Discover: Lands Unknown Review - with Tom Vasel -

Discover: Lands Unknown Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at this game in which each copy of the game is unique and tells a different narrative.

00:00 – Introduction
02:58 – Choices and their differences
10:14 – Final thoughts


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  1. So you buy a new game and by design miss out on 50% of what the game have to offer. Yeah great concept.

  2. Don't often agree with Tom….but in this video …. it's like you read my mind. Everything said….exactly as I felt as I played the game…. dead on target.

  3. Player elimination only works for games that are relatively short(30 min or less) so agree with many it had no place here. Glad this game is a stinker(just from what I'm seeing before Tom chimes in)

  4. This should be a 1 player game..🤔 then I might buy and play it.

  5. Have to say i am not surprised at all. The unique game thing is really just a gimmick and not even an appropriate one for this type of game. I cant see that it could ever really work in a story diven scenario as you are bound to end up with something super plain and nebulous just to enable everything to "kind of" slot together okay in a loose sense.

    I think keyforge stands a bit more of a chance as the core game could be good without the unique gimmick. I believe that ultimately a lot of the unique differences there will just come down to random name generator and swapping powers and art around. So the uniqueness will be pretty lame but at least the gimmick wont impede the game design as seems to be the case with discover lands unknown.

  6. In the game I played the scenario ending trigger was something you needed to build as a team. And you also won that scenario as a team (although there was an option to leave someone behind if they wanted to). I think that is a really good way to end the scenario. To fight the same boss one by one doesn't.

  7. 16:03 – that is EXACTLY what they were trying to do. I preached that this entire concept was to solve the one flaw with legacy games, which was, its the same thing again, so why bother buying another copy. Each box is different so when you're done, buying another copy to play with another group keeps you enticed too.

  8. Thank you for the review. I will have to re-think buying this game…

  9. scenario, scenario, scenario…. scenario 😛

  10. Totally agree with Tom on this one.
    Such a boring mediocre game. FFG make some good games however on this occasion they've come up with a dud.

  11. FFG better keep this unique loot box cap out of My arkham files games

  12. It's a great idea and a good tool for game nights at flgs,every time you can open it and play a little different game and raffle it off after,but it's not a must own collection essential.

  13. Has anyone played all three of this, 7th Continent, and Robinson Crusoe (which I love) and want to compare them all?

  14. Thanks for the review. Glad I waited to see your review before purchasing

  15. I feel another reason the Unique Game System doesn't work for this game is the price point. I think people will want to have more than 1 "experience" with the game and a higher price means you're not likely to buy another copy. I think only cheaper games will work well for this Unique Game System that FFG has created, because people will want to get multiple copies to see what new experience they could have. While $60 isn't a lot compared to some other big board games out there people buy, I know I wouldn't want to spend that twice, let alone multiple times, to see what new experience another copy of the game gives me. That's just my thoughts on the Unique Game System.

  16. TBH, the "uniqueness" aspect was what immediately put me off. It just seemed like a gimmick to stop everyone from comparing how much this game lifts directly from 7th continent.

    And this is from someone who would actually welcome a good FFG rip-off of 7th Continent.

  17. I mean i must have played the wrong 7th continent there is almost no story in that either.

  18. The idea for unique games is intriguing, but I think works best if each person is bringing their own unique piece, rather than a single unique game. The marvel is in the way the connect and compete, and your copy results in many different games as you interact with lots of other different copies. Furthermore, by its nature this type of procedurally generated game is going to skew heavily towards generic stories, so games that try to center their play around a story are going to suffer. That is likely why it really lends itself to card games like Key Forge, but Discovery falls so flat (NB: I haven't played either of them yet).

  19. Nothing but bad things to say…. but still gets a 5 out of 10! Come, now… Sharpen those teeth!

  20. Damn. i really liked how this looked. the tiles laid out, the artwork, it looked good. welp, will have to find something else.

  21. Played this yesterday with some good friends and enjoyed it very much. Don't really care for Tom's reviews in general, so we're probably not in the same library, let alone on the same page. Your mileage may vary.

  22. Interesting take. As someone who is newer to board games this is a fun and cool game. I gifted other family members the game so we can get the experience of other scenarios and whatnot. I think the trading aspect of unique games (with trustworthy people) is awesome.

  23. Disappointing. I was looking forward to this but youve saved me some money. I'll stick to Robinson Crusoe for which they've today released teasers for upcoming expansion Mystery Tales. Gona look up Seventh Continent now!

  24. Hopefully a lesson learned for FFG that the quality and enjoyability of the game always has to come before novel gimmicks and cash grab tactics. I really like co-op adventure/survival games and was super intrigued by the look of this one… until I realized they were doing the "unique" thing with it. It's a cool, innovative and fitting system for a game like Keyforge, but doesn't make any sense for a game like this. Doesn't surprise me that it ended up feeling like a lame procedurally-generated video game. Looks like the they've now released a fully co-op version of the rules to address some of the rules-related criticisms, but I don't think it'll be enough to redeem this one.

  25. Eldritch horror is also damn luck based

  26. "Good, good! I can feel your anger. Now, finish this review, and your journey towards the Dark Side will be Complete!"

  27. just picked up a copy for 10$. that seems like the price point for this game. cant imagine paying 30+$ for this.

  28. Semi-Cooperative games rarely work. Cosmic Encounters is a semi-coop that is amazing… apparently this is no Cosmic Encounters.

  29. Tom got snowy and desert. So Antarctica or Siberia, sounds like a blast… Of cold then hot air.

  30. I saw a ton of copies of this game at my local Ollie's for like $4.99, ouch. Must not have sold very well.

  31. For 8 bucks at Ollie's it's a fantastic game that is same price as a combo meal. I may even try another one to get different terrain

  32. I got this game for $9. Might not be prefect but seems like it could be a decent time killer

  33. I just found this game for $7 and thought I got a deal. Well I guess I’ll give it to someone for Christmas lol

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