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Cthulhu Wars Review – A Cthulhu Carol

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I love all your reviews but this one might be my favorite. Great job and yes, you have helped me IMMENSELY in picking some good games and avoiding some that really aren't for me. Someday I will get a large enough group of friends in one location that will justify me buying Twilight imperium…someday…
    Edit: Tried to donate $5, got an "internal server error". Sorry mates. I'll check with you around Christmas maybe
    Post Edit: Looks like it went through. Enjoy the $5!

  2. reminder the evil space cats exist only in dreams. sidenote dreams can be just as damaging as reality

  3. I'd like the next batch of SU&SD to include that pudding jumper

  4. I'm turned off immediately at multiple expansions.

  5. Given the main criticism is the price I wonder how SUSD feel about Cthulhu Wars Duel which is a reasonable £25?

  6. I play a lotta ewarhammer 40k, and when he started talking about the game being expensive, I didn't get concerned about the price, I got concerned because I wasn't concerned about the prices.

  7. Lindeybeige AND HFM?
    Triple nerd power, behold!
    The Hand of Useless Knowledge has appeared!

  8. Would love to see you review Cthulu Wars Duel

  9. From January 2021: AAAAAAHHHHH! Why are you that close to another human?

  10. So what you’re telling me is that this is a great game to play at a board game cafe

  11. Did I detect shade being thrown at rising sun?

  12. Just noticed Nusfjord on the shelf behind you at the end there, are you going to review that ?

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