Cryptid Review - with Zee Garcia -

Cryptid Review – with Zee Garcia

The Dice Tower
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Zee takes a look at this deduction and misdirection game from publisher Osprey Games.

00:00 – Introduction
00:58 – Game overview
07:10 – Final thoughts

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  1. I'm a little bummed that with such cool monster designs that they aren't used in the actual game but other than that looks great

  2. the “yellow player” looks orange, right?

  3. The disparity between the cover art and the inside art is so vast I can't get into it. I feel like the cover is such a fake promise to the actual experience that it is misleading. Reminds me of 80's Atari video game covers vs. the actual experience.

  4. Based on intro description, it's Clue, without the die rolling

  5. Great review! Going straight to the wish list.
    What are your thoughts of the lack of player sheets to cross out/scribble down information? It seems odd not to include in a game such as this with a lot of information to juggle with.

  6. Love the mechanics. Hate the theme. How is this not based on Jack the Ripper or Cthulhu. I know those themes are overused, but they continue to sell for a reason.

    And I'm pretty sure that trying to catch a murderer or trying to shutdown a portal would have been more relatable than finding a monster and not knowing what you are supposed to do with it.

  7. Zee, I am super surprised you liked it so much due to how much you emphasize theme. That is one of the ugliest game boards I have ever seen. It’s uglier than Brass (old version) IMO. The game cover seems very misleading and it does not make me excited to play at all.

  8. Seems like very interesting game (reminded me bit of Tobago) – but the art is just plain ugly.

  9. If the contents looked like the cover I'd buy in a heartbeat. This looks like a prototype or print n' play. I'll pass…

  10. Also reminds me a little of Tobago– without the fun. Oversimplified. In Tobago, there's four treasure hunts going on simultaneously, and when they're found, new ones pop up. In Tobago, the fact the locations aren't predetermined gives players some interesting choices in the matter, giving each player a different stake in each outcome. And Tobago has better graphics, components and theme. And Tobago has TIKIS! This one is really weak in comparison.

  11. Box-art is beautiful but that board is horrible. Colors too bright, illustrations to clustered and that white outline is just bad. Tokens "oki" but I can imagine the board becoming way to clustered and trashy with all those pastel colored tokens on that ugly board. Love the modular board idea though. Cool Cluedo style came but too ugly to buy.

  12. Love the transitions especially in the intros. And the overlays on the video is nice!!!

  13. what are the pillars and abandon cabins for?

  14. The comments seems really negative and are too focused on the theme and the aesthetic. Yes, those aspects are important, but they are just icing for me. Gameplay is the cake and this looks super delicious. I'm excited to try it.

  15. I couldn't disagree more with those who found this game ugly – I had the chance to play it today and it looks absolutely handsome on the table.

  16. Played two games of this two weeks ago! While the theme didn't really come out for me, the game itself is fun to play when it finally clicks. Definitely bring a notepad to play it, though. It can be hard to track which clues you have guessed for each of the players otherwise, unless you have much better memory than me :-D.

  17. I looked for the app on Google Play but couldn't find it, can someone tell me the name or give me a link?

  18. This game is awesome!
    Played it several times now. 5 mins to teach, 15mins to play, just a really good game

  19. what are the pillars and the tents for? I assume they are just parts of the Clues, maybe? something like "not within 2 spaces of a pillar"

  20. So many people complaining about aesthetics. This is an abstract game that really needs no theme at all to be engaging and fun. People cannot just have fun in their games anymore?

  21. Wow that's a very elegant and clever mechanism.

  22. Just played with my kids and we all enjoyed the whole game. I was surprised how fast the kids 10, 13, and 14 understood the clues and how to rule out each others to figure out the location. Just wondering if there is any reason to perform the "search" action most of the time? I know you have to put a disc out saying your clue agrees, but it seems like you can get more info with this action instead of the "question". Anyway, great review. Thanks

  23. That cover is really misleading. I am not interested in this game

  24. This review gets a seal of excellence from me.

  25. I think a treasure hunting theme would've worked better.

  26. Zee Garcia: Correctly uses the word evocative, but calls the orange pieces yellow. We love you Zee!

  27. I love this game, but it's essentially a logic puzzle in game form. If you have a couple of casual players against a player who is very systematic about what information they've gained, how to rule clues out, how to mask their clues by selecting just the right space to reveal – that person will win every time. It feels like a game that can take a long time to figure out, but my two teenage boys are very analytical, and we've had games end in about four turns because they've literally been able to rule out possible clues and figure out what your clues ARE. It's fun, but players all need to be kind of on the same level of skill with this type of deduction and analysis.

  28. Hm. I'm quite disappointed by how the game looks when the board is out, I would've much preferred the actual game to have a similar look to the cover.

  29. My game group has 3 couples could it be played as 3 teams of 2? I wanted to know if this works before purchasing

  30. IMO it would be more tematici with detective/thriller theme

  31. Being Dutch and orange is our national color I'm upset it's called yellow all through the video 😂

  32. Why will anyone question, they will always search

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