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Cthulhu Wars Review – A Cthulhu Carol

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Dice Saloon reference spotted! Great shop and a local institution

  2. My brother said about Quinns: "He's like the board game version of Alton Brown."

  3. Hold on, $160? I looked today and it was $350!

  4. I bought the game back when it was $200 and I haven't regretted it. Both this and Star Wars: Queen's Gambit (another expensive rarity) hit the table more than any of my games and they are always a success!

    If you're thinking about it, take the leap!

  5. Why do the skits in these videos kind of remind me of Monty Python?

  6. 160$/€?!
    Ok i go with the live size statue of h.p. lovecraft for 100$/€ instead

  7. time to break out the primer and 40k paints – we've got to unfuck those models

  8. 1:46 I went from Disappointment, to anger, to hysterical laughter in about a span of 6 seconds because of this.

  9. The Black Goat's name is actually Shub Niggurath – but I can totally see why the designers didn't go for that. xD

  10. Never trust a fish-faced man in a hooded robe.

  11. I have rewatched this review at least six times. I think it's one of your best.

    By the way, did anyone notice Tom's grin in the mirror whilst Quinns touched himself seductively?

  12. What is that game they play in the beginning?

  13. I’m still interested in this game but I just cannot justify the price tag.

  14. This is kinda the perfect silly war game for me, but that price is absurd. I wish they would release a version with cardboard standees or something

  15. "Elbow-room-only buffet of bullsh*t." Delightful!

  16. What's the best in life : " live your life….. and end theirs". Genius

  17. This video epitomises the class of SUSD.

  18. I'm never buying this game but I watch this again and again because it's hilarious. "Ever respectful of the democratic process, the Black Goat understands that a vote for Black Goat means you want more Black Goat, and nobody respects that more than Black Goat….." Gets me every time!

  19. this seams like a perfect game for me: some form of light Tabletop miniature Wargame, but I can play with friends, without needing them to pick up a new hobby.
    Yes the price is really ( to) high for a board game, but I personally spend an unjustifiable amount of money on Warhammer 40k miniatures that are collecting dust right now.
    So if i ever bring myself to sell them ill maybe buy this game from that money.

  20. It's been exactly one year since this review was launched into the world and I've watched it at least a dozen times. It has become a comforting routine, like rewatching a movie you really like. It is possible that the unusual times we're currently living in has something to do with it as well, as many people like to have something to hold on to. SU&SD is just one of those things that keeps me going as a board gamer while the community has been put into a forced quasi-hiatus.

    It's a testament to your solid formula. You guys are great and I applaud you for the level of detail you put into your reviews and find time to play as many games as possible. Thank you for the positivity; the world needs it.

  21. What’s the train game they are playing at the start?

  22. Rising sun is actually really fun though. (Friend of mine got a copy). Definitely much better than Risk.

  23. Wow, the hate I got for making the "risk we want" comparison during the kickstarter. I feel so validated. And yes, great review and I love the game and have all the expansions that I will probably never get to use… One day I will build a sea chest to store it all in 🙂

  24. Gosh I’m so late! I wonder what they would think about Cthulhu Wars Duel. It’s cheaper and the same design for 30$ plus shipping. If only…

  25. Just noticed Nusfjord on the shelf behind you at the end there, are you going to review that ?

  26. Did I detect shade being thrown at rising sun?

  27. So what you’re telling me is that this is a great game to play at a board game cafe

  28. From January 2021: AAAAAAHHHHH! Why are you that close to another human?

  29. Would love to see you review Cthulu Wars Duel

  30. Lindeybeige AND HFM?
    Triple nerd power, behold!
    The Hand of Useless Knowledge has appeared!

  31. I play a lotta ewarhammer 40k, and when he started talking about the game being expensive, I didn't get concerned about the price, I got concerned because I wasn't concerned about the prices.

  32. Given the main criticism is the price I wonder how SUSD feel about Cthulhu Wars Duel which is a reasonable £25?

  33. I'm turned off immediately at multiple expansions.

  34. I'd like the next batch of SU&SD to include that pudding jumper

  35. reminder the evil space cats exist only in dreams. sidenote dreams can be just as damaging as reality

  36. I love all your reviews but this one might be my favorite. Great job and yes, you have helped me IMMENSELY in picking some good games and avoiding some that really aren't for me. Someday I will get a large enough group of friends in one location that will justify me buying Twilight imperium…someday…
    Edit: Tried to donate $5, got an "internal server error". Sorry mates. I'll check with you around Christmas maybe
    Post Edit: Looks like it went through. Enjoy the $5!

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