giggles. Do you think Nike sells the Jordans at a price that must be "justified"? You buy 'em or you don't, but no one expects the quality or the cost of production to relate to the price. My only decision with boardgames (a true luxury item), is "Will I like it in 5 years?", "What other luxuries could I spend this money on?", and "Will I ever see something like this again?" These questions get more important, the less of a cheapskate I become (and the older I get).

  30. I would have loved to buy it but the game is so awfully ugly and on top of that for 90€ is a big no 🙁

  31. If you lot are boring I don't wanna know interesting.

  32. I'm watching this review a mere 18 months after it came out and already it's out of stock again in my country and the prices are through the roof! FLIPPIN' HECK!

  33. Anyone coming to this now: there are rumblings of a new (non-jumbo) reprint coming.

  34. Anticipating a renewed surge of popularity for this one.

  35. Is there a mechanic to block the Suez Canal?

  36. best container game Ever Given

  37. Just came across this review and checked the prices… sold out everywhere and used copies go for about $200 average. Ouch.

  38. "I think I'm getting more and more board."

    Said some random person on the internet.

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