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Dune Review – Dusting Off a Legend

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Just got the Ixians & Tleilaxu expansion and on the back of the manual is a handy Karama card rule set, to answer your question Quinns – no Karama card has no effect on Bene Geserit prediction victory or any other faction victory condition for that matter. (Still wish they put Karama card abilities on the back of the player shield, ooor put faction abilities on player shields and karama abilities on separate paper where faction abilities are on… strategy may have been put on the other side of the player sheet, or just kept in the manual, as you pretty much just need to read it once.)

    Also with regards to spice deals – the player does their best to do what they have been paid to do, but if they are no longer able to achieve that they just move on.

  2. A Machiavellian king of the hill:

    Dang it Bobby! Would you rather be feared or respected?

  3. Can you please do a review of Dune Imperium?

  4. First time I watched this I thought Dune was too complicated.
    Second time I said to my self "it does have some quite cool mechanics though"
    Tenth time I watched this video I started imagining myself playing.
    By the fifteenth time I watched I wanted to get the game.
    Just after the twentieth re-watch I bought the book.
    Now on my fiftieth watch I'm buying the game.

    Anyone else watched this video more times than they want to admit?

  5. "Hold out for the new Dune movie coming out in 2020." Nrrr.

  6. Found it.
    Bought it.
    Played it.
    It is our favourite board game ever now!

  7. Why would skin colour of fictional character be a problem? All of them black? Good. All of them white? Bad. It doesn't affect how much you enjoy game – even though I agree that Fremen are arabic and in general I imagined characters as black. Because it's somewhere in the future – and there will be no white ppl in the future.

  8. This game is wicked! There is nuclear bombs and… and… DONKEYS

  9. You either have to have intense self discipline or a complete lack of comprehension to stop reading Dune half way through…

  10. I wish i had seen this review before i was invited for a boardgame night with Dune as the main course. I left the table with so much sand in my pants that it could've filled a bucket. Too damn aggressive for my taste.

  11. Its okay, Quinn. Feces are processed in the thigh pads.

  12. that duel scene was magic, i adored matt's confidence as a grizzled warrier of The Duels.

  13. "35 white people and a raisin," has stuck in my head far longer than it has any right to have.

  14. Great explanation and great laughs! Thanks for making this video.

  15. Don't wait for the movie. Read the book.

  16. Read the first book, it's great. Watch the TV series, it's … ok. watch the David Lynch fan-made full cut (found I-forget-where on the internet), it's… coherent(ish).

    the mythos is great and the book is timeless social scifi.

  17. Matt went into work month a bit to early 😂

  18. „Wait for the new dune movie coming out in 2020“ ….

  19. 18:29 Let us never forget the time that Quinns reached between Matt's legs and found a joke.

  20. 4:35 I can never neatly pack and close my Gloomhaven either 😁

  21. Think the storm only wipes out units in the sector where it lands – not every sector it passes over.

  22. What a delightful review. My friend introduced me to this game and I am so eager to play it more and fine tune the best rule set for it going forward.

  23. To me it literally when it opens that I lose it

  24. Frank herbert only described 2 characters race ever and it was olive. A melange of all races.

  25. David Lynch's Dune is a flawed film, but it is also a masterpiece whose like we won't see again.

  26. when is the dune imperium review coming. COME ON! please

  27. Hopefully, I'm not as old as Emperor Leto by the time you guys get around to reviewing Dune Imperium 😀

  28. Managed to play my first game the other day. Following the quick start guide the new edition comes with and not using the advanced rules, it was surprisingly easy to learn. It’s not as demanding as Quinn may make it sound.
    I also bought Fury of Dracula, and by the rules it seems about as difficult to learn.
    Pd: Oh! And after looking for most fun/recommended rules on the so-called “internets” I have noooo doubt that me and my friends will settle for whatever homemade rules make us have a better time.

  29. Just watch the Dune (2000) and Children of Dune Mini-series! Much better than the David Lynch movie… and still shorter somehow?

  30. got this game from the wife as a surprise during the pandemic. since it's just the 2 of us we havent played it. but i've read the rule book multiple times. this explains it much better. now i just need nerd friends to play with

  31. "Wait for the new Dune movie coming out in 2020"

  32. I dont play basic or advanced, i just choose what stuff to play with/without

  33. I literally laughed out loud so loudly my cat ran out of the room when "the sand worm" sat up!

  34. It's Dune translated well into a board game. There are plans within plans within plans, constant scheming, assassinations, treachery, all to obtain as much spice as possible. It is just plain fun when you get into it.
    And yes, Bene Gesserit are way cooler than the Jedi. No magic powers, all science, murderous training, and most importantly, politics.

  35. I bought this game a while ago because of your review and it’s now my favorite game of all time.

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