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Container – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. "It's like a cry for help, from sentient clipart" absolutely slayed me 🤣

  2. onsale for $220, wtf, I'd spend 50 tops. Pitty it looked fun

  3. honestly them selling this simple, artistically challenged game for this much money feels kind of disguisting. no way in hell im shelling out 100 bucks for something that honestly looks like a $25 (canadian) game

  4. A game this simple shouldn't even be 40 dollars.

  5. Why are the constantly removing clothes?

  6. can one use airships from scythe wind gambit for this game?

  7. How I can covert my friends to comrades the game……Long live the revolution.

  8. Sounds awesome, maybe they'll make a print and play, and I can print my own boats as well. As of now the cheapest copy I see is $240.

  9. Um actually a profit of $3 and an expense of $4 would mean that you made $3, you just had $7 in revenues.

  10. Can’t find it to buy guess it didn’t do well

  11. I have a 9’ pool table with blue felt that would work perfect as an ocean for this game.

  12. The most boring, dry game I ever played. Don't buy.

  13. This looks like the perfect use of 3D printers.

  14. And now in the last year, the price is now closer to $300.

  15. "Captain, our shields are 100% bad."

  16. Bummer. Another game I'd buy for $40-50, but not what they're asking. Ah well.

  17. "I'm sorry but I won't sell you the container for that price, go somewhere el-"
    "*Big Boss fultoning the container to Mother Base* TOO LATE FUCKER!"

  18. I won't be buying Container, but I will be buying that power strip.

  19. In a hilarious twist of fate the game now sells for $280+. Would have been a sound investment.

  20. TIL that I'm a boring person that likes boring things, but I'm not alone! O_o
    I haven't even played the game yet, but I'll buy any expansions anyways.
    Big City 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition is twice the price. Maybe it'll be a more luxurious game?

  21. The link in your description puts the game at $289!!!

  22. can you refer me to that power strip though that looks like the real mvp of this review

  23. If you know the rules it looks like you could make a playable version for next to nothing with some fake money and some stuff to represent the factories and such

  24. The year is 2019. Quinns was hyped about Container after a 5 year wait. I have now waited 1 year. In 4 more years, maybe they'll release a version of this that doesn't cost my firstborn son.

  25. You guys are just hilarious in every single video 🤣. Do you recommend this game? 😆 You're killing me!

  26. Funny enough when you gave the elevator pitch I excitedly said "God this game looks amazing" lol. Then the scenario you gave immediately after reaffirmed my excitement. This economy looks amazing

  27. This game costs £300 now… forget £90, its absolutely absurd right now.

  28. This looks great. I love boxes and moving them.

  29. 90 dollars that's more than half price of Cuthulu Wars. 17:02 goes and plays D&D 4th edition

  30. What is my incentive?? Are there any end or in game goals?? Why would anyone price anything above 1??

  31. does this guy ever not like a game.

    like cmon

  32. Just looked into getting this. Now about 175-220usd

  33. Reading comments, spoiler alert it sucks.

  34. Brilliant. Incredible how the shirts and ties make you look so "official" and make your opinions seem like the last word on this game. It's like magic. I'll try this on my own channel if I learn to talk again. A stroke a few years ago, you know.

  35. sounds like a game where being comparative is not always the best move.

  36. lol this is now a collectible i see people complaining about it being 90 bucks now its 250

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