Descent: Legends of the Dark Review - A New Kind of Dungeon Crawler -

Descent: Legends of the Dark Review – A New Kind of Dungeon Crawler

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  1. Great review! Thanks for addressing the bgg reviews 😉

  2. What happens if we lose a scenario ? Do the game branch into another encounter or do we have to play the scenario again ?

  3. Fantastic stuff. Would love to play but, as with many games, price tag is a bit too steep for me to punt. Thanks NPI 👍

  4. I love to discover a new game (potential buy) with all the humor you include in your videos. Really enjoyed it, great job ! Cheers from France

  5. Oof, the argument in the beginning about the art and its reception… was quite rough eh.

  6. I love Journeys in Middle Earth but because it's Middle Earth, so the theme helps me overcome some of the clunkyness. However, as you've said the App for this is an improvement on what's come before I can see myself picking this up. Thanks as always for a great review. Also I stayed for the end of the video, and I'm glad I did!

  7. I guess my main gripe with this game is that its release is the final nail in the coffin for 2nd ed, and now I won't be able to get any of the remaining sets I was unable to get before. That, and I liked being the overlord player.

  8. Issue for me is if I want to play a computer game I can plug in the playstation / xbox and get a far better experience. If I want a dungeon crawler, I don't want an app. The whole point of counters and cards is that they fire the animation (and the mathematical mechanics are transparent), having to drop everything and passively absorb information hamstrings the imagination. Like reading a book, then watching the movie the experience is often inferior -the act of imagination creates a deeper experience than watching a screen. If a foundational premise of a game is flawed, you don't need to play it to give it a 1 out of 10.

  9. Tom Vasel said that standard difficulty is ok 🙂 You two are too experienced in boardgames 😀

  10. I don't care how good the game is it will never be worth the ridiculous price tag

  11. ..these cardboard items (trees desks doors) are the shit! Wish more board games would do that than go for expensive plastic set pieces…

  12. Here in Sweden if you look at exchange rates, it costs 206 US dollars. So it's cheap in the USA lucky bastards.

  13. This game crossed over the definition of board games to video game territory, and unfairly being reviewed as a board game.
    Video games : Takes no table space, have GREAT story line, immersion, even video intros. Amazing voice over, soundtrack. Everything is calculated automatically, and undo and save anywhere is implemented. Great video games also have physical miniatures and other collectibles one can put on the table if they like that physical presence. Tutorials are integrated into the game. I can't say enough about how superior video games are to board games.
    FFG releasing this is like Tesla making a rocket. Its not a car, by any other name.
    If one reviews this comparing it to video games, would it shine? Against BG1, BG2, mass effect, Torment?

  14. The review was amazing. Thank you. I love the channel and believe that "contrarian for the kicks" that you posted on twitter will be my motto. Also, I loved the music in the end but couldn't find it anywhere 🙁

  15. Thanks for this review. Sounds like they fixed a lot of the issues I had with JiME. But they didn't fix the one issue that isn't their fault and that they have no control over – I just get overwhelmed with the types of decisions that exist in Dungeon crawls (e.g., should I spend an action to look at another tree…). As a solo player trying to manage several characters, that can be overwhelming and cause mental overload and anguish. But otherwise, it seems like a really great game that doesn't deserve a lot of the negative anticipatory criticism that it has been receiving.

  16. I recall the other pre-release hate for this was because it was app-driven. I see a lot of resistance to apps in board games.

  17. Seeing how much of the game is handled by a machine – story elements, resource gathering, crafting, combat resolution, levelling up, proper rules reference – I think it's fair to ask the question when does a boardgame stop being a boardgame and become a videogame with a physical map… ? I don't think the review answered that with any points other than a flat "No", which is disappointing.

    If the app rolled dice and tracked enemy movement, would any physical stuff be still needed?

    To stretch it a bit further, would abandoning the bit where you move a piece of plastic over soem cardboard and instead giving each player a controller not lead to even more gameplay possibilities? Especially given that the cost of this is triple of something like Divinity Original SIn 2, which is an excellent 2-player dungeon crawler.

  18. So, what you're saying is that i should buy the game and then complain in the comments if I don't like it? harharhar

  19. Sounds like a great solo game. Using the app as a group to manage equipment and skills sounds terrible.
    I assume you played it solo or with 2 people max?

  20. How did you know i have 20 cups and 2 forks in my sink

  21. It´s great you guys are branching into reviewing video games. The year has been slow on boardgames. Hope 2022 will be better. Cheers.

  22. This is the best game review I've watched. Bloody well done.

  23. Cool review guys! One thing was not clear to me regarding the dificulty levels, do you think it was worth scalling up the dificulty, or just ended up being a slog, artificial and not worth to do so?

  24. "I can just wag things twice if I want to, it feels so good"

    Revolutionary game design I guess?

  25. I live right by FFG in Minnesota. Thank you for mentioning us… and doing our accent. 😁

  26. the game looks really fun, and i didn't have any of the hang-ups other folks seemed to have with this game… except the price-to-scenarios ratio. maybe that's an unfair metric by which to judge games (especially considering this one comes with a lot of fancy looking terrain stuffs), but it's one that has served me and my wallet fairly well.

    just a few comparisons to other games using their msrp:

    shadows of brimstone: US$120, 12 scenarios
    zombicide: $100, 10 scenarios
    dungeon degenerates: $80, 20 scenarios
    pandemic legacy: $50, 12 scenarios
    gloomhaven: $140, 90+ scenarios
    jaws of the lion: $50, 24 scenarios
    middara: $170, tons of scenarios
    descent 2: $60, ~30 (i think?) scenarios
    (i think all those prices are correct, or at least close)

    and then there's descent LotD: $175, 16 scenarios. oof even at a certain online retailer, it's still US$140. that's a lot of money for not a lot of missions. even if they're quite varied and fun and lovely, the price doesn't make sense compared to many of the (very high quality) competition, and even its own predecessor, unless you really want a lot of cardboard terrain. obviously this is all just my opinion, and i'm certainly not saying other folks can't think D: LotD is a good deal. (i hope they do!)

    i think you guys gave it a fair review and definitely made me want to play it… but only if someone else is buying lol.

    thanks for the vid, cheers!

