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Dune: Imperium – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Dune: Imperium! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Game Setup
05:12 – Game Play Overview
05:36 – Round Start Phase
06:00 – Drawing Cards
06:13 – Player Turns
07:04 – Agent Turn
07:12 – Agent Icons
08:01 – Paying Costs
10:03 – Spaces Explanations
10:22 – Recruiting
10:48 – Combat Spaces
12:10 – Troops
13:04 – Gaining Solari
13:26 – Intrigue Cards
14:16 – Mentat
14:34 – Foldspace Cards
14:53 – Gaining Cards
15:45 – Trashing Cards
16:20 – Influence Tracks
17:29 – Gaining Victory Points
17:54 – Faction Bonus
18:10 – Gaining An Alliance
20:07 – Reveal Turn
20:21 – Step One: Revealing Cards
20:48 – Persuasion
21:03 – Step Two: Acquiring New Cards
22:38 – Step Three: Setting Conflict Strength
23:29 – Step Four: Clean Up
24:00 – Combat Phase
25:26 – Conflict Strength Ties
26:38 – Control Flags
27:33 – Makers Phase
28:08 – Recall Phase
28:45 – End Game Conditions
28:56 – Determining The Winner
30:08 – Conclusion

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  1. It kinda feels like a Clank! and Lords of Waterdeep mashup with Dune design… I incredibly love it already 😀

  2. Beautiful guide! well done! and i like the person teaching me … well done m80! here is my subscribe and a like! you earned it.

  3. Please do the other Dune game as well (because that's the one I own lmao)

  4. Hello Rodney, maybe Monique and Nadeen (before you Play) could do a play through of Dune Imperium since they partnered with Watch it Play, that would be awesome 👍

  5. Hey Rodney, Does a player put back the alliance token (losing the victory point) if he drops below the golden area even though no one surpassed him?

  6. I really have to give you a special thank you, because your videos are sooo crystal clear in explanations. THANK YOU!

  7. Thanks to this video, I was able to get this game to the table and not have it be a fiasco.

  8. Thank you for what you do! I've watched several of your videos and they are always incredibly informative. You are appreciated!

  9. Did I miss what happens to your troops from the combat area after a combat is resolved? I assume that they leave. Regardless, a good video.

  10. Thanks, that explanation was very very well made!

  11. Wow, it's been awhile since I've seen 'Watch it Played" (Pandemic) , and wow the quality of the video is tops.

  12. Thanks, Rodney! The rulebook seemed unclear on a couple points for me, but I knew you'd clear it all right up.

  13. The Kwisatz Haderach himself would be envious of that box flip.

  14. I'm here to try and learn about this game because I had told my father about DUNE, then I went and bought DUNE, without my knowing he thought he had bought DUNE as well, but it arrived today and he had bought this instead. So I'll still have the Gale Force 9 Reprint but now we have this whole other game to figure out if we'd even like.
    I am noticing though, and impressed that, you reply to a whole lot of people in your comments! That's really cool and probably takes a bit of time.

  15. Hello guys! Which is the board size? Thanks!

  16. It wasn't until we were at the end of the game and I was taking my final few actions with the whole game just not really working until I realised we had set up from the start totally wrong. Our game board was set up to the right of the table, about 19cm off centre. Really clicked once it was put into centre.

  17. Thanks again, Rodney. Playing this weekend and we are using this video to get a jump start on how to play.

  18. If you play a card during an Agent Turn to use its agent icons, do you have to also activate its agent box as well? For example, must you trash Foldspace after it is played during an Agent Turn?

  19. Watched the video and think I got a pretty good handle on the game. Comedy result – I then found I was watching the wrong 'Dune' version – we were set to play the original one. Now I have to play this one too!

  20. I do speak quite good english, but I usually prefer watching these gameplay videos in my first language. But, even if english is not my first language I think that your videos are far clearer and easier to understand than them. Thumbs up dude 🔝🔝👍👍

  21. Thank you for the review, i was hoping to get myself a copy and you made me sure it was the right move

  22. Rodney absolutely killed it this entire video

  23. Great video, easiest way to learn the game in my opinion. I have a question about the Shifting Allegiances card shown at 16:58. If I'm at the bottom of all the influence tracks, am I allowed to play that card although I can't move lower on any of the tracks and still gain the benefits or is this not allowed? Thanks!

  24. Do your reveal and played cards go to the discard pile

  25. This was an extremely well done video and the game looks outstanding. I'm going to be looking for it very soon for my gaming group. Thank you for making this video.

  26. I received my German copy today and the first game was exactly what I expected- awesome !! What a great game,

  27. Played yesterday. Very interesting game and thrilling till the end.

  28. Another fantastic how-to video from the best rules teacher ever. Based on your description of the rules, this game is the love child of Clank and Lords of Waterdeep… which just happen to be two of my favorite games of all time! Just got the game today and I can't wait to play!

  29. I love how well you explained this, you are definitely my go-to for board game how-to-play's!!

  30. Ok im back again and from earlier being unimpressed with this game ive recently watched some playthroughs and it have pretty much changed my mind, it actually seems very well designed and every choice interesting!

    So its on order and here I am learning how to play once again XD

  31. Love you man 🙂 Will always have our talk at last essen close to my heart. Keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  32. Firstly, awesome video and thanks for posting! Apologies if this has been asked, but during combat phase for 4 players, if there is 1 clear winner and the other 3 are tied for 2nd, do the people tied for 3rd get no reward?

  33. Great! Thanks, Rodney! Playing for the first time tonight! I really appreciate the head start!

  34. Does it hold up well when playing at a 2 player count?

  35. Great video as always Rodney! Whenever I'm going to play a game with my group and they have never played the game in question, I always send them links to your video on the game, because you explain it better than I ever could. Would love a video for Root, because that one, while not too complicated to play, is a real pain to explain, because it's like four games in one! Love and appreciate your work!

  36. Hmm, reviewing a sponsor's product. Proceeding with caution…

  37. wow awesome explanation, perfect, covered everything, THANK YOU!

  38. To be clear in a 4 player game if all 4 players are tied for strength they all get the 2nd tier reward?
    I believe that follows from what you said, I just want clarification.
    Thank you for your useful videos.

  39. Rodney – You are the single best in the world to explain board games.
    Great job. Looking forward to play the game tonight at my friends place…

  40. Receiving the game in few days, I've been hesitant for a long time but your top notch video really convinced me. I'm really looking forward to bring it to my game nights. Thanks !!

  41. fair play, really clear video. going to play imperium for the first time today and will no doubt be referencing this video…a lot. 👍

  42. Does anyone know how the Fremen bond works on some cards?

  43. This game plays extremely differently to the original board game, and now I really wanna try them both!!

  44. I love this game. It might be my favourite of all time. The only thing that I dislike is that it's only a 4 players game. If anyone can give me a name of a game that has a similar type of gameplay but with 5+ player that would be wonderful ! (great video btw)

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