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Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation, a cooperative game compatible with the Castle Ravenloft D&D Board Game series!

00:00 – Introduction
01:47 – Game overview
07:54 – Final thoughts

Tom’s review of Castle Ravenloft:

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  1. i noticed every archer in the dnd board games… is a human. Toee, castle ravenloft, this board game and the drizzt one

  2. Do you think they will ever come out with a big box set of three or four of these you can buy together?

  3. Wow those minis do look great!  How big is the price difference?  Kevin Wilson??  As in "Descent" Kevin Wilson??  Wow.  Great pick WizKids.  (Duck Tom, here come the comments about how you hammered the minis…..)

  4. Nice to finally see a glimpse of the Spell deck no one has shown yet. Dark Sun Athas desert would be a good environment. WotC is releasing this at the same time as Tomb of Annihilation RPG book so they would have to do that with DS. I have all of them except this one. I haven't tried to mix them yet.

  5. Seal of excellence seems a bit over the top for a game that, while definitely fun with the right players, basically has very little choice making and is EXTREMELY random.
    Its can be a fun time, but it feels more like playing than playing a game.

  6. Did Tom say Dragonbait the Paladin was in the game??? Finder stone trilogy was my favorite series.

  7. Acererak!? Nice! I wonder if that choice came before or after the "ready player one" movie got announced.

  8. Interesting that they are using miniatures from the actual tabletop set.

  9. Nice review. Do you know actual release date? I preordered mine back in early August when original release date was supposed to be September. (?)

  10. Dragonbait is an iconic Forgotten Realms character that featured in the video game Curse of the Azure Bonds back in the day.

  11. Stone Juggernaut kinda sucks when you consider how cool all the other miniatures are.

  12. Painted version is way over priced. I will go with the standard edition. Thanks for the review!

  13. tom have you read the book with dragon bait in it ? it is a forgotten realms book i think its really good i think its called azura bonds in it dragonbait is a paladin from a parallel realm like the forgotten realm but his people talk with clicks and whistles but its so quiet no one can hear him or understand how he talks so people call him dragon bait and it sticks

  14. Tom was palming that game box like it was nothing. I gotta use both arms to pick that sumbitch up.

  15. If one thing i can say about these D&D board games (the ones related to "Castle Ravenloft" system), is that there are ALOT of them now, and being able to Modulate these games with the LARGE amont of playable characters does offer variety and Challenge. Hell, even being able to just play the game by Yourself is a Big plus to many a board gamer who's unable to find a gaming group. Their even compatable with the D&D Dungeon Command line, since those games give you free monsters, Character pawns to help you, and new condition or dungeon cards.

    But, the one BIG Negative of these games. Their ALL expensive. 30 to 50 bucks a-piece with a Crapton of Cards, Miniatures, and the needing a big enough table, Storage area to place them all.

  16. Wow..over $100 for this game!!! I'll stick with a more gamer budget friendly & reasonably priced game instead of some price-gouging or is it called greedy ? Tom…why didn't you mention the price point on this? Are you shilling product for Wizkids or WotC now like Chris Perkins ?

  17. Anybody know where on the web to buy minis for the shapechanger forms: Ape, Crocodile, panther?

  18. new to d&d board games here. do these board games require a DM? or does it play something like the card game arkham horror, where each player controls a character without a GM?

  19. watching all that stuff carelessly fall into a disorganized mess hurt my soul.

  20. Hey Tom, excited for the new Adventure Game next year?

  21. I just picked this one up. big plus being able to play alone. as i'm getting older it's getting harder to get friends together to play a 90 minute to 3 hour long game. when i do get to play these D&D games with friends they are a lot of fun. I wish the deluxe version had been available. the paint job on those minis is great.

  22. I am new into D&D in general and i recently bought legend of drizzt and personally i really love it is really easy to understand and looking forward to buy this one, But somewhere in the rules says something about combining the other games with it but i dont know how. What i am trying to ask if someone can explain to me how i can combine these games and how works.

  23. WaterDeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage 2019 😉

  24. When are you going to review Dungeon of the Mad Mage?

  25. Yeah… but you can only level from 1 to 2. Kind of a deal bereaker for me. Rather play Mage Knight, Gloomhavem, Sword & Sorcery, or Descent.

  26. I wish they would make one of these set in Eberron because I would love to see how Artificer and Warforged heroes would work in this system. Of the heroes in this one I would pick Birdsong because Bard is my favorite class included in this (My three favorite D&D classes are Atrificer, Rogue or Thief depending on edition, and Bard in that order). Its nice to see that the people running D&D haven't forgotten Dragonbait. I'm still fond of the novel trilogy he was introduced in plus the adventure module on Goldbox game based on that trilogy's first novel. I wonder where Alias, a synthetic human who is Dragonbait's closest companion is during this?

  27. Pretty sure all the games have a campaign mode?

  28. I really wish they would have sold blister packs with other heroes that could be added to the games. I know you can mix and match with the others but I feel like they missed a huge opportunity to make money .

    I might be mistaken but I thought I heard in another video that the last two games adds a feature where you can spend acquired money at a store between each mission, is thia correct? If so how does it work?

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