  27. Ive played the first mission so far and really like it. Already feels like an improvement on the Descent 2e, Star Wars, and Journeys in Middle Earth apps. Excited to play kore

  28. I get what you are saying about prejudging a game yet this is a problem on BGG all games encounter which causes the initial rating to be off (in either direction).The Witcher Old World has over 200 reviews and is eighteen months away. Heck Arydia has been in KS less than a week and it already has almost 40 reviews. Then to later dismiss all the invested fans concerns to an *ism is down right silly.

  29. I don’t care what anyone says, the character art and design is amazing. Touch of Hades style.

  30. This… is surprising – but I really appreciate that you guys tackled this one!
    Also, Elaine emoting over Efka's closing filled my heart. <3

  31. The whole "trope" thing is overblown. D&D – the largest fantasy game, is obviously full of tropes because it generated them. So what? I don't want the wheel reinvented, I just want a really good wheel. I'm still waiting for a game that has Elves the way they were in the Tolkien books – would I care if there were? No, not if the gameplay is fun…

  32. This may be wlone of the best board game reviews I have ever watched! Smart and engaging throughout! Thank you!

  33. Thanks for the review.

    The reasons this game got so much hate on BGG are not "bad game " and I disagree with the logic the people should not complaint about the price if they are spending 200-300 $ on kickstarter games.

    This should have been a sign for FFG .This is actual customers giving feedback about the perceived value of a game, a thing most consumers do not inform you about, they rather simply – do not buy the game.

    And as you can tell, I agree with those people on some points:

    1. That price for a chore box is waay too much. A typical KS has much more stuff (heroes, minis, bells and whistles etc .) for that kinda money.
    2. Its Descent, but nobody can use their heroes from Descent 1st and 2nd ed. Stab in the back. " Fuck you,loyal customers! – and your money that you already gave us"

    3. App that is the game. If I want to play a game on an app, I'll play a dungeon crawler on the PC.

    Oh and I hope I concluded correctly that since the App it what's driving the game, there is no way of making our own scenarios as the game itself does not have an AI mechanism?

    Nice review again! I'll get this one only after and if I can get it second hand. It does not seem to be worth the money.

  34. Wait – what's wrong with living rulebooks?

  35. Great review! I guess my final concern is FFG’s history of not putting much additional content for their app-based games, but this looks like a game for me.

  36. such a different review from Tom Vasel… the thing is, Tom admittedly loves dungeon crawlers with quite a few in his top 20, and from I can tell this is not you favorite genre … probably not even top 5 genre.

  37. Re why it is getting some hate, Ifeel this game has several barriers to entry. It's art style is not universally popular, it is expensive and it has an app which it seems to lean on heavily. Rating it without playing it is bonkers. Im not a fan of app based games but they are here and can be fun to play

  38. I think a lot of the “1” reviews on BGG are only because the game is app-based, and there are some fanatical app-haters out there in the community. But while I like being the “Dungeon Master” in a game like Dungeons & Dragons, I always felt like the job of controlling the monsters in a boardgame isn’t quite that interesting. So I am happy that an app can replace that. Although for my tastes there could have been more voice-over for the narrative part. Unless you project the app on a TV, everybody huddling around the phone/tablet to read the story isn’t great for more than 2 players.

  39. Thoroughly enjoyed this review. Even if I never end up getting/playing the game, watching this was time well spent 😊

  40. It looks cool for sure and don’t really care here or there for the app – but for $180 I can’t see buying it to basically pay for the development of said app and with 3D printing options out there and how phenomenal it’s become, cardboard paper terrain seems like a beginning tier in a Kickstarter project rather than an all-in idea.

  41. The expose joke. Scathing.

    Honestly I was surprised by this one after other recent reviews. I just can't see myself dealing with this one, even if it would be right up my alley otherwise. A $150 paperweight one day isn't appealing to me either.

  42. This is a very, very good review not just because I needed a little confirmation bias after watching Tom Vassals Dice tower review but because its super thorough. I bought this game without even hesitating because I love dungeon crawlers, fantasy flight and app driven games. I like games essentially. But when I heard this was mansions of madness meets journeys in middle earth with a much more developed app I was pretty much "Yes please". I haven't played the game yet its still sitting on my shelf but my wife and I are very stoked after watching your review and washing away that Dice Tower review taste ie; tell me what i want to hear. Thank you. I am little discouraged by that bit surrounding the rules at the end. It's all small potatoes to me I look forward to playing thanks again for the review. PS: I like the art alot I dont get the haters at all on that.

  43. I clean my sink every week, thank you very much.

  44. Only 17 scenarios?? Does anyone else feel thats pretty low considering the price tag? Hm

  45. Never played a descent game and bought this. Heard nothing but negatives since. Thanks to this review I'm looking forward to playing it again.

  46. Hey! When is Arkham Horror The Card Game Part 2 coming out?!!? Great video!

  47. i love gloomhaven and too many bones. so i should buy descent 😀

  48. I LOVE this game! We have been having a blast and are playing tonight!

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