Destinies - Board Game Review -

Destinies – Board Game Review

The Dragon’s Tomb
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In this game review, I check out the Scan and Play technology of the game Destinies.

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  1. We really appreciate all of the feedback you shared here Jeffrey.Our team is looking into a new system of gameplay based on D4's to reduce the time you spend scanning the dice by a HUGE 33%! We're also looking into triple-layered player boards to help maintain the depth post-scanning and pre-playing. We absolutely question our sanity often too, do not be concerned.We are thrilled though that you got 26 hours of gameplay from the first scenario alone, an epic amount of content in the box! 😀#XeroxDestinesConspiracy

  2. Glad I passed this one by. The Wii U's graphics are just not impressive.

  3. oh no..I was excited for this game but my scanner isnt working as it should 🙁

  4. and another game for the 3rd row shelf … thanks for your efforts!

  5. Now I know how Tabletop Simulator mods get made – people just slap a "Scan & Play" sticker on the boardgames and send them to Jeff

  6. I don't have a scanner, do they really expect me to scan all this at the local library during a pandemic? Totally irresponsible.

  7. Really hoping the reviewer is wrong here. I just signed up for a Photoshop course at my local community college so I can play this one.

  8. that's what tabletop simulators are for!

  9. Maybe you need one of those fancy 3D scanners to really enjoy the game properly. It's a shame there wasn't one in the box.

  10. "The entire endeavor was completely flawed from the start" 🤔 sounds like a great summary of nearly any boardgame review from The Dragon's Tomb.

  11. Wow. This guy is a total idiot. You seriously didn't know that you need a <3D> scanner?!
    How else are you going to capture those dual-layer boards, minis, and dice?
    Keep your day job.

  12. Thanks for opening my eyes to the truth. Did you also notice it takes one tiny little curved line to change "scan" to "scam"? Xerox, we have our eyes on you. #XeroxDestiniesConspiracy

  13. This is just one example of how poorly publishers are integrating digital elements! So disappointed. Glad Lucky Duck is listening to the feedback though. 😉

  14. This review is the reason I come to this channel. How does anyone expect scan and pay to work like this?

  15. Isn't there a big box version that includes a scanner?

  16. guys unbelivable, u just use scaner on yourphone ,i dont know but its probably the similar system to chronicles of crime , u dont have to scan components , its this a joke ??? every card have code to scan. chronicles of crime have aplication in app store this one have probably one too

  17. I can't wait for the how to play video. 😁

  18. Oh! Lol…. I keep getting caught by this channel. Gj

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