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Dune: Imperium Review – A SU&SD Dust-Up

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. We don’t like Ameritrust games… hey what’s this documentary on Twilight Imperium

  2. I don't fully understand why but 'Herbert Herberberpt' made me laugh very loudly.

  3. Me and my wife loved it . The expansion already ordered .

  4. I liked this game, but I've played Lost Ruins of Arnak, and it does everything I like about Dune Imperium and it does it better (for me, at least). with D:I, I only really fully feel like I'm playing the game when I am doing well, But LRoA is fun every time. Plus it shapes well to all player counts!

  5. i just think this game needs an expansion to add up to 6 players and a few more spots to use spice and solari and BOOM, top tier game

  6. Mmm. A "dessert" planet.

    I like it. Sounds sweet.

  7. My last game of Dune was over in 8 rounds. A game cannot last more than 10 rounds. So the deck building aspect of the game seems pointless. That's not enough time to customize a deck. You will not likely see the cards you buy in the last third of the game.

  8. The first 20 seconds especially of this video were hilarious

  9. Interesting. The game we played with 4, I actually thought it was too short! It felt like my deck/faction was just ramping up, things were getting brisk, and then the game ended after about 70 minutes.

  10. I don't really agree with most of the criticism. It's an elegant and brilliant game that combines known mechanics in a fresh and innovative way. It strikes a perfect balance by not being too crunchy and simple to learn but still having a lot of interesting decisions. It has enough theme to feel like Dune. Instant classic for me.

  11. The first minute of the video, I had A major deja-Vu. Thanks for clearing that out ^^

  12. One game where we can't agree with the majority at SUSD. Dune Imperium is a really fun game; all the games we have played exhibit the many tactics available, making each game fresh and different. The deck building element of Dune uses many of the mechanics from the Clank (also Dire Wolf) series of games, which are also an entertaining go to for us. Looking forward to getting going with Clank Legacy any time soon

  13. I wonder if Matt's the only "chesslike planning" guy remaining in SU&SD after Paul left

  14. Bleh.. this is game of the year for me and my group, we are playing it almost every week and everyone is enjoying and we cant wait for expansions.

  15. I wish two questions had been asked and answered: Is this worth buying if you're a huge Dune fan? Is the new Dune board game better (easier to play due to it being more accessible and run better at the 2-3 player #) than the one reviewed in 2019?

  16. One of the first reviews where you guys are simply wrong and bad.

  17. "Rather be playing dominion" lol, well you know that opinion can be full stop ignored

  18. On my board game groupe we played more than 100 games and there is 6 box between alk of us.
    The more you play at 3 or 4 the best it becomes.

  19. Dune is one of my favorite IPs of all time, I wish I had people to play the board game with 😛 all of em.

  20. This review is a perfect reminder of why I don't trust SU&SD's reviews. This game is amazing. Never heard of a person who didn't at least like it though most love it. Honestly, with your taste being so narrow and predictable, why review games to begin with?

  21. 11:18
    "dan lepard pizza dough"
    a plan to return to the food portion of the opener?

    did i just imply that matt hasnt eaten anything since the opener

  22. Honestly, if I was told that I could keep only five games in my collection. Dune Imperium would be one of them.

  23. I love this game.
    I think y'all should sit down and shut up.

  24. What? Arnak is the obvious comparisson, and a much better game too. Much much better.

  25. Matt can we have the cooking episodes where you show us how to make those alien dessert?

  26. The "too little control" complaints sound familiar. It's by the guys who did Clank!, after all…

  27. 11:19 I too use Dan Lepard's recipe for pizza dough. It's very good.

  28. I only want one game based on Dune and I’m glad I got the other one.

  29. I think the complains about the random market is another sign of Dire Wolf being a bit too happy with randomly-generated excitement again…

  30. You know it's science fiction when the printer works on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd try.

  31. Who among us hasn't recently googled Dan Lepard's pizza dough, honestly

  32. I didn't know Dune was a made up word in English. It's does exist in other languages.

  33. Frank Herbert's literary masterpiece of fantastic locations, complex characters, loyalty and betrayal, and deep philosophy turned into a worker placement eurogame with bland mechanics, bland components, and bland art design. More power to you if you like it, but no thanks.

  34. Sounds like Sycthe but with even less interaction between players.

  35. Herbert Herberberpt is a really underrated SUSD joke

  36. Hmmm, it's instantly less appealing to the previous reviewed game for me. Might play better, but looks more abstract and doesn't have little soldiers on a little planet. I dunno, I just need to stick with the rts

  37. We played this a bunch when it first came out. Lots of initial excitement, but that faded pretty quickly.
    The game has a very hardcore timer built-in. You only get 10 rounds max, but things will probably end around 8 or 9. So that means the "deck building" element is really cut short.
    Personally, i think it is very misleading to call this game a deck-builder.
    Another disappointing aspect for me is the scoring is so flat. Only one thing scores: victory points (unlike this game's predecessor: Clank in space). It only takes 10 to win.
    In the early game, they are rare and precious. But the battle cards start awarding 2 per military victory at round 6 or 7.
    That kinda forces all players to shift to a military strategy or quickly be out of the running.
    I feel like that is kinda shallow and anti-thematic.

    I feels like this was originally a longer and more nuanced game, but they added limiting mechanics so they could smash it in the 90 min playtime category.

  38. How many hours were spent on making the desserts??

  39. I'm a Dune Fanatic and have this on my christmas list. This game must flow.

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